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Grand betrayal of rakyat if PAS joins Umno

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YOURSAY ‘Selangor voters voted strongly for Pakatan, not for Umno-PAS coalition.’


DAP: PAS must say if it's with Umno or not

Kim Quek: With Umno giving its full backing to Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, the choice for PAS is now clear.


It is no more whether PAS chooses to support Khalid, it is whether it chooses to join hands with Umno, because when it supports Khalid’s continued reign as MB, it must work together with Umno as an Umno-PAS coalition.


And that would be a grand betrayal of the electorate of Selangor, whose whopping support that gave Pakatan Rakyat more than two-thirds majority, was meant for Pakatan, not Umno-BN.


Casey: Lex majoris partis or the law of the majority, is the fundamental law of every society where individuals have equal rights.


In other words, the will of the society, or that of a political coalition announced by the majority, is sacred as if unanimous, and is binding on the minority.


Bearing in mind that in the case of a coalition of political parties like Pakatan; while there is commonality of objectives amongst its component political parties - PKR, PAS and DAP - there are often many differences, and some are significant.


Each of these political parties may have their own ideological core, and perhaps premised on very different ideologies.


Hence, for Pakatan, to function effectively, it may be unrealistic to expect consensus in all issues confronting the coalition. As such, the decision and measures of the fair majority ought always to be respected.


Keturunan Malaysia: PAS, where is the ‘maruah’ (dignity) that you kept singing about? It is a crying shame that just because of you, a simple and mild hiccup becomes so complicated.


Truth: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is using words to create confusion.


1. PAS has again and again voiced its support for Khalid to remain as MB. So either Lim is ignorant or has a memory lapse.


2. It's Umno which is now siding with the PAS decision and not PAS siding with Umno.


3. In the last elections, Khalid as the MB was an important factor for the rakyat to vote for Pakatan.


Khalid has been seen as a clean and transparent man who doesn't bow to his political masters. Pakatan leaders have been using all means to smear and get rid of Khalid, including making offers and threats.


Why can't we just follow proper procedure? Just table a vote of no confidence, rather than talk and talk.


Anonymous_4031: Does PAS wish to support a partyless Khalid or PKR-DAP? Does PAS want to commit suicide by joining Umno, which betrayed it before?


The choice is crystal clear; but then a muddle-minded group may like to commit suicide. That is its choice.


No doubt, there are divisions within PAS; hence the two postponements from Aug 10 to Aug 13. The third date is Aug 17. I hope wisdom will guide them.


PAS won because it has two partners in PKR and DAP. Without their support, where would it be?


Gerard Lourdesamy: Dissolve the legislative assembly and call fresh elections. PAS can leave Pakatan and fight together with Umno against PKR, DAP and PSM.


If no vote is taken on the floor of the assembly, then it would be split 28-28 since PKR and DAP has only 28 members and PAS, Umno and Khalid are 28.


If a vote is taken in the assembly then the Khalid camp will have 28 votes as opposed to PKR and DAP with 27 since the speaker cannot vote unless there is a tie, in which event by convention, she must vote against the motion.


However, if the speaker and deputy speaker resign before the vote is taken in the assembly, Khalid will be forced to appoint a speaker and deputy speaker either from PAS or Umno and he will not have the numbers to get the appointments through because the vote would be split again, 28-28.


The assembly will be without a speaker and the sultan will have no choice but to dissolve the assembly. If he succeeds in getting a new speaker appointed, Khalid will lose the vote of confidence by 27 to 28.


SusahKes: I'd really like to know, what story PAS would cook up if the party went along with Umno.


Peacemaker: I see Umno potentially the winner in this whole drama, in fact their fingerprints are everywhere. The bigger issue here is; should Pakatan move forward without PAS?


All the component parties should remember that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's magic helped PAS and DAP to get more seats. PKR is certainly capable of replacing Umno and PAS.


The people voted for Pakatan, not PAS. We wanted to change to an efficient state administration and a corruption-free state government. Khalid must go.


The Mask: It is rumoured that PAS would support PKR's move if the MB’s post is given to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.


If that is so, then it is PAS that is dictating the terms, and the future holds bleak for the coalition as PAS will again use the same tactic to hold the coalition to ransom.


I agree with Guan Eng that PAS must make a firm stand now or leave the coalition. With PAS' stand blowing in the wind, how can it be trusted? I'd rather have DAP and PKR start all over again.


But here again, we must get rid of any Umno DNA left in PKR. Should Umno steal back Selangor, so be it. After all, it’s for another three years, and Pakatan will take it back. By then, PAS will be confined to Jurassic Park.


Onyourtoes: After Aug 17, PAS may ask for another postponement. Guan Eng, you are just too optimistic to ask PAS to make the decision earlier. You see, a few PAS leaders, the mullahs and those controlling the party machinery, are in favour of Khalid.


But I believe the majority in the party are against him. So the PAS leadership will continue to buy more time. With more time, more buying and selling can be done.


Ultimately, it boils down to tenacity and integrity of Pakatan representatives. Please don't just look at PAS. You fellows must be wary of PKR and DAP reps too. Some are greedy and some with lots of personal problems.


FutureMalaysians: If Pakatan disintegrates, then BN will celebrate and then we have to face another 55 years of BN rule. What a sad situation. Selangor voters don't deserve this.

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