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Will Isma label giant pandas as 'intruders'?

YOURSAY ‘The conduit for spending on the pandas will have big holes.’


Giant pandas arrive in Kuala Lumpur


P Dev Anand Pillai: They can spend so much on pandas when we have so many families from the working class who are suffering with cost increases and finding it difficult to put food on the table.


We have so many of our senior citizens who can't afford healthcare, we have so many single mothers who are juggling jobs to support families and most of all we have so many who can't afford houses any more, and yet we spend RM25 million to construct an enclosure for the giant panda.


What a waste. But despite all this we still have many who will ardently vote for this government.


Vocal Malaysian: How much did MAS spend to do that panda paint job on the plane? Do they now have so much money to burn with its impending bankruptcy? And what about the cost to remove it later?


And since they were going to apply these decals, is this the best design they could come up with? It’s like a picture taken from any website. Are there no creative designers left to do a proper artwork?


Fair&Just: The conduit for spending money on the pandas will have many leakages and big holes and the poor pandas may be like some of those zoo animals - malnourished and poorly kept just like how they treat those minorities from the panda homeland.


Siang Malam: Fifty-eight percent of the people in Teluk Intan earn below RM3,000 per month and accept the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M), and we have a specially painted B777 MASkargo plane to fetch two small boxes and build a RM24.9 million house for the pandas? Where is thy priority?


Casey919: If the pandas don't like to stay here, they can "balik Cina". As simple as ABC, Anything But Chinese.


AsAConcernedRakyatHeSays: Welcome pandas, I hope you like our inflight ‘nasi lemak telanjang’.


Tangan Kirimu: ‘Kera di hutan disusukan, anak sendiri dibiarkan.’ What about our own big brown or black bear? Don’t they deserve that privilege also?


Drngsc: Hello Fuwa and Fengyi, please enjoy your popularity for now. What will happen to you "when the sweetness is gone" as Umno supreme council member Mohd Puad Zarkashi has said?


I know what will happen to us Malaysians. Left with a big fat bill to pay.

Nomorefraud: Hopefully, the idiotic Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) won't label this two lovely pandas as "trespassers".


Hang Babeuf: Don't worry ‘Nomorefraud’. It’s a great idea and great marketing,


And on “the political side” of things, giving them “second home” certificates and status spares them the shame and vulnerability of being branded by Perkasa and Isma and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah as (“kiasu”) pendatang.


I am disappointed about the choice of names. I thought that, after the splendid cooperation between the two sides in the search for missing MH370 plane, one of them would be named ‘Ping-Ping’ and the other, perhaps, ‘Inmarsat’.



Najib to announce new names for pandas in June


Belachan Kangkong: When it comes to trivial matters like naming animals, Najib Abdul Razak is quick and keen to be seen in the limelight.


However when it comes to difficult and important matters, he buries his head in the sand or jets off to a foreign land and wait for the issue to blow away.


It that is the kind of leader we have in this country, everyone of us can be one. It does not take much but it pays well.


CiViC: Jib Jib and Ros Ros?


The Mask: Such gentle and beautiful creatures to be given such names?! Why can’t they keep their own original names? They must have been used to them.


Maybe they want to convert them like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah to become Fuwa Abdullah and Fengyi Abdullah.


R1: Two new pendatang which cost Malaysia close to RM120 million. It looks like Isma has something to complain about again.


Doc: I totally agree that the pandas should get Datukships for improving the strained Malaysia-China relationship.

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