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2Putrajaya - PM says one thing, Sabri says another

YOURSAY ‘Sabri called Malays to unite on Merdeka Day. Unite against whom?’


Minister: If Malays unite, no one dares challenge us


Vijay47: This is a Merdeka not many of us will forget for a long while. 


First, we had Umno supreme council member Ismail Sabri Yaakob asking Malays to unite, though he kindly does not tell us who he wishes the Malays to unite against. Nor does he share with us who has been "challenging" the Malays.


Then we had the police detaining 150 members of the PPS (Penang Voluntary Patrol Unit) on some still mysterious grounds. From what I understand, these PPS members did not cause any "public unrest" by participating in the Merdeka parade nude.


For me, welcoming Merdeka was far more boring, none of those fireworks, waving flags, marching in grand parades ostentatious rituals. It was just the singing of the Negara Ku in church in the morning.


In these trying frightening times, that gave me much more comfort and sustenance than public displays of so-called patriotism.


Manajustice: This remark by Ismail Sabri runs contrary to what PM Najib Razak said about unity in his Merdeka speech .


For him or any Malay to say others are challenging the Malays is truly nonsensical. The PM's effort to deliver a dramatic speech for the Merdeka celebrations has gone down the drain, thanks to Ismail Sabri.


Wira: Ismail Sabri, why do you call Malays to unite on Merdeka Day? Unite against whom? Malaysians of other ethnicity? Shouldn't you be, like Najib, calling for unity among Malaysians instead?


Thinking Citizen_1403620863: For your information, nobody is trying to challenge the Malays.


Most of the Malaysians are struggling to makes ends meet from the crumbs that you leave behind after you all have looted what should be given and spent on the citizens of the country, be they Malays and non-Malays.


Sometimes I wonder how on earth some of these leaders ever got elected in the first place.


Dappy: Another racist Umno minister who is not shy to reveal his racist mentality. It’s a shame that after 57 years of Merdeka, we still have these racist people holding ministerial portfolios.

That's why we cannot have the BN government continuing with their racist policies and dividing the people. Where is the 1Malaysia that they proudly claim?


J Ng: Ismail Sabri’s statement on 'Malay disunity' is to mask the failures and abuses of Umno.


For too long, Malays masses had been 'brainwashed' by the Umnoputras. Superficially, there are many programmes helping the Malays. In reality, many of these are 'entrapment' that hinders their development.


The real development and benefits are confined to the Umno elites and cronies. All the handouts and assistance are 'crumbs' compared to those enjoy by the elites/cronies.


Umno continues to 'blame' others when things go wrong. The Malay support for political parties other than Umno is the result of them getting more information as compared to the past.


The woes of the Malay masses will prevail if they continue their 'blind' support and loyalty to Umno. This awakening is definitely good for the Malays in particular and vital for all Malaysians in general.


I Wonder?: There is no way for Malays to be united in Malaysia. How could good and honest Malays be united with evil and corrupted Malays?


The good and honest Malays will always be bullied by the evil Malays. Therefore good Malaysians will stand together to fight against the evil Malaysians.


Swipenter: All Malaysians must unite to challenge Umno Baru-BN Malaysians and to forge a new tomorrow for a new Malaysia free from racism, social injustice, corruption, inequality and religious bigotry.


If we don't unite than they are going to take the country down together with us through racism, religious bigotry, cronyism, massive corruption, plundering and mismanagement of our resources.


Many billions are already being siphoned out of the country. They are the first to flee the country at the very first sign of trouble.


Onyourtoes: Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Ismail Sabri, you just can't make intelligent statements.


First, Malays are disunited because of class, status, income and elitism. Second, Malays farmers are not stupid for using the middlemen instead of Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama). It only means Fama is doing a lousy job, period.  


Imanust Nais Yalam: The Malays are now divided because of one simple reason - the ruling-class Malays are using the Malay agenda to enrich themselves while neglecting their duty to the majority Malays. The latter is realising it and is shifting their allegiance to alternative leadership.

Disunity among the Malays is the effect of how they are being led now. If the Malays want to be united, it is clear they have to complete their shifting of allegiance to more competent and sincere leaders, of which Ismail Sabri is not part.


Saying "If we unite as one, others would not dare to challenge us," is like teaching your children to be scared of their own shadows.


Abasir: Ismail Sabri is correct. The Chinese too must all unite so that Malays and Indians will not dare challenge them, and the Indians must unite so that the Malays and Chinese will never dare challenge them.


That is the only way to achieve national unity and 1Malaysia.

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