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Who’s the real puppet - Dyana or Mah?

YOURSAY 'Mah, how did you distance yourself? Shaking hands but not giving goodies personally?'


DAP raps BN for free hampers at by-election

Louis: BN candidate Mah Siew Keong, if you have any honour and principles left in you, you should have prevented the distribution of hampers to the poor.


Do you think people would believe if you say that those gifts were not an inducement to vote for you?


With this act, even if you win, you have nothing to crow about. On the contrary, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Versey: “Once I saw the hampers, I distanced myself. Please make a report to the Election Commission (EC) to determine the truth,” Mah stressed.


Mah, how did you "distance" yourself? Standing there and shaking hands but not giving out goodies personally?


You said you can't take the responsibility to ensure promises made by the ministers in the campaign are fulfilled, even if you were elected because you were not aware of it.


You promised a clean election but do not seem to have put an effort to ensure your side will adhere to it.


Mah, aren't you a seasoned politician cum Gerakan's party chief, and now the key player in this by-election? Don't you have the authority to ensure your words be respected by your people and that includes your comrades in BN?


Are you telling us that you are only a puppet and therefore have no say in the entire election campaign?


Wira: Mah, you were at the scene of the crime and you are not reporting it?


GrooTheWanderer: You think we are brainless? This hamper giveaway is inducement to obtain votes. This is happening during the by-election, not the Chinese New Year or Hari Raya festive season.


Your presence and actions are sufficient to confirm your participation in the act. I hope you lose the election.


Anon1: The EC will resort to a very strict and rigid interpretation of the Election Offences Act and will clear Mah of any wrongdoing.


Since Mah said he distanced himself once it dawned upon him what was happening there, he will receive a state/federal title for being such an honest bloke, or maybe a senatorship and ministerial appointment.


Wg321: The EC would probably say the giving of free hampers is legal. To EC, this is just a charity drive to help poor people. And the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will agree what the EC says.


Mah is very experienced in such practises, compared to DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.


CQ Muar: Mah, despite your declaration this will be a "clean fight", you're now resorting to tactics that are tantamount to vote buying.


Clearly, you are already revealing the true colours that all those from Umno-BN are famous for - dishonesty by way of corruption.


Tell us and be truthful, Mah, don't you reckon this is unfair and considered as vote buying?


As such, we appeal to all voters in Teluk Intan to spread the word around and deny him as your representative.


Surely, we know how Gerakan has been over the last five decades as a coalition partner of BN - nothing but a subservient bootlicker of the Umno-led government.


And, for this, they have already promised Mah a ministerial position.


Don't Just Talk: Teluk Intan voters should just take whatever freebies is given by BN but vote Pakatan Rakyat.


It is a shame that the Gerakan chief and candidate for the Teluk Intan by-election is seen to be involved in such bribery.


Over50abu: What say you Mah, is your campaign clean? What about those Indians allegedly given boxes of goodies with the 1Malaysia logo on it?


Sakit Hati Ku: Mah, you have been caught with your pants down. Be a man, admit it is wrong to indulge in bribery, or are you a gutless unprincipled leader?


True Colors: Good ole Mah, it looks like you have absolutely no control on anything. Bikini flyers, mock DAP/BN crossovers and now free hampers. You are already behaving like a puppet on Umno’s string.

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