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Ahmad Tarmizi’s twisted logic on Allah’s wrath

YOURSAY ‘So people who shot down innocent people are doing God's work?’


PAS leader: MAS' sins led to Allah's wrath

Ferdtan: Kedah PAS Youth information chief Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman, we don’t know whether to laugh or to cry when you make such silly allegation of God’s wrath. 


So it is the fault of MAS flight attendants for their dressing and serving alcohol that resulted in such fatal accidents? This is an insult to the families of the victims.


Please show respect to the victims and apologise. Ahmad Tarmizi, have you no faith that you can even think of such blasphemous thoughts that the Almighty is vindictive to take so many innocent lives?


No, this accident is due to man’s doing - of being violent, and not of God’s wrath.


If man cannot live in peace and love to hate, always think that they have the God-given rights to criticise/hate others for the greed of power or any other reasons, the blood is on man’s hand. Certainly not God.


Anonymous #13957745: I thought he was idiotic, but I didn't know he was that idiotic.


Although everyone has the right to their views/opinions, at least please PAS should ensure/educate its youth leader not to open his mouth unless his grey matter between his ear is functioning properly.


This indirectly speaks volume about the low quality of PAS and Pakatan Rakyat leaders.


Wira: Ahmad Tarmizi, if you do not have anything intelligent to say to help Pakatan cause, will you please just shut up?


Justice Pao: I did not realised that we are now in the season of fools, jokers, comedians and clowns - first we have the 'menses'-filled lawyer from Umno, then we have this holier than thou Youth leader from PAS.


I believe this bunch of nincompoops are trying to outdo each other to be the stupidest person in the world. Who is next?


Geronimo: Ahmad Tarmizi, for your information, the uniform used by AirAsia's staff are much more trendy compared with MAS, which is a little on the 'conservative' side. 


Well, you don't get AirAsia planes shot out from the sky, do you? How about hotels serving alcohol? You don't see towering inferno, do you?


This kind of mentality really makes me want to puke.


SteveOh: For the record, Saudi Arabian Airlines has the dubious honour of featuring in two of the top 10 most deadly air disasters - a fire on the plane at Riyadh airport in 1980 killed all 301 aboard, whilst 349 died during a mid-air collision with a Kazakhstan Airlines flight on the way to New Delhi in 1996.


The airlines bans alcohol on its planes.


In contrast, Qantas the world's oldest airline has a clean record of zero fatality and zero crashes. So much for Allah's wrath against alcohol.


The flight safety track record of the Australian 'flying pub in the air' makes nonsense of the ridiculous PAS Youth superstition.  


Lim Chong Leong: Next, this PAS leader will say it is okay to bomb pubs and hotels that serve alcohol. PAS must sanction him immediately and distance itself.


Nothing can justify a terror act like this, not even in God's name.


Spinnot: Iran Air did not serve alcohol. How come Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down by US Navy missile on July 3, 1988?


The Mask: Smile Ahmad Tarmizi, you are on candid camera. Make sure you yourself walk the straight line and not be seen with any MAS stewardess.


As for serving alcohol, who is the owner of San Miguel and who are those sitting on the board of Genting and the ‘empat ekor’?


So by your own logic, disaster would have struck these three corporations. But how come it is not happening? Yes, with people like you, its no wonder Kedah is back with BN.


Dr Jacob George: He is an idiot of the highest order - an unwelcome comment during a grieving process, so insensitive, so vulgar, so devoid of any humanity but they scream at the loss of lives hundreds of miles away in another war zone because of political expediency?


What double faced rascals and hypocrites.


Malaysian Born: The flunky from PAS is lucky he is making these ignorant and insensitive comments far away from the families and friends of the victims of the tragedy otherwise this moron would be in serious trouble.


When you have people suffering and trying to make sense of such terrible tragedies, trust buffoons like this to try to get face time by making inflammatory comments.


The problem is they have been getting away with talking nonsense for such a long time it doesn't even register just how incredibly insensitive his comments are literally trivialising the suffering of all these families.


Vijay47: I cannot say I know anything about Islamic principles, so I suppose I must be guided by Muslim teachers like Ahmad Tarmizi.

Since the woes MAS is going through are caused by its sinful ways, who am I to challenge such a conclusion by Ahmad Tarmizi?


By the same token, I suppose I must also believe that Ahmad is a paragon of Islamic piety and saintliness. Otherwise, God would have been raining fire and brimstone on him. Since He is not, ergo, Ahmad Tarmizi is a saint.


But what confuses me is that I too have been spared divine retribution, at least thus far. So maybe I also am a saint. A Christian one.


SSDhaliwal: What twisted logic. People who shot down innocent people are doing God's work, while people on board the aircraft who may or not be consuming alcohol and wearing ‘baju kebaya’ (Malay dress) should be executed?


Turvy: This is the result of a mind preoccupied with alcohol and short skirts. He is not able to reason why the sins of an airline, should he be right, fall on the heads of innocent children.


Stupidity is the deadliest sin.

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