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Journalists now targets in sedition crackdown

YOURSAY Is 'Coalition of Penang Malay Representatives’ registered with ROS?


Perkasa lodges reports against Mkini journalist


Jae K: Surely if the Malaysiakini news report is inaccurate and cast aspersion on the police, then it is the duty of the police to take action. It is not like the police are incapable of doing that.


Moreover, Penang executive councillor Phee Boon Poh was the person who was interrogated and he felt that he was treated like a criminal, despite that the police being cordial with him.


How would state Perkasa Youth chief Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin, who made the police report, know that Phee was not treated like a criminal?


Cheong Sai Fah: These days you got to watch what you say in public, in print or video. It can be interpreted as seditious. 


If Phee had been interrogated for four hours and later locked up, does that not amount to being treated like a criminal?


Anyway, it was Phee's description of his situation. So reporting it can amount to being seditious?


We need to join Perkasa in order not to be prosecuted. Perkasa can call non-Malays ‘pendatangs’ and other unsavory names and it won't be considered seditious. So perhaps it is not what is said but who says it.


Fair Play!: Even criminals have rights. The facility to use a mobile phone does not mean that Phee was not "treated like a criminal". Obviously some people’s English is so bad that they do not understand idioms.


Fair&Just: Indeed, what's wrong about being treated like a criminal? In certain countries, criminal are accorded human rights and entitled to many amenities.


The difference is that Phee is not yet adjudged criminal. Moreover, Phee is an elected state representative and more than 60 years old.


Basically: Perhaps Perkasa has forgotten that the police force is funded through our taxes and we have every right to question their actions and criticise them if we are not satisfied with them.


We vote for MPs and Aduns (state representatives) so they can do this job for us as it is logistically impossible for the rakyat to sit the inspector-general of police (IGP) down and grill him, although that too is our right.


And if Perkasa takes public funds, we have a right to grill them too.

Whether we are angry or not at the police is not Malaysiakini's doing, it is the actions of the police themselves. If they want to be beyond criticism, then they should start doing their job properly.


Anonymous_3faa: So is the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) beholden to the likes of racist groups like Perkasa et al, and acts only because of their police reports?


What about those reports made against such groups for really seditious outbursts?          


Disgusted: It is a wonder that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) instantly registered Umno-backed NGOs, whose sole aim is to cause trouble and bring down Pakatan Rakyat governments.


However, if the opposition wants to set up a society or even register Pakatan as an entity, the ROS put it on the back burner so that Umno can keep saying that Pakatan is an unregistered entity unlike BN, and therefore has no legal or political rights.


Kit P: Is this 'Coalition of Penang Malay Representatives’ registered with the ROS?


If not, it is an illegal organisation, and police should have arrested them if the same standards are applied. There cannot be different treatment of people under the same law.


JustAMalaysian: What a waste of police time (and taxpayers money) if police were to start investigating. If the case were to go to court, I shall deem it abuse of court process.


Victor Johan: Just to quote Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing".


Let us all doing something, in the context of the prevailing laws. Just go all out, once and for all, and seek this chance to make that desired change. Yes, we can make the change, and we will make the change.



Police confirm probing Mkini journo for sedition


Vijay47: Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi, I have just one question to ask you.


If eight of my friends and I were to lodge police reports against Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for the numerous seditious statements made by him, would you act with equal speed to investigate him?


Swipenter: Who says that the PDRM is not efficient? They can be efficient if they want to be. See how fast they opened a file to investigate Susan Loone and Malaysiakini because of police reports lodged by Perkasa and several NGOs.


Anonymous #20513663: Brace yourselves, folks. This is Ops Lalang II and the beginning of the end. What kind of 'end' remains to be seen.


Now is the time to speak up and throw your weight behind the civil society and those fighting for human rights. Speak up before it is too late.


Alanthechan: Susan, be brave to face the injustice done to you for you have the support from this 72-year-old man and many others.

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