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PM, instead of suing on 1MDB, try explaining?

YOURSAY 'It' s an MP’s job to ask for clarifications on matters of public interest.'

Najib threatens to sue Tony Pua over 1MDB

Sirach: This is like shooting the messenger because one doesn't like the message.

The issues raised on 1MDB are of public interest, as it involves a massive amount of public funds. The prime minister, as chairperson of 1MDB, must assume the mantle of leadership and address the very serious concerns raised.

To resort to legal action before doing so sends the wrong signal: that he wants the matter hushed up. If there is nothing to hide, just come clean. After that, if legal action is warranted, go ahead.

Anonymous #25558299: Common sense will tell that it is the duty of Tony Pua as an opposition MP to point out the mistakes and demand for reasons for late submission of accounts from the ruling party, especially the PM. And it is the duty of the PM to give proper explanation in the rightful manner, not just threaten to sue to evade answering and find the easy way to escape.

Prime Minister Najib Razak, be a good and sincere PM and give your explanation. Otherwise, more shit will be dug out in the court. The rakyat is all aware of what is happening in your government.

CQ MUAR: Is it wrong for the MP of a country to seek answers, clarifications and transparency? What kind of a lowly and undignified prime minister are we having as leader of this country?

All that Najib needed to do to dispel all doubts is to clarify the matter in Parliament, instead of resorting to threats and legal suit against Tony Pua.

If Najib is indeed free of blame and allegations, which has been a regular feature insofar as he is concerned, why didn't he sue everybody for the many criticisms and scandals directed at him over the years? For that matter, why didn't Najib threaten former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad for passing negative remarks against him over 1MDB?

Ckl0001: Sue or explain, which is better? Sue, Tony may or may not lose the case. Explain, the rakyat will benefit by being informed of 1MDB's use of public funds. PM Najib, it is better to explain.

Kim Quek: Najib’s threat to sue Tony Pua sounds hollow when no one believes that he would let the dirty linen of the scandal-ridden 1MDB be washed in open court.

While such a move may save Najib some face while walking into the assembly hall of Umno’s annual general assembly in a few days’ time, it does little to allay the public’s mounting anxiety over the disastrous financial and economic impact the nation may face when such a huge financial bubble bursts.

If Najib really has the welfare of the nation at heart, he should have given a few honest answers to the myriad of questions posed and agreed to meaningful reform for the wayward fund, rather than threatening the whistle-blower who is only performing his patriotic duty.

Kingfisher: It is well within Najib's fundamental human right to seek redress through the legal system if he is convinced that he has been wronged. Pua will obviously exercise his right to justify the integrity of his statements and the paramount interest of the public in matters involving use or abuse of public funds.

And considering the current national atmosphere in matters of litigation, police reports etc. often lamented by politicians as politically motivated, Pua is no doubt cautious of consequences and hence, also confident that he has categorical facts and figures to challenge a litigation if any in the court of law. And there should be consequences for both parties to the dispute.

Ib: I just wonder why the PM is so reluctant to debate this and answer the questions raised in Parliament? Besides, it is not just Tony Pua.

It is also The Edge that has all the facts properly researched. It is Dr Mahathir asking the questions, and it is Rafizi another MP that has raised the same questions.

This act of going after Tony can be perceived as a desperate step just to avoid the questions at the Umno general assembly?

1MDB should be a topic for debate at the Umno general assembly since it is a sovereign fund and has spent hundreds of millions on charity. People there can then judge for themselves whether it is right or wrong what the PM has done!

Speaking Sense: When cornered, this man has only one strategy – to use bullying tactics and threats. But what we want from a prime minister is not empty posturing and self-righteous outrage.

What we expect from a competent, rational leader are real answers to real issues of national interest and national importance – like what the hell is 1MDB doing with our money and why can't they produce proper accounts in time?

It is not the business of prime ministers to go around issuing threats over fair comments and questions asked about national issues in political speeches. Rather, he should answer those questions with facts. Prime ministers are elected to run the country, not waste time crying when their ego is bruised.

Mushiro: Is Najib's threat only a show for the Umno AGM next week? A lot had been exposed in and out of Parliament and yet, Najib only allowed his deputy finance minister to answer and blunder. If it was a court case, more will be exposed.

Ferdtan: Najib is smarter than we think. The legal suit serves him two purposes. One, to silence the determined MP Tony Pua; and two, most importantly, could be his real reason behind the suit – to prevent any of his opposing party members to demand answers about the 1MBD fiasco.

He will use the common defense most BN ministers employed in Parliament when they do not wish to reply with the hard questions asked by the opposition MPs: “I cannot answer the question as it may be sub judice, as the case is appearing in court.”

Solved! Kill two birds with one stone. After the AGM, leave the case hanging, like when he sued Malaysiakini for defamation too.

Fair Play: No doubt if Tony Pua decides to opt for crowd fundraising to meet his legal costs, the response could be overwhelming.

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