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The case of Khairy and 'that woman'

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YOURSAY ‘KJ, please tell us why ‘that woman’ should not become MB?’


Khairy: Women can be MB, but not Azizah


Tholu: Noticed something about Sports and Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin recently?


At the slightest opportunity to show to the PM that he is protecting the PM from anything and everything that he perceives as would be disturbing and hurting the PM, he makes cynical comments and spews vitriol against the PM’s detractors.


How 'kurang ajar' can he be to talk about Wan Azizah Wan Ismail like that? Has he forgotten that although he won the Umno Youth's leadership post, he was sidelined in the selection of minister and deputy minister's post that followed the Umno elections?


Mukhriz Mahathir, who lost to Khairy in the Umno Youth race, was made a deputy minister instead.


So KJ, look at your own embarrassing past before you think you are making witty statements about Kak Wan and other opposition members to placate the PM, the very man who spurned you before.


SSDhaliwal: Yes, Wan Azizah does not know how to manage a state unlike Umno as she has no experience in stealing, murdering, slandering and falsely jailing innocent people.


We have seen Umno's management style, what we need is someone who is decent, honourable, humble, honest and with integrity to lead the state.


You do not have to be an Einstein to lead the state as you can have good advisers surrounding you but you do need to have someone with the above qualities and with the moral conviction to do what is right.


Is there anyone in Umno who can do that?


Real Truth: Too much of watching World Cup perhaps. Khairy, your brain is fuddled and you are giving stupid statements, without courtesy to a fellow human being, a woman, a leader of the opposition party, that too in the holy month of Ramadan when one is to follow piousness and not pettiness in heart, and this does not reflect good upbringing.


Mavelikara: Oxford graduate? He lacks basic courtesy. He is entitled to his opinion that Wan Azizah is not qualified to be MB but why describe her as 'that woman'.


Would you revel in joy if some says you are what you are now because of 'that man'? I would not use those words, but then you have become an 'Umno gladiator' for whom the rules of engagement are often from the gutter.


A.A.: The statement that all women except Wan Azizah are worthy to hold top government posts is worthless as the person who made it appeared unable to give even a single reason for it.


In any case, the decision whether or not Wan Azizah qualifies to hold any government position is not his to make.


WDA: Khairy, the apple-polisher-in-chief, probably wants to be on the good side and does not want to offend PM Najib Razak's wife, Rosmah Mansor, when he said women are more qualified in becoming PM or MB.


So, do tell us Khairy, the name of one woman in Malaysia, who you in your opinion think will be a more qualified PM or MB?


And while you are at it, please educate us why ‘that woman’, Wan Azizah, should not become MB? In what way does she not qualify?


JMC: Of course, not 'that' woman because she is simple, honest and not corrupt. In short, she is good, and that disqualifies her from holding top political posts.


I suppose women like Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil are more qualified as they can do wonders for the rakyat.


Malaccan: If Umno lawyer Mohd Hafarizam Harun gave his personal opinion, what extra value can we give to KJ's views?


KJ's rudeness in dismissing Wan Azizah in a Clinton-like “that woman”, a lady who has the admiration of the rakyat, not only for political leadership but for competence, dignity and steadfastness in the face of personal trials make KJ another idiot in an Umno littered with them.


Wan Azizah is 62 and may be the age of KJ's mother and deserve to be better treated. Truly, an Oxford education did not instil in KJ any gentlemanly attributes nor civility.


If Wan Azizah was not suitable, KJ should just explain why. He is after all a minister, albeit a junior one, and not a country yokel. Otherwise, why should we have that mute as PM or that racist as DPM?


Indeed why should we have the whole gang of idiots in that personal enrichment scam called Umno? Their behaviour shame Tunku Abdul Rahman, Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman and other statesmen who kept their dignity and integrity as enduring contributors to the nation.                


SRMan: KJ, if you think "that woman" is not qualified enough to be an MB, what about politicians from your party? You think they are qualified to be MPs, let alone be ministers or deputy ministers?


Wg321: Why is Wan Azizah not qualified to be the menteri besar of Selangor? Is it because she has no experience in corruption?


Or is it because she does not owned a cow from Gemas or owned a RM22 million diamond ring? This Khairy is a rebel without a cause.

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