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Two inexplicable mishaps in four months

YOURSAY ‘Russia and most importantly, Putin, is to be held responsible for MH17.’


MAS not alone in flying Ukraine air route


Oracle: "Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein denies allegation that MH17 was shot down for flying over a forbidden zone, Bernama reports."


Yes, it was flying in a permissible corridor but directly above a conflict (forbidden) zone where at least two aircraft had been shot down by missiles in one week.


Yes, that corridor was inexplicably deemed safe by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), but despite that Korean Airlines, Asiana, Garuda Indonesia, Qantas, British Airways and most American airlines had decided, in some cases as early as March 3, 2014, that despite increased costs to bypass that routing, they would, in an abundance of caution, avoid that conflict zone.


Could the greatest of pressure on MAS' financial position have swayed decisions relating to safety concerns? After all, they did serve the infamous ‘naked’ nasi lemak .


The decision-making processes must be the first thing to look into, and whether cutting costs and saving money takes precedent over safety.


Fair Play: Oracle, a fair comment by any standard. Hishammuddin could say anything he wants to say, but other airlines took the precaution of safety first over cost-cutting measures.


Besides, Flight MH17 is the first passenger flight casualty in this war zone. And that says a lot, too.


Prudent: The two MAS tragedies this year, the intrusions and kidnapping in Sabah plus increasing crime and intractable social problems that should be solvable or contained, are indications that the government is dangerously incompetent.


Many of their ministers and MPs are not only dangerously clownish but also exhibit a dangerously violent bent towards mass murder (like advocating another May 13) whenever faced with problems and shame resulting from their own incompetence.


P Dev Anand Pillai: It is really very hard to accept this after such a short span of time from the last loss that we had to endure.


We can't blame our people, we are just innocent pawns in the game that is played by the big powers. In both the incidents, we were just innocent parties going about doing our job.


It will be bad for MAS, but we have got to rally behind it and make it strong like what it was before. But this time, we must ensure that its management falls into the right and capable hands.


Anon1: Agreed that there is no forbidden airspace over Ukraine. Hishammuddin does not need to say that since that is common knowledge.


However, what ought to be addressed is whether MAS knew of the risks involved in flying over Ukraine and whether they were acting reasonably in dismissing such risks.


Not Confused: If, as it becomes increasingly likely, Russia is found complicit in this international terrorist action, either by supplying the BUK SAM (surface-to-air missile) to the separatists, or worse, manning the ultra-sophisticated weapon themselves, then the entire world should ostracise Russia entirely. Its economy is in decline anyway.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is a maniac who is trying to rebuild what has long been dismantled, the USSR.


Ukraine is, and has been for many years, an independent sovereign state and regardless of who the population support, the eastern states should not be ceded to Russia under any circumstances. Period.


Malaysian 53: I wonder why MAS did not change its flight path as other airlines have done. Anyway, Russia and most importantly, Putin, is to be held responsible.


He is solely responsible for the Ukraine crisis and I hope the US, and in particular President Barack Obama, will push for measures to cripple their economy with all types of sanctions.


This is the only way to put that power-crazy Putin in his place. Malaysia should also do its part and convince Asean to support.


For all these actions, you need effective leadership. Can Najib provide that or will he send his wife Rosmah Mansor to talk to Putin ?


Sleepy: Firstly and more importantly my heartfelt condolences to the family, passengers and crew of MH17. Secondly, my take is:


1) Never assume conflicts are not my problem or far away, we are living in a global world hence people and corporations be vigilant and prepared always.


2) Like easier and simpler usage of computers and handphones, sorry for the pun, “Now everybody can kill”.


Anonymous_40f4: The probe should be truly independent and conducted by the United Nations. Otherwise it will be another cover-up like MH370. Najib talks of "swift justice" . Is it going to be like the Altantuya justice or Anwar sodomy justice?

Kickstart: Most of the passengers are from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) countries. This event will light off a new era of cold war confrontation between Nato and Russia. Swift justice is wishful thinking.


When KAL007 was shot down over Sakhalin in 1983, the then Soviet Union didn't hand over the black box recorders until eight years later, following the collapse of the Soviet Union.


The Ukrainian rebel leader also said the recovered black boxes will be handed over to Russia. Nato will impose more sanctions on Russia which will make it more isolated and more dangerous.


Tok Karut: Planes fly over conflict zones all the time, some fly to conflict zones to ferry families, humanitarian workers, doctors and peacekeepers. Risks are calculated.


MH17 is not Ukraine-bound which makes it the more sad because this risk was not considered by the passengers and crew. The insurers and civil aviation authorities miscalculated the risk.


I do not remember even in the so-called failed/fragile states in Iraq and Afghanistan, were commercial flights downed by separatists, the Taliban and anti-government elements.


It is a very sad day in remembrance. May their souls rest in peace.

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