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Zahid can attack DAP, but Rayer can’t attack Umno

YOURSAY ‘Zahid, I have as much right to this country as you.’


'Arrogant non-Malays' jab aimed at DAP, says Zahid


Imanust Nais Yalam: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's behaviour brings shame to the Malays. The majority of Malays would definitely not condone his using the non-Malays as punching bag to divert attention from the internal Umno feuds and problems.


Please learn a bit from Singapore, once part of us, but has since gone its own way doing well in many aspects, including racial harmony. Though predominantly Chinese, their ministers would never touch Malay issues to divert attention or get support from their majority Chinese voters.


They will also not hesitate to fire any civil servants who make anti-Malay statements. Over here, we have civil servants who are specially hired to fan the racial hatred so as to get political support from the misinformed section of the Malay community.


My advice for the non-Malays here is to stay strong and continue to take on the blows as what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. I wait for the day that I walk alongside my moderate Malay brothers and sisters into Putrajaya.


Old Timer: I am not sure what are ‘given’ to the Chinese and other races ‘for free’. Many came here as labourers and many died, unknown and alone.


They worked hard in rubber estates and tin mines that made the nation prosperous. (The ones who got away easy were our colonial masters.)


Many of them died during the Japanese occupation. Later, they worked hard for the future of their children. When the quota system for universities came in, they had to save to send their children overseas.


I don't know what others got ‘for free’ but my family paid for everything, including the house we stayed in. That kind of statements from a leader in large political party is dangerous and causes other kinds of generalisation to be made against other races.


Progressive: We are not indebted to you, Zahid. I have as much right to this country as you. And I don't need your permission to feel this way. This is my right.


You and this nation are indebted to our forefathers who have risked all and everything - to build this nation of ours. You, sir, are standing on the toils and blood of many Malaysians. Remember that please.


Starwars: The home minister who is entrusted to take care of the security of this country is himself found to be making seditious remarks without any action being taken against him.


This is the reason why people have got nothing good to say about the police. If the police is fair I am sure the people will have good things to say about the police.


When Seri Delima state representative RSN Rayer directed his remarks at Umno, it was seditious. But when Zahid directed his remarks at DAP, it was not seditious.


Anonymous #44199885: If DAP was arrogant and disrespectful of the Malays, how is it that Pakatan Rakyat won with two-thirds majority in Penang.


The DAP-led Penang government continues to receive the support of the Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce and is amazingly able to attract young Malay professionals to join its ranks.


If memory serves me right; did not the current Penang CM take the fall for sedition when he defended the rights of a young Malay girl whose modesty was outraged?


The older generation of BN leaders such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak and Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman and their contemporaries were selfless leaders who placed the interest of Malaysia and Malaysians foremost in all policies and decisions, and this selflessness and priorities in governance and policy making is now reflected in the leaders of the DAP, PKR and PAS.


This is a nightmare to BN leaders who are acutely aware of their failure and are unable or unwilling to make the change to be more like their predecessors lest Malaysia's riches are not exclusive to them.  


Maplesyrup: For as long as Malays feel insecure about their achievements, we will have to endure such racist politicians. The day the Malays realise that their position in Malaysia is not threatened is the day that Umno closes shop.


The government slogan says ‘muhibah’, but I suspect divide and rule serve the ruling elites much better, at least for now.


Caripasal: I am coming home ,” Zahid told Jakarta Post during his visit to Jogyakarta in March last year. Your home in Tanah Melayu started only after 1932. My home in Tanah Melayu started in 1912.


I'm Malaysian: The problem with the non-Malays is that they refuse to acknowledge they are immigrants and instead they keep accusing the Malays as immigrants as well. This riled up the Malays like Zahid Hamidi.


Get this straight - Anyone from ‘nusantara’, meaning the Malay archipelago, is a Malay. Do not split hair on this issue.


Indians and Chinese are all immigrants to this country. Do not deny this. If we cannot agree on these basics, there can never be 1Malaysia. And Zahid will forever attack the arrogance of the non-Malays.


Not Convinced: ‘I’m Malaysian’, you really do have perverse logic. Yes, anyone from ‘nusantara’ can claim they to be Malay, but not everyone of them is Malaysian.


As such, the ‘Malays’ who come here from Indonesia and the Philippines are, for the lack of a better word, immigrants. 


Swipenter: This is not the first time Zahid is trying to do damage control for his hate incitement speeches.


He is using the DAP as his scapegoat as usual because there is no one he can pin his verbal filth on. He thinks that we are all stupid not to see through his filthy tricks.


Zahid has no balls to admit that he is directing his hate speech at the Chinese. Of course, the police chief would not dare to act against his boss, unlike those ordinary people who tweeted about him.

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