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Flood victims top 200,000, Kelantan worsens
Published:  Dec 28, 2014 8:19 AM
Updated: 3:41 PM

FLOODS LIVE BLOG Malaysiakini brings the latest updates on the flood situation as they happen.

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Latest developments

  • Flood victims tally tops 200,000


  • Another 10,000 evacuate in Kelantan overnight

  • Gov't testing well water for supply to Kelantan evacuation centres

  • Selangor MB says aid is severely insufficient

  • Najib visits flood-ravaged hometown

  • Death toll climbs to 10

  • PM calls back all ministers on holiday

  • Kelantan sultan blames flood on environmental wrongdoings

  • Roads to East Coast still closed, waters not receding
  • No respite for Kelantan , 10,000 more evacuate

    11.34pm : An additional 10,000-odd victims are now in evacuation centres in Kelantan.

    Bernama reports that 134,139 people are displaced there compared to 124,966 this afternoon, with Kota Bharu being the worst hit.

    Kota Bharu 42,469

    Pasir Mas 23,568

    Kuala Krai 23,169

    Tumpat 30,569

    Gua Musang 7,529

    Tanah Merah 3,546

    Machang 3,097

    Pasir Putih 192

    The situation is stable in Terengganu, Pahang, Perak and Johor.

    Government turns to wells for water supply

    8.20pm : Acute potable water shortage in Kelantan is forcing the government to turn to wells in unaffected areas in the state, to supply water to evacuees.

    Water cuts due to worsening floods have affected more than a million consumers, Bernama reports.

    Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Shahidan Kassim says the government is testing the water for safe consumption.


    Heath workers will also be sent to the evacuation centres, state flood disaster committee chairperson Mustapa Mohamad says.

    Food supply is being sent to Rantau Panjang, Tumpat and Tanah Merah which are now accessible by land.  

    Bernama reports that residents in Rantau Panjang have been rationing food for three days, as access roads are blocked by deluge and timber.

    Flood victims tally tops 200,000

    7.46pm: The number of people displaced of the floods tops over 200,000 across five states.


    According to the latest figure by Bernama , Kelantan continues to see marked increase in evacuees while other states are only seeing minor changes, details as follows:


    Kelantan 124,966 (+31,559*)

    Terengganu 36,410 (+2,420)

    Pahang 33,601 (unchanged)

    Perak 7,581 (+68)

    Johor 465 (-10)


    * denotes change in number of evacuees compared to morning

    6.20pm: The Sabah government welcomes the announcement of an additional RM500 million allocation for flood victims by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.


    Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman says the announcement shows that the government is concerned for the welfare of flood victims nationwide.


    "This additional allocation will help to lessen the burden of the affected states and the people who are facing hardship," he says to reporters at the Christmas open house of United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) in Kiulu, today.

    Pahang told to brace for second wave


    Residents in Pahang are told to brace for a new wave of floods expected to hit the state starting tomorrow until Wednesday, according to Bernama .

    The Tengku Mahkota of Pahang Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad wais quoted urging residents to evacuate even if water levels have yet to reach dangerous levels.

    "This is to prevent any untoward incidents," he says.

    Meanwhile, Umno welfare bureau chief Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim says aid workers are facing trouble reaching flood victims to deliver food and other supplies.

    He says efforts are being hampered as many roads are still under water.

    Flood victim count hits 190,000


    The number of people displaced by the floods continue to climb, hitting almost 190,000 this evening.

    Kelantan has the largest number of displaced people, increasing to 111,376 compared to 93,047 earlier today.

    This is despite water levels receding in certain parts of the state, reports Bernama .

    A total of 189,169 people are now placed in relief centres across five states.

    The situation in Selangor and Perlis has returned to normal and all evacuees have returned home.

    A breakdown of the number of displaced people as of this evening is listed below:

    Kelantan 111,376 (+18,329)

    Terengganu 36,158 (+2,168)

    Perak 7,587 (+74)

    Johor 447 (-28)

    Pahang 33,601 (no new data)

    Chip in more, urges S'gor MB

    4pm: Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali - who was in Kelantan for two days to assist with the flood relief - urges the public to chip in more.

    This call comes after his government donated RM1.5 million to help flood victims.

    "The Selangor government delegation and I are aware that the assistance we gave is barely enough, as the number of victims and damage to property is very serious.

    "Therefore, I urge all Malaysians - regardless of political ideology, organisations, and individuals alike - to step up the assitance to flood victims," he adds.

    During his trip with several state excos the state's financial aid was handed to Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah at the makeshift state administration centre at Telipot Mosque in Kota Bharu, since the state building is flooded.

    "We also visited some flood relief centres and critically hit areas including Bandar Kota Bharu, Demit, Bunut Payung, Salor dan Guchil," he adds.

    Selangor, he says, will immediately open up flood operations centres and mobilise all state machinery to monitor weather conditions and prepare for possible floods including in Selangor.

    All local councils will also be instructed to stand by assets to deal with clean up operations.

    "This is critical to ensure prevention of epidemics from affecting the residents," he says.

    The state GLCs have also been instructed to provide assistance to flood victims.

