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Ukraine separatists get recognition from 'deal'

YOURSAY ‘If the rebels did not ask for anything, why called it a deal?’


DPM: Separatists didn't ask anything in return

Anonymous #20513663: I guess acknowledging the legitimacy of the Donestk People's Republic and their 'control' of Eastern Ukraine was enough for separatist leader Alexander Borodai.


This is a way for two small players to thumb their noses at the world, and especially at the 'superpowers'.


It is hard to believe though with big brother Russia hovering around in the background. Somebody needs to put the question to PM Najib Razak as to whether the 'deal' involved Russia.


The Russian envoy to Malaysia refused to answer this question. This is a little suspicious.


Magnus: Knowing the usual suspects’ testosterone and the motivations of those criminal thugs who engage in megalomaniacal conflicts around the world with the support of other megalomaniacs who also have a greed for political power and the fetish of self-aggrandisement, I find this charitable act of by Borodai somewhat strange.


It is strange those who are suspected of blowing up MH17 and killing 298 innocent people in cold blood, and who then shocked and held the world to ransom and disgust with an awesome display of disrespect for human decency, bodies and personal effects of those murdered people, would suddenly develop a change of heart as to release the withheld black box and decomposing corpses free of charge to Najib without any cash benefit or other concessions at all.


It is miraculous indeed to see such sudden outpouring of compassion and goodwill from pro-Russian separatist head Borodai.


AA: As it is at the moment, I would say that the government seems to be handling the situation well, but I am baffled by the use of the word "deal" here.


If the pro-Russian rebels did not ask for anything in return, then why called it a deal? The word "deal" suggests that something is being exchanged for something.


Wouldn't it better and simpler just to say that the request for the black boxes and bodies of the passengers to be returned is granted, if nothing is being exchanged for them?


I cannot help feeling here that there may be more than meets the eye, but I may be wrong. Perhaps it's just the wrong use of the word "deal" to describe the effort of the Malaysian government.


Anonymous_1376557330: Nothing has been achieved by our leaders in this so-called "deal". The black boxes belong to Malaysia Airlines, they should have been given back without having to make deals.


And worse still, for our representative to meet with a person who could be a mass murderer, to thank the person and laud him with honourable names, is just beyond belief.


I see no reason why we are patting our backs, no justice has yet been done to the country nor those who died so tragically.


A weapon of mass destruction has just been used against so many and our national emblem blown out of the skies. Those who returned the black boxes did not do us any favour, the boxes are ours.


We should all be in national mourning, not be in euphoria over the black boxes.


Damntlwbn: It looks like readers are sober now. In earlier posts, I don’t believe my eyes so many are praising Najib for the deal on the black box and the return of the dead bodies.


Why do the separatists want to keep the dead bodies - they are not Jais or Mais.  Dead bodies are of no use to them. Let's see whether the black box can revealed who shot MH17.  


TehTarik: Given the difficult circumstance, Najib and team have done a good job. Unfortunately, according to experts, the black box will shed very little evidence as to the actual cause of the crash.


All it will show is an abrupt cessation of all communications and data. This will exclude any technical problems with the aircraft.


The actual evidence is on the ground. Hence, the great reluctance of the perpetrators of this heinous crime (the pro-Russian militia) to allow international experts full access to the crash site.


Let’s not be fooled by the rebels who handed the black box to our representatives.


Negarawan: Indeed, let's not allow this "success" story of Najib cloud the fact that we have a major national crisis in how MAS is managed, resulting in two unprecedented aircraft disasters.


Other truly successful countries with better managed airlines do not receive any limelight and media attention like Malaysia. What "success" is there for Najib when more than 500 lives have been lost with MH370 and MH17?


The negotiations and brokering for getting back the victims' remains and black boxes were mostly influenced by the Russian ambassador to Malaysia via Moscow. If there's anyone that deserves the credit, it's the honourable ambassador herself.


A person who claims that he "works quietly for a better outcome" would have consistently shown such traits in other pressing national issues, such as the current racial/religious tension.


We are still waiting for "better outcomes" from Najib.

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