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YOURSAY ‘Will anything be done to bring the perpetrators to justice?’


MH17 and the failure of soft diplomacy


Bluebird: Great observation, writer John Lim. It’s a real pity though - that because of Russia’s economic influence, most countries are very careful in speaking out against Russia despite a very clear-cut wrongdoing on their side.


As for us? We could only ask for the bodies to be returned and urge diplomatically that the “perpetrators be brought to justice” without naming anyone.


For the first time in my life, I realised how small we are as a country. In an ideal world, I wished that anyone can criticise Russian President Vladimir Putin without being fearful of any economic consequences for ruffing his feathers.


David Dass: We want a world where right is might not where might is always right. We know that power in evil hands can act like a juggernaut crushing anyone who stands in the way to the attainment of their objectives.


We want a world where the rule of law prevails. We want a world ruled by just laws made in a democratic manner. And we want a world where even the mighty nations willingly and voluntarily adhere to and abide by such laws.


And we want a world where those who breach such laws are punished. This may be a Utopian dream.


We have Russia as a member of the UN Security Council and one of the most powerful nations in the world doing precious little to stop the tampering of the crash site by the rebel fighters of Ukraine - pro-Russian fighters that is.


Most people believe that the Russians have been supporting the rebels with men and arms. Most believe that the BUK surface-to-air missile launcher responsible for the downing of MH17 was supplied by Russia.


Will Russia admit culpability? Not a chance. Will anything be done to bring the perpetrators of this dastardly deed to justice?


Will the moral outrage expressed by the rest of the world be sufficient to move the inscrutable Putin to do something decent for those who died and for their families who grieve?


Will the rest of civilised world do something to punish Russia so that in future powerful nations do not think that they can do as they please without regard for consequences - whether intended or unintended?


Turvy: A fine analysis, but I cannot see the conjunction of a 'proxy' invasion of Ukraine with the criminally murderous act of shooting a civilian plane, even assuming that the murderous act was committed by the invader.


The shooting of a civilian plane must be isolated from national conflicts. Justification of the conflicts cannot justify the shooting of the plane.


The United Nations or one of its many member organisations must find the man who pulled the trigger and then bring him and the persons who gave the order to international justice.


What happened to MH17 is a crime against humanity. It cannot go unpunished. But more urgently, the Malaysian government must appeal to the UN Security Council to create safe passage for mourners to pray and complete funeral rites at the site of the wreckage.


It must allow, with armed support if necessary, independent investigation of the crime.


Mondou_Otogod: Another American-biased writings accusing Putin and Russia for MH17 tragedy even when investigations have not even started yet.


The right for self-determination is part of the universal human rights accorded by UN Declaration of Human Rights 1948.


Joe Lee: Having lapped up Western propaganda from Year Zero, some Malaysians, including the author of the article, are incapable of thinking outside the confines of the Anglo-Zionist bulls**t dressed up as news.


If Putin is a war criminal as suggested by some, then George W Bush, Tony Blair, and Barack Obama are also war criminals, except 10 times over.


Clearly what has happened is that MH17 was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time - caught in the cross-fire of a proxy war between East (Russia) and the West.


Even the crazies from both sides would not have wanted to down a commercial airline. It doesn't do their cause any good.


Now that Russia and China are good pals, the world will just have to get used to a new kind of Cold War - and this time the victors will not necessarily be from the West. I wouldn't count on it.                   


Onyourtoes: It does not matter the missile was fired by mistake. It was Russia that has allowed it to happen, why can't you see it?


There would not be pro-Russian separatists without Russia. Russia is a super military power.  It must bear responsibility over the control and use of its lethal weapons.


I blame it on Russia for allowing lethal weapons to fall into the hands of rogues who neither have the discipline nor the proper chain of command to use them. 


Simson Gonzales: The game of accusing one another is not bringing the truth nearer. Just a simple fact here: the crash site is surrounded by pro-Russian fighters.


For sure, this is telling us something already. With those ‘terrorists’ messing around with evidence and bodies, it is making it harder to trust Russia further.


Why not Russia just give the investigators access the crash site and do whatsoever is needed to bring justice? International crime should not be tolerated.

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