    Najib visits flood-ravaged hometown

    3.20pm: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak visits his birth place of Kuala Lipis, Pahang which has also been ravaged by the floods.

    He is spotted dropping by Sekolah Kebangsaan Clifford, where some 315 evacuees are being housed, and urging them to be patient in facing the disaster.

    Yesterday, Najib had visited Kelantan immediately after returning from his holiday in the US.

    Death toll climbs to 10
    2.45pm: Three new deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total casualties of the floods to 10.
    According to the National Security Council's (NSC) website, the new deaths are all from Pahang.
    To date, five of the deceased are from Kelantan, three from Pahang, and two from Terengganu.

    PM calls back all ministers on holiday

    2pm: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has ordered all cabinet ministers on holiday to return home to deal with the crisis.

    The premier himself just returned home from the US yesterday after golfing with US president Barack Obama.

    Najib had faced heavy criticism for being absent during a national crisis, and eventually cut short his holiday.

    168,660 people displaced nationwide so far

    1.45pm: The number of people displaced by the floods nationwide has climbed to almost 170,000.

    According to Bernama , a total of 168,660 people are currently being housed at relief centres across six states.

    The situation continues to deteriorate in Kelantan, Pahang, Johor and Perak, while Terengganu and Perlis saw marginal improvements compared to last night.

    All flood victims in Negri Sembilan and Kedah have returned home since yesterday, but the National Security Council has reported new flooding in Klang, Selangor.

    The following is a breakdown on the number of evacuees by state:

    Kelantan 93,047 (+11,122)

    Terengganu 33,990 (-719)

    Pahang 33,601 (+1,827)

    Johor 475 (+50)

    Perak 7,513 (+503)

    Perlis 34 (-43)

    Kelantan victims reach 95,000


    Kelantan floods state coordinator and International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed is quoted on TV3 that flood victims in the state has increased to 95,000.

    "The problem now is not food, but delivering it as some areas are still not accessible."

    "The supply of candles in the state has run out as electricity supply has yet to be restored," he says adding most roads in the state, especially in Kota Bharu, is still closed.

    LPT highway to Kuantan still closed


    The East Coast Expressway (LPT) on both bounds between Kuantan and Karak remains closed to all vehicles due to a flooded 800-metre stretch at Km126, Bernama reports highway concessionaire Anih Berhad saying.     

    It said that though the weather was fine, the flow of water in the area was fast and dangerous for all types of vehicles.

    Anih Berhad advises road users to postpone their journeys.     

    "However, the stretch (of the LPT) between Gombak and Bentong is unaffected and is open to all vehicles," it says.     

    The statement says road users can obtain latest information on the status of the highway from the Public Works Department flood operations room or via Twitter at @lpttrafik.      

    Facebook cries of help


    Families of flood victims are turning to social media channels such as Facebook to take an active role in offering assistance, spreading valuable information on contact numbers and tips, and calling for help.


    For example, an SOS page has been set up for folks in Kuala Krai, Kelantan ( KUALA-KRAI-SOS-Banjir ) with netizens posting information on how to get helicopter rescue, or calling for help for their loved ones.


    One desperate message from Wan Idzham reads, “Need help immediately. The situation is extremely heartbreaking... no food, clothing, water, electricity."


    Another family member posts, “Hi... I am Linda. I want to know to know about my sister and brother since I have lost contact with them. They live in Jln Besar Guchil.”

    Sultan Muhammad V slams environmental wrongs

    8am: Kelantan’s Sultan Muhammad V has called the public to be more environmentally friendly as the flood situation has a strong relation to human wrongdoings.


    He says the public should reflect upon all the things which had been done all this time and should correct their mistakes.


    "Let us extend a hand of friendship with the environment and let us be aware that all disaster problems that have occurred are the result of our own doings.


    "May Allah forgive us all and turn this plight into a much better situation," he says in a text which had been distributed to the media in Kota Baharu yesterday, according to Bernama .


    He also urged the public not to spread news which could cause further unrest in this already difficult situation.

    In a separate royal message circulated by PAS, the monarch calls the floods in Kelantan a “rather extraordinary calamity” and a “providence from God” that all should be mindful of.


    Thanking all quarters for assistance and support, the sultan reminded the people not to “muddy the waters” of the crisis by laying blame and finger pointing.


    Meanwhile, some 2,500 flood victims placed in Klinik Manek Urai Baharu and its surroundings in Kuala Krai who were trapped and had food supplies disrupted for two days since Wednesday started receiving aid again yesterday.


    The clinic's medical and health officer Dr Yap Yang Seng says the food supply which included rice, sugar and biscuits were sent by the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) using a helicopter.


    The government was using helicopters and boats to send food supplies to places where flood victims were trapped as roads were submerged in water.

    MHA: No signs of floods receding

    7.10am: The Malaysia Highway Authority (MHA) this morning reports road closures as flood waters continue to rise.


    “The road in Kg Paya Pulai Temerloh is still closed. Water levels have not shown any signs of redecing,” reads one message on their traffic information Twitter .


    Another reports the Karak highway to Jabor remains closed for the same reason.

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