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With friends like Umno, who needs enemies?

YOURSAY ‘Ahmad Maslan will have to answer how he got involved in the failed gimmick.’


Ahmad Maslan flees waiting journalists

Ferdtan: “Fear is a bully that will run like a coward.” And in this case, Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan feared of being ridiculed for the previous botched-up event of supposed former DAP members crossing over to BN. This is really comical.


Malaysiakini cartoonist Zunar should immortalise this episode with a strip showing our minister running helter-skelter, hastily crossing a drain to escape the fearful Malaysiakini reporters.


And Ahmad is our deputy minister in charge of finance portfolio. We lament the quality of our leader.


Hafidz Baharom: I'm having this weird image of Ahmad as the movie character Forrest Gump. Run, Maslan, run.


Silliness aside, the minister will still have to answer just how he got involved in such a stupid failed gimmick.


Meanwhile, congratulations to the press for bursting this propaganda bubble wide open. Don't let him off the hook.


Wong Lu Shin: BN candidate Mah Siew Keong, I pity you. With "friends" like Ahmad, who needs enemies?


Anonymous_1396849985: This is Umno's information chief. He should capitalise on the media’s presence. Instead he chickened out.


This is the sort of calibre Umno chooses for its leaders. Scared to face questions, just hiding behind tweets.


100% Truly Malaysian: Only criminals attending court cases will try to flee the press or hide their face from the camera.


In Malaysia, this must be the first time a Umno-BN minister is so afraid of reporters.


Unmasked: Crossing over the drain to escape the journalists? You are a deputy minister, not just anybody. Please tell me this is not true.



'Voting Dyana like teh tarik, makes you ill'

Fairnsquare: Umno's comments on DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud are most childish and without depth.


Her reference to teh tarik was about common ground among races, which Umno cannot comprehend because it is a race-based party. Her analogy has nothing to do with diabetes, etc.


As for her experience, if we want younger people to enter the political arena, experience will have to take a back seat while character, integrity and multiracial take the fore.


Her association with Malay rights group Perkasa is in the past, while even now Gerakan cannot disassociate itself from Perkasa - a tool of Umno and therefore BN.


Astounded: Umno-BN has been talking as though Dyana is the only Malay in DAP. Not so. There are already quite a number of Malays  as MPs and senators.


Admittedly, in the beginning, the DAP platform appealed to the non-Malays. But with their consistency, integrity and honesty through the years, many people of all races are now getting to appreciate them more.


Compare this with the arrogance, dishonesty, cronyism and abuse of power of Umno-BN, more will make their way to support DAP, especially the young, educated, right-thinking and fair-minded Malays.       


Old timer: This writer Ab Jalil Becker does not understand anything about science or medicine. How can he claim teh tarik is one of the major causes of diabetes and heart disease? Please check the facts first.


Anyway, I don’t think the mamak shop operators will love you, Ab Jalil. Are you saying we should stop drinking teh tarik?


Malaysiancare: Umno-BN always attack Dyana for not having political experience because of her young age, but they don't realise that having learnt under a capable and experienced leader like DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang for a year is better than a person who had studied 20 years from a BN leader.


Tikusmati: Yes, she is young, inexperienced, has jumped the queue within the DAP leadership, etc.


But if it was such a bad choice by DAP, then Umno should be the least worried. The election would be a piece of cake for them.


But somehow all in Umno seem to have nothing on their mind other than Dyana. Why the worry?


The Mask: Ab Jalil, read the comments. Every point you brought up has been rebutted. You have no substance in your arguments. At least, DAP walks the talk to prove that DAP is multiracial by fielding a Malay youngster.


Even then you criticise DAP for it.

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