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Who are the bullies and who are the bullied?

COMMENT Not satisfied with labelling the non-Malays, especially Chinese, as “intruders” brought over by the British to oppress the Malays, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) is now putting forward the argument that ethnic Malays have been subjected to bullying by non-Malays since the colonial period, and that this continues today.


“Who are the bullied and who are the bullies” is a question asked by Mohd Zul Fahmi, a self-anointed analyst of the country's history and constitution who, just like his Isma colleague, Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, is blaming all the ills of the country and the problems of the Malay/Muslim community on the non-Malays.


Many Malaysians, while disagreeing with Isma's view of the Malays as the oppressed in Malaysia today, will agree that the question of who are the bullies in Malaysia; and who are to be blamed for all the problems of the Malay and other communities, is a reasonable and pertinent question to examine, in-depth.

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