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It’s amateur hour in Teluk Intan campaign

YOURSAY ‘And worse, they had a deputy minister officially opening the event.’


Bizarre twists at DAP members joining BN bash

Ferdtan: This is normal when BN uses bribery to get participants for their publicity stunts. They know, and we know, it is the monetary rewards that attracted such participation.


It was supposed to be easy money - or so they thought - until they were told to parade in front of the media for all to gawk. Only then they balked.


We cannot blame them as we should not judge them with our values. Hopefully with proper education and improved economic situation of these people, they don’t need to prostrate themselves for a few crumbs from the unscrupulous BN organisers.


This phenomenon applies not to the Indians alone but to all races, including Malays, East Malaysians and even the better-off Chinese.


During the last general election, BN organised many free dinners (mainly to attract the Chinese) and goodies through lucky draws were given.


Before getting the prizes, they were required to wear the 1Malaysia T-shirts; some refused but many donned them anyway just to receive the attractive prizes.


This bribery will not go away; not many can refuse free things. Such vote-buying attempts will only stop if the Election Commission is impartial, carries out its duty according to the constitution, and criminalises such practises as election offences; which they clearly are.


Changeagent: Rank-and-file party members come and go all the time. For BN to think this is even newsworthy, they are seriously bankrupt of ideas on how to win the Teluk Intan by-election.


Wg321: MIC Wanita chief Mohana Muniandy is sabotaging Gerakan candidate Mah Siew Keong’s campaign. As shown on KiniTV video clip , there was no language barrier as she had claimed.


As far as Mah is concerned, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.


War Child: This was simply a foolish stunt which BN tried to pull. Thanks to Malaysiakini for the quick action to expose the devious trick before it appears in the mainstream media controlled by BN component parties.


Fair Play: Look at it this way - if what was reported is true, BN must be very, very desperate to win this by-election.


Just hope that the loss in Teluk Intan, if it is going happen, would be their Waterloo and herald the dawn of a new beginning.


Hafidz Baharom: This stunt is a PR (public relation) snafu for BN. And worse, they had a deputy minister officially opening the event.


Even more horrendous was the fact that Pewaris Malaysia had to actually monitor each and every person involved in the event to the point of putting words into some old Indian auntie's mouth. 


You have to ask how BN can do such a reckless thing that has no benefit whatsoever for their candidate, who would just feign ignorance over the event.


The bottomline: This was amateur hour for the BN campaign.


CQ Muar: Ahmad Maslan, don't you and your Umno-BN members have any dignity and honour at all? To think you could descend to such low level by hoodwinking the innocent and misinformed just to win in Teluk Intan.


Is this the modus operandi in Umno-BN to solicit a "cross over"? If so, then the whole lot of BN members are fraudulent and faked to the core.


We hope the good people of Teluk Intan will wake up to the truth; deny and reject Mah of Gerakan and give Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud the mandate to represent you all - Malays, Chinese and Indians.


Don't be ripped off by those corrupted leaders in the ruling government. You need to reflect upon the economic and political situation in our country - the disparity between the filthy rich and the poor; how they siphoned the nation's coffer, whist the poor have to settle and struggle with the little they have.


Ramachandran Muniandy: This is an old gimmick which BN and the component parties has been using since 1957.


Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil thought by giving RM500 and some goodies, the Indians will fall for it.


And while the old Indian lady said she was grateful to Shahrizat, she told my friend she will vote for the young Malay lass.


P Dev Anand Pillai: We can't blame the Indians who were at the event. They have always been keep ignorant and under the nose of local chieftains.


For some cash, T-shirts, hampers, caps, umbrellas and food, they will mark whatever paper that their local chieftain instructs them to.


Even amongst the young, how many are registered voters? It is sad, but BN does this best. It knows how to keep the Indians votes under lock and key.


Maplesyrup: Mah, is this BN's brand of honesty, integrity and sincerity?

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