YOURSAY ‘Judiciary has been infiltrated by judges who place race and religion above law.’


'To helm unity panel will make me Malay traitor'

David Dass: It is with astonishment that I read the words of former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad - astonishment because he was a judge for so many years and chief justice for a number of years.


What was the oath that he took when he became a judge? To among other things, "preserve, protect and defend” the constitution.


That was all he was required to do as judge and as chief justice of the country. As head of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), he would not have been required to do anything that would offend the constitution.


And in no circumstances would he be required to betray Malays or Islam. This of course assumes that being loyal to the Malay race and Islam would require him never to deviate from the provisions of the constitution.


None of the bills proposed by the NUCC should offend the constitution. That must always be so.


Malaccan: Did Abdul Hamid betray his race and religion when he became a judge? Surely he had to judge cases according to the law and the constitution and not race and religion. Likewise, he would have been expected to do the same as chairperson of NUCC.


If he was not true as a judge, then for years he had already betrayed God, king and country to whom he swore. But if he did stay true as a judge, then why the change of mind now?


Is he a closet bigot that race is now more important than nation? In fact race and religion should not have even been his concern as a judge or as chairperson of NUCC.


How unfortunate that we had a fraud in such high office, who now slanders and insinuates against good people doing their best to unite the country. We can only lament such a defective mind could have led the judiciary.


Apa Ini?: One wonders how many judgments Abdul Hamid made in favour of, and for, the protection of the Malay race and religion?


Justice is not blind when we have cock-eyed judges like Abdul Hamid. Malaysia is Bolehland indeed.


Dont Just Talk: What do you expect from someone who heads the National Unity Front formed by Muslim NGOs, including Perkasa?


It proves that not all highly educated people in Malaysia are liberal minded and the comments coming from someone who once held such a high position in the judiciary are frightening.


JooGuan: What a relief that this guy did not take up the NUCC post. At the very minimum, we should thank him for being honest.


Behsaikong: How did such a person with such sentiments be chief justice? How could the judiciary branch perform its function fairly under such a head?


How do we know that present-serving justices are not like the former CJ? How are judges assessed and evaluated before their appointments?


What is Malaysia in the minds and eyes of the powers-that-be? Who should answer such questions so that Malaysians will have the full picture?


Kit P: Is this also reflective of the mentality of the current members of the Federal Court? Are such criteria also the key consideration for elevating judges to the apex court?


Gerard Lourdesamy: Abdul Hamid is a traitor to the constitution and the rule of law. His judgments ought to be disregarded since they are now tainted with judicial and intellectual dishonesty.


If he was so concerned about Islam and the Malay race he ought to have declined to serve in the judiciary and become a politician or become a Syariah Court judge instead.


If he can freely label the Bar Council as pro-opposition just because it organised the post-GE12 dinner to honour the sacked Supreme Court judges which was graced by the then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and then law minister Zaid Ibrahim, we can safely conclude that Abdul Hamid secretly supported the sacking of the then Lord President  Salleh Abas and five other Supreme Court judges simply to further his own career and that the judiciary under his watch was totally subservient to the executive under Umno-BN.


The man is a disgrace to the bench and the law.  


Not Confused: Whilst there are apologists and bigots like Abdul Hamid around spouting their ridiculous ideas, there will never be unity in Malaysia. People like him have zero interest in the rights of other races and religions.


To him, only Malay and Muslim rights are relevant, all others are not. Malaysia is going downhill fast and I foresee serious problems between the races in future months and years.


Negarawan: Abdul Hamid, so it is not okay to be a traitor to Malays but okay to be a traitor to Malaysia?


How did you ever become a chief justice is a big mystery because you don't sound and behave like a man of justice and honour.


Ronald: It is indeed sad to read of a learned individual speaking in such polarised language. How on earth did he become the chief justice of Malaysia?

This is truly symptomatic of the ills of our country which all started when the country, to its utter folly, elected one egoistical doctor to be the country's prime minister. Sigh.


RZC: A judge who puts race above constitutional rights and justice. Amazing.


Next time, please vet the prejudices of people before they become officers sworn to uphold law and justice. Or maybe he was vetted and chosen because of his prejudices. Yes, Malaysia ‘boleh’.


Dood: What is this "Malay traitor" nonsense? In this day and age, is this the kind of mentality that we should be promoting? If he's a traitor of any kind, he’s a ‘Malaysian’ traitor. Clearly, a true traitor to the Malaysian people.


@carboncopy: So Abdul Hamid will rather be remembered as the one who did not dare to do the right thing for Malaysia at a time of religious and racial tension.


Hplooi: Abdul Hamid is a former chief justice no less. This illustrates the complete control wielded by the extreme right-wing since the ‘coup’ of 1969.


Extreme right-wing which was fast-tracked and immensely empowered by the administration of Dr Mahathir Mohamad. All abetted by a vast coterie of compradors such as MCA, Gerakan, MIC, etc.


No matter what the defects of the opposition, they cannot overshadow the greater evil of the current regime.


If the compradors of MCA and Gerakan cannot see this, but instead resort to shrill hate-mongering against the opposition, then they deserve the thousand cuts of public odium.


CiViC: The fact that this kind of person was even offered the NUCC position in the first place, shows how flawed the selection of key people in government is.


To be even offered a position in the unity council, one must first have proven track record and competencies in unity initiatives. Not being a racist a must, of which in this case is clearly otherwise, but yet he was offered the post.


It's quite obvious the council is just another whitewash effort.


LAWofKARMA: The former chief justice has through his comment here, reinforced the feeling that our judiciary has been infiltrated by judges who place race and religion above law and constitution.


I hope this feeling is not true; if yes, what hope do we have for our beloved country?

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