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A blatant attempt to rescue 'sandwiched' IGP

YOURSAY ‘The AG is obviously trying to do damage control for IGP.’


In new twist, AG seeks to suspend custody orders

Proarte: Attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail said: "The action to be an intervener at the Court of Appeal is taken to ensure there are no rising issues in both cases and that it could be resolved once and for all to ensure justice, peace and harmony."


The question is whether Umno wants to resolve the issue permanently or is merely planning another elaborate hoax which will add to the terrible suffering of the respective families.


Umno caused the problem and it is up to Umno to resolve these jurisdictional and constitutional anomalies which arose as a result of tampering with the federal constitution under Dr Mahathir Mohamad's Machiavellian tenure.


It is not rocket science - if the AG wants to resolve the problem 'once and for all', all he has to recommend reverting to the earlier original constitutional provisions regarding civil and syariah jurisdictions.


However, we will be naive to think that constitutional redress is the answer. It is predicated on honest and incorruptible civil and syariah judges.


Awarding custody by the Syariah Court to a Muslim convert who unilaterally converts his children to Islam unbeknownst to his wife or without her consent does not say much about respect for a wife's maternal rights - the person who gave birth and nurtured the child. Isn't this barbaric and immoral?


To date, the Umno government and its enforcement agencies have for their part sat idly by and allowed such atrocities to take place. Let us hope Umno is now sincere in coming up with a permanent and just solution based on the rule of law.


Malaccan: So the AG has wised up to the fact things are getting sensitive? Where was the AG when Selangor Department of Islamic Affairs (Jais) raided the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM)? Wasn't it sensitive then?


Where was the AG when the two custody cases were going on for months? Where was he when Isma, Perkasa and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah were freely spewing their hate-filled speeches?


And why seek the suspension of the court orders just because things got sensitive? Are the courts so devoid of wisdom that the AG must guide our judges like lost children? Shouldn't he be doing something about the IGP instead?


At this time, what credibility does the AG think the Court of Appeal, which decided on its own Internet research that ‘Allah’ is not relevant to Christianity, or the Federal Court that has rejected The Herald's leave application, has in the minds of hurt and injured Malaysians of all races and religions, especially the minorities?


It may be too late as the IGP's belligerence and disregard of the law have already been exposed for all to see.


Opposite of Wrong: The High Court should not allow any interference whatsoever by the AG to disallow the arrest warrant to be executed by the police (IGP), failing which the IGP should be arrested and charged for 'mengingkari arahan mahkamah' (contempt of court).


Bystander: The AG is obviously trying to do damage control for IGP who should be charged for contempt of court. Only in this country we could have endless possibilities however ridiculous it may be.


Ericlcc: Right after the disappearance of MH370, there was the South Korean ferry disaster where many lives were lost as the ship sank when the captain decided to abandon ship leaving the crew to deal with the resulting chaos.


Now doesn't this draw a remarkable parallel with what is happening in our country. Civil servants are now running this ‘chaotic’ country with their own interpretation of laws on what is right and wrong while the PM remains mute.


Relevancy: Frankly, a constitutional crisis  exists when one does not follow or understands the charter that was laid out by our forefathers.


What exists today is the perception of the intention of rewriting the constitution to favour the vested interests of the radicals over what is in best interest of the multiethnic citizens.


Kangkung: Only in Umno's Bolehland a court order means nothing and can be trampled on. When we cannot find justice from the courts, what is left there?


Why is always a 'sensitive matter' when it concerns Muslims? The two marriages were made under civil laws so why does the Syariah High Court have to butt in?


Ranjit Singh: The interest of the child is paramount, not the religion.


Muhibbah: Look, who's talking? If it is in the interest of the child, the mother should have custody unless the mother is proven incapable. The civil courts have made it very clear.


Dalvik: This is about how a child is best taken care of. When the court decided the custody to the mother, that means they had made consideration who is the best guardian and what is fair for the child.


That’s until religion comes into the picture. What religious sensitivity is AG talking about when the child is abducted from a Hindu mother? 


Axolotl: Every day, we are witnessing the unfolding of a poorly scripted tragicomedy that revolves around acquiescing to the unthinkable and unacceptable - imagine allowing a man like Najib Razak to handle the top job in the land.


How about Abdul Gani Patail? How did this man get to be AG? Have we forgotten the role he played in helping Mahathir convict and imprison Anwar Ibrahim?


As for the IGP, the less said the better.


Jiminy Qrikert: Article 145 of the constitution says the AG has no powers over matters related to the syariah courts, so Abdul Gani could well be putting on a ‘sandiwara’ (shadow play) and nothing else.


This is a stalemate that works to Umno's advantage as they tear the nation right down the middle. Umno is consolidating its power by attacking the constitution and blatant defiance of the law.


Now they put on a show of maintaining peace, harmony and justice while they set into motion the next phase of attack that will assign primacy to the syariah courts in this matter to establish Muslim supremacy, which is Umno's substitute for Malay supremacy that has served its purpose but is now less potent in rallying Malays to Umno.

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