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YOURSAY ‘I would like to know where the funding for Perkasa is from.’


Perkasa to expand to Europe next month

Gerard Lourdesamy: The UK government should take a serious look at Perkasa before allowing it to form a society or club in United Kingdom.


Frankly, it is a neo-fascist organisation that is motivated by racism, religious extremism and it is so radicalised to the point that it could pose a serious threat to public order and national security to UK.


The British High Commission here should send a report to Home Secretary Theresa May to advise proscription of Perkasa in the UK given its objectives to operate in UK and Europe which offends the UK Human Rights Act, the Equal Opportunities Act and the Race Relations Act.  


Lamborghini: Oh no, Malaysia is now exporting its own brand of extremism. It is bad enough that Perkasa is causing so much of divisiveness and resentment from the minorities in Malaysia.


God forbid we allow Perkasa to taint and tarnish our nation's multicultural image through its brand of racial and religious bigotry.


Vijay47: I think this visibility in the UK and Europe would give a big boost to the Malaysian economy.


In the distant past, we used to export tin and rubber and we later moved on to exporting palm oil and microchips. Now, by the grace of god, we have progressed to exporting stupidity.


A thought just occurred to me. If Perkasa wants to open up branches, why not start in next-door Singapore?


Too close to Malaysia and no chance to fly on the 380? No chance to walk along Oxford Street and of course Soho, rub shoulders with the white folks and hope you will be able to pick up better England? 


Or maybe because in Singapore they would pick you even before you land and transfer you to Changi - not the airport, the other place.


Multi Racial: I would like to know where the funding for Perkasa is from. If it is from taxpayers’ money , Malaysians should demand it to be stopped immediately.


Taxpayers money are for development of unity and harmony, not to fund racist organisation to instigate disharmony and disunity.


Swipenter: Yes, who is funding Perkasa? Let them go and preach about racial superiority, entitlements based on race and that "basic human rights goes against cultural and religious values" (meaning Islamic values and Islam?).


He would have all the freedom to speak and the freedom of expression on what he believes in without the fear of being charged for sedition, but he really does not know what he is asking for.


Here he can spew hatred and racism with impunity in Malaysia, but over there racism is a crime.


Quigonbond: Wow, basic human rights that are going against Islam and Malay culture - that's a new one - even PM Najib Razak doesn't dare thread that far, and he's already the ultimate political lallang.


I look forward to Perkasa receiving the international brickbats and odium it so justly deserve. Just make sure this ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ (especially civil servants, etc) are not paid for by Malaysian taxpayers directly or indirectly.


Green Penang: It will be interesting to see how these guys try to cope with a really free environment. There will be no shortage of challengers in UK.


But it is really bad that the Malaysian taxpayers would most probably be bearing the cost of their antics.


HatiPakatan: Good, we can take them (Perkasa) on and debate with them in UK. You can take a Malay out of the kampung but you cannot take the kampung out of him.


Old Timer: Sure, set up branches for all you like, but don’t use non-Muslims' and non-Malays' taxpayers’ money, not even the scholarship funded by these taxpayers. And get ready to be heckled in Hyde Park.


Negarawan: Governments around the world should realise that Perkasa is a racial and Islamic extremist group capable of terrorist acts.


In fact, Ibrahim and members of Perkasa should be arrested immediately upon arrival in the UK.


Apache: What is the point of setting up branches in UK and Europe when its president can't even speak proper English other than " shit, shit, shit ".


KDP: I hope neo-Nazi skinheads will beat the living daylights out of these village simpletons. You will learn your kind isn't welcome anywhere.


Gravity: Get the skinhead as your members. Teach them a few words of Malay, convert their religion and get them to wear a songkok and you have skinhead bumiputera.


RKR: Good. Now Perkasa can defend the British royalty in UK.

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