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Hats off to Najib for fixing MH17 issues swiftly

YOURSAY ‘If you act likewise with other issues, the rakyat will support you.’


Political foes laud Najib on black boxes

Habib RAK: The approach taken by Premier Najib Abdul Razak to solve the immediate problems involving MH17 is a first class act. He executed it with finesse and precision. 


He made a press statement at midnight and by morning, the bodies were on the way back and the black boxes with Malaysian authorities.


In comparison, US President Barack Obama made a later press statement still pressing the Russians to cooperate when the job was already done. It’s shocking to know that US president was not updated despite all the breaking news. My salute to Najib.


Sleepy: Firstly, I like to say to Najib, a job well done. Secondly, unfortunately, the black boxes and the bodies are not going to shed light on who was responsible for the shooting down the plane. 


Thirdly, it may clear MAS of any wrongdoing. Lastly, it is nevertheless an important first step.


Skong: Mr PM, well done. If only you have spent and acted the same way in dealing with all our current issues in our beloved country Malaysia, we, the rakyat, will definitely support you.


Versey: Mr PM, indeed a task well done and you deserve commendation from the rakyat.


We wish you will also do the same in pursuing justice for the families of those on board of MH370, and also seek justice for the families of Teoh Beng Hock and the many who died mysteriously under police custody. 


If you continue to move in the right direction to champion for the rights and justice of the common folks, you will be able to get the support you desire without having to splash on the BR1M. 


I would like to add that opposition leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang are equally to be commended for their role of being supportive, fair and loyal opposition leaders. Hopefully Najib can see that opposition does not necessarily mean enmity.


J Ng: Congratulations and well done. However, Malaysia must not get embroiled in the Russia/Ukraine dispute. All the remains must be returned to their loved ones immediately. The guilty must be punished if the world can do it.


Anonymous_3faa: This event is only possible for Najib as it does not involved the Umnoputeras and extremists, or about Malaysian politics, so it was easy for Najib to show the stuff he is made of.

If only he acts likewise internally. But of course that will be oxymoronic, no?


Clearly Russia has brokered the deal to return the black boxes to Malaysia. In doing so, this directly confirmed their role in supporting the separatists' fight against the Kiev government. 


Najib has no standing with the separatist leader, Alexander Borodai, and only the Russians can deal with Borodai.


So when the decision was made between the Russians and Borodai to return the black boxes to Malaysia, Najib was informed, and his phone "conversation" with Borodai was mere acknowledgment of the brokered deal, and perhaps a “thank you”. 


For whatever reasons, Russia preferred to give credit to Najib for the deal. Whatever, at least things are starting to move and hopefully, despite the geopolitics involved, a conclusion can be achieved as to the cause of the downing of MH17.


The Mask: Unlike the MH370 issue where he goes around promoting the RM1 chicken, this time our PM has straightaway dealt with the MH17 disaster.


This is what we want to see in a leader, and we hope that it’s the beginning of his transformation. 


And as a PM, be the first to promptly correct the wrongs and racial rhetoric of those who are out to divide and destroy our beloved country. Well done, Mr PM.


Myop101: All said and done, Najib and his team should be credited for successfully extraction of the bodies and MH17 black boxes from being used as bargaining chip.


Thank you Najib and fellow Malaysians who made this possible.


Well Thats Fantastic: I believe that unless you have something nice to say you should really think hard before saying it, and I also believe in credit where credit is due. 


In this case, I think that our PM has been doing his job, something we don't see too often. As such, no I don't want to congratulate him, but I will say thank you for doing what was expected of you.


Now to think that Najib alone is responsible for the response ultimately given is just silly. There were superpower leaders involved in this, I doubt our PM or our poor little country had any pull at all in this.


Fair Play: Dear PM, the rakyat including the opposition political parties stand behind you if you do the right thing in the interest of all communities. This is one of those occasions.


Keturunan Malaysia: If all religions are for peace, then why are we not having peace among religions? If all Malaysians are for peace and unity, then why are we having so much trouble? 


Why can't we focus on the things we all have in common, like we are doing now, instead of searching for the things we don’t have in common to make them into issues dividing us?

If we could be 1Malaysians now, why not always?

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