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Will tweet-averse IGP probe ‘beheading’ posts?

YOURSAY ‘The police appear too busy arresting politicians and volunteers.’


Report made over 'behead Dayaks' postings


Odin: The Facebook postings were obviously made by Malayan Muslims who have not been to East Malaysia because they have no two sens to rub together.


Those of we who have lived and worked or have visited East Malaysia often and got to know the local people can tell that no Muslim in Sarawak will ever behead any Dayak. None.


The Muslims in Sarawak are very much different from those in Malaya; they are far more open-minded/broad-minded and mix freely with non-Muslims. It is common to see Muslims eating and drinking in coffee shops run by Chinese - because you have stalls run by Muslims and selling halal food in these shops.


You have very many instances of mixed marriages, resulting in Muslims being related to non-Muslims, including the Dayaks. You can find Muslims and non-Muslims in an extended family living under the same roof.


So, tell me, which Muslim in Sarawak will want to behead any Dayak? Besides, unlike in Malaya, the Muslims in Sarawak are much fewer than the non-Muslims.


But even if any local Muslim were silly enough to want to do that, he would not get very far because his fellow Muslims will stop him.


You see, those who made the postings are lowly educated vermin whose only talent lies in creating trouble and in irritating others. They are the yellowest of cowards.


Abasir: Our occasional PM cannot say anything about this until his ‘con-sultants’ deliver the script and coach him on how to read it.


Meanwhile, we have already been officially notified by the home minister that a threat (in this case, to behead), is not a crime.


Given that position, our tweet-averse IGP will not do anything until a decapitation takes place and is posted on FB. And then again, the action will be focused on the posting rather than the crime.


DontPlayGod: The police are too busy arresting politicians and dealing with the Penang government and its volunteers to care. They have no time for such matters as Muslim extremists.


After all, inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar has refused to carry out the court order to force a Muslim to return a child snatched from her mother, showing that he too, is a fanatic.


Chipmunk: In the first place, to have such a terrorist group in Malaysia is a national security threat. For such a group to openly declare war on Sabahans and Sarawakians is akin to insulting our king and that is seditious.


To use God's name and to interpret the Quran in such a way is blasphemy, and who is to be blamed for this?


Let’s see what Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the police chief is going to do next? Will PM Najib Razak be silent on this matter? Is Perkasa and Isma going to support this cause?


Anonymous_3e86: The problem lies with the government because certain groups have gotten away with racist remarks, these groups have become much bolder.


They think that they will not be arrested for such extreme comments. As such, they post these comments.


Hplooi: The 'legal' and (unofficially) sanctioned purveyors of race-religion-supremacist (Isma, Perkasa, etc) are the incubators of ideologies which is just a step away from the extreme-exceptionalist ideology of Isil/Isis (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and now the local chapter JIM (Jemaah Isis Malaysia).


While they may be a small minority, their vocal fanaticism make them dangerous to a plural Malaysia.


Anonymous #44199885: Is this the start of a new political paradigm in Malaysia, fostered and nurtured in no small part by benevolent treatment of extremists in Malaysia who claim to be champions of Islam.


It is not difficult to see this consequence due to the current events in the Middle East with new extremist and violent groupings such as Isis suddenly finding their place in the political limelight due to the foreign policy disasters of the West.


Muslims in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, indoctrinated with the philosophy of Isis, will bring this back home to us if extremism is left unchecked by the government.


The government, in moving against the moderates with charges of sedition, may further reinforce the belief in these extremists that they do, and can do, no wrong.


The chickens may come back to roost and when they do, they will likely not only be a threat to ordinary Malaysians but the BN as well as they may take the view that BN is not Islamic.


Where and to whom then do Malaysians turn to save this country? 


Fair&Just: Sabahans and Sarawakians, please wake up. Do not expect any action as they are of the same ilk. You reap what you sow as you voted for them.


But for the sake of your children and the next generation, be proactive and do all that is necessary so that you are masters of your own states. 

Anonymous#007: I am waiting for the police to hunt down and arrest the person/organisation that started this FB page, and everyone who ‘liked’ it, or who encouraged the idea it promoted.


Kangkung: Sad to say, the IGP is too busy checking tweets about himself to be bothered about FB postings calling for the slaughter of Dayaks.

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