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Will the judiciary disown ex-CJ Abdul Hamid?

YOURSAY ‘Thank God, he’s no longer a judge. He has done a lot of injustice.’


Ex-CJ: Ruling could lead to same-sex marriage


Malaccan: Islamic laws that contradict the constitution can, and should, be overruled. This doesn't make Islamic laws less important or true for Muslims. Only it may not all be applicable where public laws are concerned.


This is what the constitution provides and was agreed upon on the formation of the country - first as Malaya and later as Malaysia - as to what laws should govern all the people.


Islamic laws were intended to be applicable in the areas of personal and family laws. This was later manipulated and disfigured by extremists with the connivance of the Umno government and the help of parties like MCA, Gerakan and MIC.


The Court of Appeal judgment on transgenders was based on sound legal principles. Any Malaysian with common sense can see this and could have made a better chief justice than Abdul Hamid Mohamad.


Abdul Hamid is confused in his dotage to think the constitution and secular laws permit same-sex marriages and he is clearly trying to raise hatred against the courts. In contrast to the appellate court, Hamid is the picture of extremist unreasonableness.


Swipenter: Why doesn't former CJ Abdul Hamid have the guts to say that Islamic laws should have precedence over the constitution? That is the gist of his tirade.


According to this ex-CJ, human rights have no universal meaning and/or application. What is a basic and universal human right is not necessarily a basic right in certain jurisprudence.


All his "western values" and "secular" bashing is just verbal diarrhea from him. He is also twisting the constitution to suit his interpretation. Discrimination is reasonable according to his interpretation of constitution but granting of basic rights to a Malaysian is unreasonable because of "our values".


I really wonder whether a medical condition has different "values" in Bolehland and in United States and India. It looks like he is playing God after retiring from his previous job.


Odysseus: As an ex-CJ, this statement is truly disappointing. Abdul Hamid, you are more concerned about what individuals are doing. How about addressing issues that passed through you when you were a judge?


Aren't you concern with corruption, deaths in custody, drug abuse, abandoned babies which led to punishment for the women, child abuse, student rights, human rights, etc, etc.


If you are not concerned about all these, I am fine if you consider yourself a retired person. However, the way you are portraying yourself, I am concerned that this may be the thinking and mindset of the current judiciary. I sincerely hope I am wrong here.


Anonymous_1408265047: The mind-numbing thing about this news article is the apparent lack of even a basic understanding of constitutional law, as it applies to the creation of law under a constitution, by a former chief justice.


Former CJ Mohamed Suffian Hashim must be rolling in his grave. If this sets a benchmark for the rest of the judiciary then Malaysia is in big trouble.


The Analyser: Abdul Hamid, nice play on words. The syariah law is not protected by the constitution, so Islamic laws can never be declared unconstitutional.


Liberal values are not necessarily Western values, they are human values. In contrast, repressive values are definitely not Western values. Before you start talking about the legal requirement to pay zakat, maybe you should be talking about the auditing of zakat monies.


In short, by talking against same-sex marriages, you are publicly exposing your ignorance and lack of compassion for your fellow man while at the same time using the incorrect arguments that are used to indoctrinate Malays.      


Patriot1: I don't think there is any provision in Malaysia's matrimony laws allowing same-sex marriages. How is this going to happen when it's not legal?


Even in the US, the approval of lawmakers is needed to legalise same-sex marriage. With his kind of mentality, how did Abdul Hamid get appointed to be CJ in our country?


Tan Kim Keong: Thank God, Abdul Hamid is no longer a judge. He has done a lot of injustice already.


He does not share universal values and clearly is very influenced by his racial and his own Islamic interpretation of human rights. Too late, we should have found out that he was a bigot and racist when he was a judge.


Telestai!: It’s really sad to find a bigoted ex-judge spewing hatred every day. Transgenders are human beings with a condition, so why punish them? I hope one day Abdul Hamid will have a grandchild who is born a transgender.


Anonymous_ABG: The mothers of members in the transgender community conceived them in the same way as Abdul Hamid’s mother did. They carried their babies in their wombs for nine months and they gave birth as per blessings of God.


The babies were differently created and only God could do it. These children of God did not ask to be born in this way. Is Abdul Hamid saying that they have no right to live in this manner? What sort of judge was he?


Peacemaker: Will this foolish old retired judge understand that the right to make laws is not an blanket right to make laws that infringe constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Besides just because he enjoys a lick of lipstick and a spot of rouge, it doesn't necessarily incline him to homosexual relations or same-sex marriage.

Shocking! Ex-CJ who’s obtuse on the constitution

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