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Jeffrey Kitingan throws down gauntlet at Putrajaya

YOURSAY ‘Who are to be blamed for this state of affairs in Sabah and Sarawak?’


'We fear not arrest for it will make us stronger'

Swipenter: Hundreds of police reports would be lodged against Sabah Star chairperson Jeffrey Kitingan for his hard-hitting but factual speech by Umno Baru politicians, their supporters, Perkasa, Isma and other numerous NGOs.


Also you dare to challenge our inspector-general of police (IGP) directly to arrest you. Jeffrey, you must have an "arrest wish". See you in jail soon.


Kawak: Jeffrey Kitingan, who are to be blamed for this state of affairs in Sabah and Sarawak?


The political leaders from Sabah and Sarawak are the real culprits themselves. For self-interest, these natives of the two states have split into so many political parties instead of one cohesive party.


CQ Muar: Tunku Abdul Rahman would most probably be "kicking" in his grave should the Federation of Malaysia, inclusive of Sabah and Sarawak, were to de-merge or dissolve as a result of all the ruts being brought about by the present Umno leadership headed by PM Najib Abdul Razak.


With no end in sight, aggravated by the recent swoop on opposition leaders, Umnoputras together with all their extremist, religious bigots and racist Malays will certainly bring about the downfall of this once peaceful nation.


History is there for us to see, and serve as an imminent possibility that nothing can be taken for granted. Unless and until everyone wakes up and envisages such a reality, Malaysia is headed for doom. We dread that day will come - bleak, to say the least.


No one will be spared, therefore are we prepared to start from scratch all over again after 57 years of nation building? But then, will it ever be the same again?


Fair Play: Look at it this way. When the powers-that-be keep pushing the rakyat until their back is against the wall, that is when they (the rakyat) would have to cross the Rubicon as the only way to move forward.


Vijay47: Our heroic minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, please note that Jeffrey said he is not frightened of arrest.


This is a direct challenge of police authority, as Mahathir Mohamad kindly pointed out was the case in Penang, and Khalid Abu Bakar (the police officer, not the outgoing Selangor menteri besar) must institute two charges against the Sabah politician, one for sedition for daring to be unafraid of the police, and other for treason, for criticising how Sabah was treated after they formed Malaysia.


MinahBulat: Jeffery Kitingan, it is better late than never. The state of affairs of Sabah is the making of the Sabahan themselves to the extent that BN claims the state as their fixed deposit.


The deputy prime minister has made it clear that any talk of secession is seditious, so I agree with you that with your arrest this issue will be magnified many many times internationally and Putrajaya will definitely sit up to take notice. Good luck, Jeffery, and stay safe.


Anonymous_3faa: The British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee launched an inquiry in July to examine how China and Britain's 1984 joint declaration on the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China was being implemented. This was in view of differences in the interpretation of the joint declaration.


The Sarawak and Sabah states can similarly do the same if they feel short-changed. No point in addressing their grievances to Putrajaya, as these will fall on deaf ears.


Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: In the first place, because of your wrongdoing, Umno was allowed to come into Sabah and now you are paying the price.


I think it is too late because in the giving out of the identity cards (ICs), nothing was done. Even with the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on the ICs, nothing is done.


Sabahans must fight for their rights and they must stand up, not just the leaders. You will need the Pakatan component parties, especially PKR and DAP, to assist Sabahans and Sarawakians in learning from the Malayans to fight for individual and community rights.


Single Malt: After they sold their souls to the federal government, the Kitingans are now talking about the constitution. Where were their brains then? Can they be trusted anymore?


RR: As a senior citizen, I am really worried of the turn of events in the country with the IGP (inspector-general of police) using the obsolete sedition law indiscriminately and selectively.


I am afraid we are going down unless the Najib government goes to the negotiating table and sorts out serious matters like this where racial prejudices against the minorities in terms of employment, scholarships, welfare, etc, that are rampant which is triggering the unhappiness amongst the Malaysians.


No one is begrudging the poor Malays getting special help from the government but the rest of the poor non-Malays should not be ignored in the process.


Najib should muzzle the Umno and Umno-related NGOs from attacking the non-Malays as if the Malays are deprived of their livelihood which is really not the case.

In fact these leaders should be charged with sedition for hate speech. Jeffrey Kitingan is not talking nonsense. There is truth in his statements.


Fair&Just: RR is right and the firepower is with them. It seems nothing much can be done but wait prayerfully as the minority has done for decades. When their retribution, punishment, payback come, we will be gleefully watching with anticipation. Hopefully soon.


Abasir: The problem, Jeffrey, is that you have your share of Uncle Toms over in Peninsular Malaysia - those who serve their masters subserviently while apologising and rationalising the deliberate bastardisation that continues to take place.


Justice Pao: Probably the idiotic IGP got the words mixed up - Umno wants dissidents and opposition people to be brought in for sedation, not for sedition.

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