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YOURSAY ‘PKR and DAP should cease all cooperation with PAS.’


Hadi blesses Azmin, tells him not to abuse power

Quigonbond: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang can say anything he wants, he's got away with slandering PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, and leaving it open that if Pakatan wins power at the federal level next, he can use the same reason that Wan Azizah is a woman and thus cannot be PM.


He can now holler Pakatan spirit and cooperation all he wants but PAS is done with areas outside Kelantan, and perhaps in Kelantan too. If by next year Hadi is still around, I suggest PKR and DAP separate from PAS and let it ride into the sunset.


Ourvotesdecide: PKR and DAP, now that the dust had settled with the appointment of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as the new MB of Selangor, take action to immediately cease your cooperation with PAS, especially with the Taliban clerics led by Hadi Awang.


If PKR and DAP do not do so, they will be tainted and discredited for associating themselves with the Taliban clerics and will not get the votes in GE14.


Without the Islamic party, PKR and DAP will no longer be burdened, distracted and entangled with hudud and the antics and betrayals of the Taliban clerics. So they can really focus and strategise on Putrajaya.


With PAS still in Pakatan, even if you win Putrajaya in GE14 or future elections, it can still sabotage you from getting the prime minister's post similar to what it did in the Selangor MB crisis.


Search your hearts and souls. Stop allowing yourself to be cheated by the Taliban clerics in PAS again. Hadi has already, loudly and clearly, declared publicly that you, PKR and DAP, are its enemies.


Not Smart: Mr PAS president, it is fair that you congratulate the new MB but you should not remind him to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted in him and not to abuse his powers.


Why? Because you yourself had failed to fulfill the responsibility to uphold Pakatan's stand and abused your powers as president to overrule the majority decision made by your party.


You are really a crab, teaching others about walking straight. Go teach your ulama first.


Malaccan: Why the sudden reliance on the central working committee's earlier decision to nominate Wan Azizah and Azmin, when Hadi had already vetoed it and came up with his own list?


Doesn't a decision once repudiated, remain so? Or has the central working committee (CWC) miraculously been resurrected and regained legitimacy?

Why the need to call for a meeting of the disciplinary committee when Hadi had already described the two YBs in such an uncouth manner?


Will the disciplinary committee dare to come to a different decision than Hadi's? Will the committee members be deemed as disloyal and hence may go to hell?


There is such a thing as 'command influence' where a person of higher authority (e.g. Hadi), having made a conclusive statement on a pending issue, will inadvertently and unfairly influence the subordinate (e.g. the committee members).


PAS vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Man has the unenviable job of being the president's defender. Unfortunately with this president, it's a full-time job and Tuan Ibrahim's credibility is eroded each time he does it.


Spinnot: Does anybody need advice from PAS, which lost Kedah and Terengganu after just one term?


Pputeh: I hope DAP and PKR reject all PAS state assembly except the two heroes -Saari Sungib of Hulu Kelang and Hasnul Baharuddin of Morib.


Give them no posts. Let them join Umno. They were backstabbers and snakes. They cannot be counted on in times of need.


Lastly DAP and PKR should have nothing more to do with PAS as long as it's run by this group of so-called ulama. The GE14 will soon come and I for one, will not be voting for Pakatan if PAS is in its midst.


Negarawan: Azmin's appointment is the end to problems faced by Pakatan over the Selangor hot seat, said PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali.


Sorry, Pakatan's problems do not end until PAS is out of Pakatan. PAS will be a thorn in the flesh as long as it remains in Pakatan, and will cost Pakatan dearly in the coming GE.


Bumiputhran: The appointment of Azmin is outside the prescribed provisions of the constitution. This sacred instrument is the regulator of civilised and lawful conduct.


By Anwar Ibrahim and PKR accepting and endorsing an unlawful procedure, it forfeits their right to rule Selangor.


The rakyat's protective shield for its rights has been set aside for Anwar's political expediency and his inability or unwillingness to stand up to safeguard the constitution.


Can the rakyat trust Anwar and PKR to safeguard other protections accorded in the constitution? By accepting an unlawful procedure, he too has shown to be incapable of being an alternative PM.


He can still save face by calling for vote of confidence, allowing the state assemblypersons to vote according to conscience, thus legitimising an unlawful MB appointment.


DAP cannot allow the protection for the non-Malays - the sacred constitution - to be trampled and should not associate itself with a party complicit in an unlawful procedure.


Disgusted: Next agenda for Pakatan is to call for a central committee meeting and ask PAS to explain all its actions in the Selangor MB episode.


If they do not provide a proper explanation and still act as though they are high and mighty, then the two other members of Pakatan should part ways with PAS.


If they could kick out (previous MB) Khalid Ibrahim from the party then their next step of damage control is to kick PAS from the coalition and suspend all cooperation with PAS for the future.


Let PAS go its own way or join with Umno and be eaten alive by the big crocodile that is Umno. I believe the moderates will leave PAS as well and form a separate party and fight PAS and Umno with Pakatan. No risk, no gain.


SusahKes: Hadi, I have 50 sen in my pocket. I'd like to give it to you, so that you go buy a 'wau bulan' in Kelantan. You know what to do with kites, don't you?

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