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I would like to refer to the letter by Khairull Anuar Jamlus of Sutton, United Kingdom titled ' PAS can help check BN government '. In his letter, Khairull justified the continued existence of PAS. He also asserted the democratic rights entitled to PAS as a political party.

What interested me was what Khairull wrote at the end of the letter. He said "it just means that each community should respect each other's needs and desires in a peaceful manner".

Unfortunately, what Khairull forgot was that his last statement contradicted PAS' objectives, and this is why many Malaysians oppose PAS.

PAS does not respect other communities' needs and desires in a peaceful manner. This is evident when PAS said it will introduce the death penalty for Muslims who convert to other religions. If this is so, and a Muslim is sentenced to death for converting to Buddhism, how do you think a Buddhist would feel?

Recently in Terengganu, PAS even introduced a dress code for non-Muslims. Non-Muslims might have different ideas on modest dressing. But PAS tried to push their standards down the throats of non-Muslims. Is this respect?

During the Japanese Encephalitis (JE) epidemic, PAS even criticised Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (then deputy premier) for trying to help pig-rearers. Instead of feeling sorry for the pig-rearers, PAS hurled insults.

This is why a progressive and democratic society like Malaysia does not need a political party like PAS. PAS should go down the drain just like the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).