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Court of Appeal’s decision clearly a rush job

YOURSAY ‘If the lower courts have erred, it should be rectified by the highest court.’


Anwar glimpses acquittal, Shafee given more time

Caripasal: Even if Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim had actually committed the sodomy, it is impossible for the prosecutor to win the case. There are just too many doubts and loopholes in the entire case.


Sodomy allegedly without penetration, victim brought K-Y jelly for him to be sodomised, specimen was allegedly tampered with, pristine DNA after 96 hours in toughest environment (his sperm must be supernatural), inferior chemist analysis and reporting, allegedly illegal collection of sample, glaring evidence of conspiracy...


Any single reason above is enough for Anwar to win, what more with all the doubts.


Odin: Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, just one - one! - factor alone has totally demolished the prosecution's (and, by extension, your) case.


And that factor is - it is totally, simply impossible for semen not stored in the required manner to remain in its pristine state after 96 hours. The party behind the attempt to put Anwar away and destroy his career as well as render his character to a point so low as to be beyond redemption is simply not clever enough.


Quite beside the factor already mentioned, various other factors presented by the prosecution and its witnesses - and not forgetting by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan himself - are abundantly clear to we the laymen out here that they amount to nothing more than a trap badly laid out by the party that is obsessed with its desire to destroy Anwar. You cannot turn lead into gold.


2Kali5: Whatever the outcome, the facts seems to have been succinctly submitted. One doesn't need to be a genius to read into what should be a fair and just decision.


Anonymous_40f4: The Court of Appeal trial and judgment were rushed through to prevent Anwar from contesting the Kajang by-election. Now Shafee asks for more time, because this time there is no need to hurry.


In Kangkungland, there are endless possibilities. The whole world is laughing again at this trial. Still proud to be Malaysian?


Not Smart: Let's reflect on how the Court of Appeal and the same prosecuting lawyer rushed the hearing and the verdict then.


The defence team appealed for sufficient time for submission but was outright deprived. By hook or by crook, it had to be completed by that Friday itself and went on beyond 6pm.


Courts always give all parties sufficient time to complete their cases in the name of justice and fairness. However, it was not so for the judges seating on the Court of Appeal bench then. Rushed justice is rotten justice.


This time around, when all cards appear to be down for the prosecution team, ample time is conveniently accorded.


This is perfectly all right but the question is, was it perfectly all right for the Court of Appeal to rush the hearing?


Disgusted: It doesn't matter even if prosecution's case is shoddy. Anwar will still be found guilty and sentence upheld as it is in the masterplan of Umno to put him away for good so that Pakatan Rakyat will be weakened when 14th general election (GE14) comes around.


Anwar is the only one at the moment to be a pain in the a** for Umno-BN. They are hoping that with him locked up, Pakatan will be weakened and probably even break up, especially the relationship between PKR-DAP on one side and PAS on the other.


Apa Ini?: This is all so deplorable. Never in our history have we had so public and blatantly unjust in the prosecution of a man and his family.


Britain must condemn this archaic law which they brought to pass but long given up. Malaysia must rescind it likewise.


If - a BIG if - Anwar is guilty, so is Saiful. It takes two for this act, unless the young man was drugged or held down by accomplices. And you cannot convict a man on a series of 'ifs' beginning with three-day-old bits of s**t for evidence.


Boonpou: Shafee, what kind of a statistical mind do you possess? Fifteen percent of the defence submissions were new whereas the remaining 85 percent of the issues were raised in the lower courts. I can't wait to find out how you could come up with such figures.


Fightforjustice: There are no new submissions. They have always been there. Clean and clear. Let justice prevail.


Blackknight: The Federal Court judges have given the defence the fair space for the lawyers to put forth a cogent, amply substantiated, almost air-tight case that the judges themselves would find very difficult not to favour if they wish to maintain the perception of impartiality.


MacMac: If the lower courts have erred then it should be rectified by the highest court. To jail an innocent man is a grave sin.


Odysseus: Saiful said he was sodomised for 30 minutes. Anwar must be a bull.

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