Don't trust Ridhuan, after all he has Chinese blood

YOURSAY ‘Let us not curse him for the pain he must have suffered.’


'Don't be too grateful to non-Malay voters'

Tholu: Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, I give you four reasons why you are not a human:


1. You are a traitor to your race to call them ‘ultra kiasu’ despite you being one of them.


2. You are not a true adherent of the Islamic teachings since Islam doesn’t preach racial and religious discrimination.


Remember the story in which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is said to have stood up as a Jew funeral procession was passing by Him?


So having forsaken the religion of your ancestors and being a bad example of a Muslim convert, you are a ‘stray creature’ without a religion (unless stray creatures can be categorised as humans).


3. Humans have, well, humanitarian instincts - filial piety, feelings of mutual understanding and respect and sensitivity towards the feelings of fellow humans regardless of their race and religion. (You do not possess any of these).


4. Respectable and dignified humans do not curry favour with the powers-that-be for material (and perhaps political) gains. You are shamelessly doing it with Umno. 


Ipohcrite: "Do not be too thankful to other people and forget our own," so said Ridhuan Tee.


Now, I wonder, what he meant by "other people" and "our own" since he is still Chinese by birth and even though he has converted and embraced Islam, he is by no means a Malay at all.


Ridhuan is indeed one very confused fellow as he is still an ultra-kiasu even though he refuses to admit it. Either way, he will never be "our own." I actually feel sorry for this guy.


Speaking Sense: Ridhuan, no matter how you try to dishonour them, you were still born to Chinese parents. And it is not necessary to dishonour them and people of other races just because you choose to become a Muslim.


By all means, continue to be a Muslim and try to benefit all you can from being one, but leave the other races out of your warped logic.


When are you going to understand you can change your religion, but you cannot change your race. You curse yourself whenever you curse your race.


Casey: Ridhuan is no academician and is not worthy of being so accorded. He is just a shallow, brainless sycophant - with no substance to support an honest living but resorting to obsequious and servile acts in order to gain advantage over his fellow men.

William Shakespeare aptly described such a character, "This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."


Negarawan: Why is this dud lecturer still employed? He has no academic value and talks like an uneducated man in the street.


What type of "ethnic relations" is he teaching when he is causing more ethnic tension and misunderstanding?


We do not need biased and hypocrite lecturers like this in any of our institutions of higher learning. He is more of a liability than an asset to the National Defence University.


BTN: Well, if we accept this Chinese Muslim’s argument than you better watch out.


His blood and family are all Chinese and as it stands based on his admission, they are all ultra-kiasu. Don’t trust him as he is a Chinese. This is what he is telling you.


Anonnona: Ridhuan is totally immersed in hatred of the non-Malays. Something done by a non-Malay in the past must have hurt him so badly that he is blinded with hatred.


Let us not curse him but have compassion for the pain he must have suffered and is still suffering to cause him to be what he is today. Let us bless him instead of scold him.


Louis: Ridhuan, much as you like to be a Malay, your appearance really does not permit you.


Try hard as you want to change your race, the Chinese DNA in you would stubbornly lodge in every single living cell of you, and your surname Tee shamelessly trails your given name.


You are simply pathetic. No matter how much you can speak against the Chinese, your present status does not even permit you to join Umno. Real pitiful indeed.


Awakened: If Ridhuan really feels Islam is a great religion, he should have use an approach which make the people respect him as a convert.


He should have spoken in a manner which will make people want to know more about him and how he discover this great religion. But the way he speaks and behaves made more peoples dislike and even hate him.


I would think that he converted to Islam due to the fact that it will be easier for him to get a scholarship from the government and get a better job and get promoted faster. He knew that if he remain as a Chinese, he may not be what he is today.


It is his ‘ultra kiasu’ attitude to be more Malay than Malay so that he can enjoy better benefits. A really sad case.


Lionking: I really pity this guy. What is wrong with this chap? It looks like he is suffering from post-conversion blues. There is nothing positive he speaks.


We should not get angry with him, we should just feel sorry for him.

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