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YOURSAY ‘She has stood her ground against the entire Umno election machinery.’


Penang BN chief: Dyana '3N' not '3B' candidate

Adsertor: MCA, Gerakan and MIC have been the running dogs of Umno for so long that they have no idea the true meaning of integrity, honesty and sincerity.


When was the last time, these parties stood up to these three virtues. They have dropped them on the altars of greed, selfishness and treachery.


Anonymous_ABG: Penang BN chairperson Teng Chang Yeow should stick to policy matters instead of personal attack against a rival female candidate.


He should highlight the ‘outstanding’ service rendered by the two-term Gerakan candidate, his party president Mah Siew Keong.


Dyana is young, intelligent and an enthusiastic community worker with a clean record.


It would be indeed a honest gesture if the Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi declares his assets before and after becoming Umno Youth leader. The Sungai Siput MP has led the way .


Daniel: For someone who has totally lost those exact things which he said DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud does not have, he sure has a lot to say.


She is not perfect nor politically savvy but what right does someone who is already bankrupt of those traits and more, has to criticise her?


I have said it a million times - many would vote for a chicken or dog if fielded against these BN leaders.


Overseas Malaysian: Dyana is 3Ns = Nimble, Nurturing, Non-violent. 


PM Najib Razak is the ultimate remote-controlled leader: controlled by warlords, Perkasa (Umno funded a Perkasa vice-president for GE13), Dr Mahathir Mohamad (patron of Perkasa), and an army of PR and private consultants.


Dyana rocks. BN throws rocks - that's the biggest difference.


Ablastine: Teng, you and your gang of stupid Chinese got no moral authority to criticise Dyana. At such a young age, she already can grasp the whole picture and is principled enough to do what she thinks is right for the nation.


She has stood her ground against the entire Umno election machinery and whatever you care to throw at her.

She is way ahead of you stupid Chinese in Gerakan and MCA who still choose to kiss Umno’s bottom even though they have slowly deprived your race of almost everything the country can offer and call you ‘pendatangs’ ‘penceroboh’, second-class citizens good only in paying taxes.


What is the reason for you to be still in BN when they threw so much garbage at you?


R.Venugopal: Teng, you are talking about Dyana's integrity, but what about BN’s integrity? Have you ever questioned the corruption and abuse in the system. You are only opening the floodgate of all the abuses carried out by BN. 


Nnegarawan: For a person who lost flat on his face in the last GE, it’s quite an arrogant statement. How many "N" votes (No) did you get in Penang? How many N's do you think Gerakan will get in Teluk Intan?


Fair Play: Teng, you wear your emotions on your sleeves. But that's understandable because you were the state Gerakan chief who led his party to total annihilation by DAP in Penang at GE13.


Casey: What a joke. Does Teng Chang Yeow know the meaning of integrity, honesty or sincerity?


Being subservient to Umno - and participating in or condoning widespread abuses and corruption in a regime akin to apartheid - is that integrity, honesty and sincerity?


Choose your words, not because they fit into a box. Please speak with conviction. Use the power of your words in the context of truth.


That is integrity, honesty and sincerity.


Not Smart: Teng, please take out your shirt and see for yourself what is printed on it. Then ask your wife to read what is tattooed on your back.


Is it not "No integrity, No honesty and No sincerity"? This what you fellas were all this while; currently are and will be forever.


You were quick to coin the 3Ns and accuse Dyana of them. This is the case of " an old metal kettle over a coal stove calling a stainless steel kettle over a gas stove, black".


Louis: Teng, who in BN or Gerakan has zero N? Not you definitely. Tell us who sponsored all the ‘free makan’s during the last general election?


Who paid for the Psy concert which amounted to millions? Look at yourself in the mirror before you criticise Dyana. Gerakan is dead as far as Penang is concerned.


Yes, as Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim said, anyone who vote for Gerakan is stupid.


Ren Ai: She is only 27, Mr Teng. You can be nicer than that. What were you when you were 27? N for infinity?

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