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Don't tax Chinese, then we'll stop demanding

YOURSAY 'Malaysians have the right to expect something from the government, no matter who they voted.'


PM: Don't ask from us, then support Pakatan

Bemman: Once again, PM Najib Razak has got BN or Umno Baru confused with the government of Malaysia. Yes, those who voted for Pakatan should not expect anything from BN. But as Malaysians they have the right to expect something from the government, no matter who they voted for.


Anticonmen: We will deny you your rights if you support the opposition? This is the kind of thinking of 1Malaysia's fake leaders who are desperate and vindictive to stay in power. And he projects himself to be like US president Barack Obama flying around in an 'Air Force ' plane paid for by all citizens who have equal rights, irrespective of whether he is a BN or Pakatan supporter.


And he has a massive RM26 billion budget under his PM's Department alone, which belongs to the rakyat of all political affiliations.


Anonymous_3e86: Didn't the Chinese support BN before? And what did the Chinese get instead? Nothing. The promises were not fulfilled. The Chinese don't trust BN or MCA anymore. They have been cheated time and time again. Finally, the Chinese had enough. The NEP made sure the non‑Malays will only get the crumbs, if at all. So now how does Najib expect support from the Chinese? Words mean nothing, only deeds matter.


Onyourtoes: Najib, I think you do not understand democracy and the role of the office of the prime minister. When you do things for the Chinese, that is your responsibility as the prime minister of Malaysia.


Chinese are taxpaying citizens who deserve the government's programmes and assistance just like any other citizen. When the Chinese or any citizen supports alternative political parties, that is their democratic choice.


Democracy gives the people the choice to choose who they think are most apt to govern this country. The money you spend on the people does not belong to you or BN or Umno, do you get it?


Idon'tlikekangkung: This is totally unethical leadership. That he even has the audacity to articulate this is dastardly indeed. But then this is Malaysia and so‑called leaders of this ilk are no longer surprising, I suppose.


Abasir: Each time he opens his mouth, he reconfirms the abysmally low quality he has brought to the office of the PM. Proof that strutting about in clothes costing thousands of ringgit and living in a palatial dwelling will do nothing to transform a village idiot ‑ especially one with a bagful of skeletons.


CQ Muar: MCA, Gerakan and MIC, quit BN and amalgamate the power to wrest control from Umno's clutches. That way, we promise to fully support and love you. Get wise, wake up to the truth ‑ you can still win without Umno the big brother. Form a pact with Pakatan to change the government. It's now or never.


Hplooi: For MCA not to raise objections to such thinking is treason of the highest order. National allocations funded by taxes should NOT be subject to politics. If such practice is allowed, then in future the 'knife' can cut the other way when the 'wheels of fate turn'.


Hopeful123: Government money is not BN's money. It is the people's money. They pay the taxes and have every right to demand. The PM must be for all Malaysians as he had claimed, not just for BN supporters. The government of the day is for all Malaysians, irrespective whom they vote for. It must be made clear.


Fairplayer: Najib, you and your wife Rosmah Mansor are travelling the world on the taxpayers' expense. A large number of taxpayers are Chinese. You are a very unscrupulous man. And a very ungrateful PM.


Without the Chinese taxpayers, the country would have long collapsed. We are entering that brink of collapse because of arrogant leaders like you. Or are you planning to accelerate the collapse before Pakatan takes over Putrajaya? You have until 2018 to do just that.


Fairplayer: Isn't Najib a PM for all Malaysians? Besides, he holds the country's purse and then asks the rakyat to go ask from Pakatan. That is warped logic! Give the purse to Pakatan lah, and we will demand from Pakatan instead of from you.


Dare you? You stole the purse from Pakatan at GE13 with only a miserable popular vote of 47. The purse should rightly be in Pakatan's hands. I am sure Pakatan can do a better job at dispensing the country's wealth more evenly and fairly.


MCA should quit BN and join Pakatan, if MCA has guts and principles. Any principled Chinese would support Pakatan. And, lest I forget, Najib must stop taking money from the Chinese business people, too, to be fair.


Touche: What a moronic PM we have. As a citizen, every Malaysian has a right to ask the government for lower cost of living, better pay, better facilities, peace and tolerance. Why do we pay taxes then? Please ask the PM to go back to school


Middle Path: Does he think the people's money belongs to him? If we do not support BN, the BN government withdraws its support? What type of PM is leading this country?


Ipohcrite: Following his reasoning, Najib is behaving as though the BN government only serves those who voted for BN. Perhaps, we should cut Najib's pay by 52 percent since only 47 percent of the rakyat supports him.


And also he should allocate 52 percent of the taxes collected to Pakatan.


Kangkung: Don't ask us to pay taxes if you are only Umno's PM.


Netizen123: Please stop taxing the Chinese then, then the Chinese may stop demanding - do you have the guts?

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