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Better for Islamists to join 'corrupt' Umno

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YOURSAY ‘And let’s see if PAS can get its hudud law accepted by Umno.’

Anwar believes Pakatan will hold as cracks appear

Ferdtan: What do the two PAS leaders mean when they say Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has not conducted any serious breach of trust for him to be replaced? How naïve can one get?

By not agreeing to step down as MB after the central committee, the highest body in a party, had made the decision is insubordination. Isn’t that not serious enough?

Also there are tell-tale signs, chiefly the out-of-court settlement in the Bank Islam law, that made many suspicious.

There is an elephant in the room and yet these blind pro-Khalid politicians refused to see and acknowledge.

If we, ordinary Malaysians, can detect such a destructive scheme leading to a serious rift among members of Pakatan Rakyat, why are they still adamant on keeping Khalid as MB?

One answer: self-interest. It was never for the people they represent.

PKR must never surrender this important battle. Its future depends on this. Principles do matter. If the party’s decree was that Khalid must go, he must. We don’t see any other way.

Otherwise PKR will be seen as a toothless tiger that can be easily be held to ransom by a non-party leader who holds no party post.

Fair Play: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, I interpret your statement as that you are prepared to go for broke (Khalid must be replaced) regardless of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's or PAS' stance. That's good.

I believe the right-thinking rakyat would very much prefer a breakup now rather than having PAS to hold PKR and DAP to ransom in the future.

The ball is now in PAS' court. I would love to see how and where they would kick the ball to though.

A Voice from the Wildeness: Indeed, Pakatan should not sacrifice principle and integrity just to capture Putrajaya. If the spirit of co-operation is diminishing because of a selfish partner, the hard decision has to be made.

Make a stand and disengage with the party that is acting as a spoiler, in this case PAS. Better be weaken now and regret later, so as to be stronger in the future.

Shanandoah: The cracks in Pakatan are getting bigger. Khalid has some explaining to do. He is the main cause of this problem. PAS leaders (not all) are supporting him to gain headway in Selangor. He refuses to go gracefully. It's best to kick him out before Pakatan crumbles to the ground.

Casey: If you smell a rat, you will know instinctively that these acts were but part of the grand ruse and deception.

Let us face it, if political power is threatened and billions of ringgit are at stake, what would the unscrupulous do? Especially so when Pakatan's and the people's support for Khalid is fast eroding and time is running out.

What would Khalid and his cohorts do in order to complete the "re-pirate-isation" of the water concessions and Langat 2 , and the "pirate-isation" of Kidex ?

Wait patiently for the next MB? Or exacerbate the water crisis and put the blame squarely on the resistance force from within and without?

And get the mercenary writers; such as Nathaniel Tan , to feed the public with fictions, biased and misleading information in order to promote Khalid’s political cause?

CucuMalaysia: Let PAS leave Pakatan. When leaders make U-turns in their decision-making of serious issues affecting the daily lives of the rakyat, such as water supplies and infrastructures, especially so when both do not live in the affected state, how much integrity and reliability do they have?

Let PAS team up with Umno Baru and see if PAS can get their proposed enforcement of hudud accepted by Umno Baru members.

Voice: It look like PAS leaders, based on their conduct, only care for their party vision and interests.

But they know very well that if they openly join the highly corrupt and incompetent BN, some party leaders and members may walk out from the party in protest and this could possibly lead to a breakup of PAS.

Thinking Aloud: Indeed, it’s time for a new Pakatan coalition minus PAS. The professionals and progressives within PAS should form a new Islamic Welfare Party (IWP) minus hudud as its main platform and replace PAS in Pakatan.

In the next GE, there will be three-cornered fights in the rural heartland among Umno, PAS, PKR/IWP (representing the new Pakatan).

Umno and PAS will share the conservative votes and Pakatan will scoop the progressive Malay and non-Malay votes, which will enable Pakatan to win.

Kilgore: PAS will be on the tragic side of history if it goes back on its commitment, splits the opposition, and dooms Malaysia to the ruin of Umno rule for the foreseeable future.

Time is running out before the economy and social fabric of the country are damaged beyond repair. There are only two paths to choose from, one into a bright future of prosperity and unity, or the other, back to the dark ages filled with fear, mistrust and poverty.

It will be heartbreaking if the selfish desires of a few, undo the hard work of millions.    

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