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Since when did MAS become an Islamic institution?

YOURSAY ‘MAS serves international routes and they have non-Muslim customers.’


MIC: PAS leader should be struck by lightning

Anonymous #55961902: Kedah PAS Youth information chief Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman has a myopic mind.


Malaysia Airlines (MAS) serves international routes and they have non-Muslim customers as passengers. So why is it wrong to serve liquor?


I am a Buddhist but do not consume beer or hard liquor. I don't see anything wrong in serving liquor or beer.


We should keep our beliefs or faith to ourselves and not impose it on others. It’s similar to crime. We know it’s wrong to commit crime but there are people who still commit them.


So are we to follow their path? Of course not, unless he/she is a criminal.            


Aries46 It takes a brave person like MIC director of strategy S Vell Paari to tick off these bigots that are crawling out of the woodwork in increasing numbers in recent months.


These control freaks all seem to have the same power-crazy agenda but cloaked in the divine as defenders of the faith.


If, as Ahmad Tarmizi claims, MAS is paying the price for serving alcohol and non-Muslim attire (whatever that means), what then was the sin of the 298 passengers who perished?


And why does God single out MAS when serving alcohol and using normal dress codes are the norm in most airlines as well as most in the hospitality and service-oriented business enterprises in the country?


And when did MAS become an Islamic institution? The last time I checked, it was just a listed business enterprise like any other.


Ahmad Tarmizi's nonsensical claim not only defames MAS but also insults the victims of MH17 and the grieving relatives.


Wearing religious credentials to gain political power is dangerous as invariably, they end up doing justice to none.


Sound Mind: We can stop serving alcohol in planes but if intoxicated people and extremists on the ground brings down a plane, what then would the reason be?


During these kind of disasters, we should help those who are grieving. At the same time, we should listen to the message sent by God.


Live in peace, immaterial what one’s beliefs is. With our sixth sense, we should be able to grasp the fact that a disaster does not choose race, religion or creed.


Ksn: Well said, Vell Paari. Is this type of statement, one made without compassion, mercy, humane feelings, is what religion has taught them?


MAS was mismanaged, milked by incompetent people and politicians resulting in huge losses to public funds.


The passengers and crew are innocent victims of ruthless politicians like Russian President Vladimir Putin. The PAS man should have cursed them and not the passengers.


Shanandoah: Ahmad Tarmizi is mad. There is no cure for insanity. He is gloating over innocent lives that have been lost through no fault of theirs. Politicians like him are a curse to our nation.


Mushiro: Vell Paari is over dramatic like his father (former MIC president S Samy Vellu). Why pick on an insignificant fry in PAS and attack him with a hammer?


He dare not criticise MAS. What is Vell Paari's stand besides attacking PAS and wanting to play safe?


David: One is trying to be a hero, the other is trying to be a champion. Both should not be given the news space in respect of the families of MH17 victims.


AJ: Ahmad Tarmizi is the new stupid. There are a lot of ammunition you can use to condemn the Umno government, but not this.


Abasir: While all rational beings are aghast at the theory expounded by this PAS man, it must be noted that none of the part-time, full-time defenders of Islam see his statement as insulting Islam. Even the so-called moderates are maintaining a stony silence.


UntaRelak: Ahmad Tarmizi may be struck by lightning later, but at least now I know he is caught in a storm.


What says the PAS central leadership? Why the silence? Is this the view of PAS on the two incidences (MH17 and the disappearance of MH370)?


Vijay47: It is good to see that there is at least one non-Umno BN man who speaks his mind without resorting to political correctness, though in this case it was against a PAS official.


Doc: What if MAS decides to be a halal airline after this tragedy? What will happen to all the crony contracts with MAS?


Mad Max: Malaysia cannot afford to have this type of heartless idiot as leader. PAS and Pakatan should kick him out immediately.

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