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YOURSAY ‘After all, some of banknotes are handled by those in pork industry.’

Ridhuan warns of 'DNA babi' and 'ultra kiasu'

Myop101: Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, for pastries, people use eggs to create the shine. Also, pork lard is relatively more expensive to use, a strong market deterrent in itself for cost-conscious businesses.

I am shocked that you, of all people, don't know this since you claim to be experienced in rearing pigs and eating pork.

Now, just because you constantly disrepute yourself, you should not belittle those who are serious, long-term food producers.

They spent a lot of money to get and maintain their health, hygiene and halal certification. They have a good reputation to maintain, unlike you.

Pputeh: It’s time to separate the money (coins and notes) that we use too. After all, some of them are handled by those butchers and others who are involved in the pork industry.

Also, the government should stop all Muslims from being directors in alcohol and gambling industries. Examples are Genting Bhd, Guinness Anchor Bhd and Carlsberg Malaysia.

Awakened: Ridhuan Tee and Jakim should make a big protest against the government on why they did not separate and label the non-halal taxes from Genting, Carlsberg, Guinness, Sports Toto, etc.

These non-halal taxes have "accidentally" been used by the government for scholarships, BR1Ms (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) and the construction of mosques and surau.

Since Ridhuan is so "ultra kiasu" that the pig DNA may make him unable to go to heaven, he should not take the salary from the government, since a small percentage of his salary also comes from the non-halal taxes stated above.  

Awakened: Ridhuan does not know the meaning of "kiasu". This word become popular in Singapore to describe those peoples who "overreact" over petty things or are overly scared of losing.

In this particular case on the allegation that certain brands of Cadbury chocolate are tainted with pig’s DNA, it is a good example of "ultra kiasu" from the Jakim (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia). This allegation has now been proven to be false by the authorities.

Ridhuan should find out why Jakim wrongly accused Cadbury and what triggered Jakim to specifically single out Cadbury for DNA testing. Is it based on rumours from overly-sensitive Muslims like Ridhuan, who will jump at anything that appears unIslamic?

But he never condemns the serious and rampant corruption carried out by Muslims. If Ridhuan had also consumed pork before he became a Muslim, he should have a total blood transfusion so that he can be so "pure" to enter heaven.  

KB Menon: Malaysiakini , this Ridhuan Tee character is one that you can add to the list of "less reported on, the better".

Some characters really make you sick to the pit of your stomach. I am seriously curious to know the ethnic relations syllabus that he lectures on in the National Defence University.

Ethnic relations and Ridhuan Tee are poles apart.

Fair Play: KB Menon, on the contrary, highlighting Riduan Tee Abdullah and his ludicrous antics might do the rakyat at large a big favour and education them on the subject known as stupidity.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Pork is a good source of protein and we were once the largest producers of the meat in Southeast Asia.

We even had a department specially for the purpose of research into pig rearing, under the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi), back in the 1970s. Go and check the records in its archives.

That was a time when we had a very educated lot in the civil service, English-speaking and very capable, not like the hypocrites that we have today.

Tembikai: Ridhuan, you think all Malays are stupid? You preach about ‘keikhlasan’, ‘kejujuran’ and yet you have been accused of plagiarism to get your promotion.

Onepen: There are thousands of lecturers in universities in Malaysia - experts in their respective fields. But I know of no one who gets noticed for their expertise.

There are two who stand out for speaking on his/her non-expertise. Both are converts. And I thought lecturers are supposed to be rationale, not play with emotions.

Oriole: More than his expert knowledge on pig rearing, I was interested to read that this fellow teaches ethnic relations.

You can imagine the racist drivel he must be dishing up on a regular basis. This is the best joke of the month - a bit like asking Hitler to discuss peace studies or to embrace diversity.

Louis: Good, Ridhuan Tee. I fully agree with you that we close down Cadbury. Yes, do it as quickly as possible because I fear that more Muslims will eat the pig DNA inadvertently.

After closing the factory, all of you, the retrenched workers, kindly get your salaries from this super champion of Islam.

Primus: To juxtapose Ridhuan Tee and race relations is a violation of English language rules, such an oxymoron.

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