Judiciary in ICU with the likes of Abdul Hamid

YOURSAY ‘Unbecoming for him to use religion when race card not working.’


Ex-CJ: Islam under threat in DAP-ruled Penang

Ma laccan: This ex-chief justice has been caught lying before to the shame of his sponsors.


There is evidence everywhere and everyday that instead of Islam, other religions have been unjustly treated and slandered by evil men.


To redeem his mistake, the ex-CJ is allowing himself to be used again by certain people in his dotage to instigate Malay Muslims to fear and hate others through vicious lies, knowing that the authorities wont take action until the threat of bloodshed finally cow voters to support his masters.


Abdul Hamid Mohamad makes many claims but offer no evidence at all. We will have to wait forever for his proof that doesn’t exist, like we waited for Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria to show a shadow of his overwhelming proof.


What makes such men blatantly lie this way? Does the ex-CJ think he honours God by lying? Perhaps he no longer believe in a just God who hates lies and slander?


All kind and good men of faith, including Muslims, will condemn his actions and the shame he brings to God and his community.


Headhunter: One would have thought that a judge, and a chief justice at that, is more rational and wise than the rest of us ordinary mortals and would not speak without facts to back up his claims.


But here we have a so-called learned man who shoots off his mouth and make irrational accusations without any proof whatever. Was that how he dispensed judgment when he was sitting on the bench?


No wonder the judiciary in such dire state because idiots like him are promoted as CJ when there are so many more qualified judges who were bypassed because they were men and women of high principles who refused to pander to the demands of corrupt politicians.


David Dass: What else will he say? Is this the wisdom of a retired judge? Or is this someone who has lost his way?


The 100 victims of the crash of MH653 in Johor in December 1977 were buried in a mass grave. The victims were of all races and religions.


Prayers were said on behalf of all victims by representatives from each of the religions of the victims. No one thought this wrong.


The entire nation grieved for the 93 passengers and seven crew. What is this Christian agenda that he speaks of?


Mission schools were established in this country only after the British came in and that was about 200 years ago. And there is no evidence of these missionaries trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.


The PM and the Sultan of Selangor, for instance, were from St John's Institution and will attest to that. The 'Allah' issue is settled. Why does this former judge not retire quietly and gracefully? A judge should not try to cause strife.


Thinking Citizen_1403620863: It is unbecoming for an ex-CJ to politicise religion when the race card is not working.


Nobody complained when the government is using taxpayers' money to build mosques that Islam is threatening the religions of the non-Muslims.


In times like this, if the CJ has nothing to say to unite the country, it’s best he shut his mouth instead of being a proxy to further the interest of certain party who try to stir unrest for an excuse to suspend the constitution to perpetuate their hideous agenda.


Waktamnoko: Well, Abdul Hamid was just calling a spade a spade. He does have his democratic right to say it. Why was it that others have the right to say anything rubbish but the Malays were not allowed to do so?


The former CJ was right about Indonesia. If you want to be a citizen there, you have to change your name. No two ways about it. It’s either you go to a national school or your kids can forget about schooling. 


And in Malaysia, we have some non-Malays driving Mercedes Benz and BMWs claiming that they are 'second class' citizens. Sigh! Some people have no gratitude.


Not Convinced: Waktamnoko, using your warp logic, there are also some Malays who are driving Mercedes and BMWs and yet claim special rights. They live in big mansions and still claim seven percent bumiputera discount.


Forget about the rich, they can look after themselves. We should help the poor - of all races.   


J Ng: There are three types of threats to Muslim Malaysians. All these are created by Muslim political opportunists to stay in power.


The first are the bogus and imaginary threat intentionally created to misled Malay Muslims that their religion is been undermined by non-Malays, in particular the Christians.


Opportunist politicians either directly or through cronies NGOs step in to be the heroic saviours. These are then played up by the controlled mainstream mass media.


The second is the strategy to undermine Malays (who are all compulsory Muslims), via a false perception Malay supremacy. On the surface, all Malays are specially treated.


In reality, it is only the few privileged Umnoputras and cronies who are getting richer. The vast Malay masses continued to be poor. Many became solely dependent on government employment.


The third will be the influx of Muslim immigrants. They will ultimately change the socio-economic structure of the local Malay Muslims.


Sirach: Such outrageous comments from an ex-CJ are simply indefensible and frankly, deplorable. To infer a hidden agenda on the part of the Catholic Church for defending its rights in a perfectly legitimate manner exposes this man's bigotry and siege mentality.


His comments about the place of minorities is beneath contempt and exhibits a ‘ketuanan’ mindset  - the hallmark of Utusan Malaysia , Isma and Perkasa.


One cannot help but wonder how such prejudices coloured his judgments when he was a sitting judge.


The sad thing is that judges currently on the bench may take the cue and allow such jaundiced views to permeate their thinking (even unwittingly) in arriving at their decisions.

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