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Ku Li, enough of talk, be part of the solution

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YOURSAY ‘Make 2015 an exemplary year of at least one good BN leader.’


Ku Li: Malaysia off course, heading backwards

Telestai!: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) is one of the very few Umno politicians willing to face the truth. The country is indeed going backwards because Umno is desperately clinging on to power by resorting to the 3R politics (race, religion and royalty).


It is unfortunate that so many Malaysians still subscribe to this brand of politics when even neighbouring Indonesia is slowing rising above the politics of race and religion. That said, PAS too is guilty.


In retrospect, we see disasters after disasters in 2014 which somehow should jolt us to our senses. Are they not ‘wake-up calls’ for Malaysians to unite in the face of the crises and collectively reject dirty politics?


Gotcha: What Tengku Razaleigh said is completely correct. We are far behind our neighbours because some extremist groups have created a lot of racial and religious tensions.


Our politics have not played a good game for unity. Our government must be serious in solving the problem of extremism.


Many are easily carried away by certain uncalled for statements, which are very detrimental for the unity of the rakyat.


Wg321: Ku Li is in dreamland. He is still very attached to Umno. But the Umno today is not like the Umno of yesterday. Ku Li must accept the fact that the old Umno is already dead (deregistered).


The old Umno was mainly run by teachers, who were very humble and dedicated, often staying in cheap hotels in red-light Chow Kit road area to attend the party’s general assembly.


One of the prime ministers then, the late Abdul Razak dare not built a small swimming pool in his official residence because he is worried about the people's criticism.


Today his prodigal son, Najib is just the opposite. He and his darling wife spent lavishly, flying to many different countries under the pretext of official business.


Today, Umno Baru is controlled by greedy businessmen called Umno warlords. This Umno Baru is synonymous with endemic corruption, capital cronyism, “I help you, you help me”, rent-seeking, kleptocracy, nepotism, poor governance, huge wastage and leakages of resources, etc.


Casey919: In accordance with the Law of Attraction, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. For the past few years, we have been generating so much negative vibration and spinning so much shit, that we deserved such retribution.

Hopefully, Ku Li, you would join the G25 and bring back the light to this beautiful country. You have enjoyed a good life as a prince and it is time to pay back to society so that you continue to live a blessed "after life".


Vision2020: If the current Umno government is still using race, religion and royalty to sustain their political regime in 2015 like the tumultuous 2014 by outsourcing to Perkasa, Isma and rightwing Malay NGO who proclaimed that PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) had assigned them to deal with G25 in the name of protecting the Malay Agenda, we cannot expect a better outcome for 2015 in terms of racial harmony and economic prosperity.


The Umno-led government has to feast on fear, chaos and bigotry to sustain their grip on power. As such, ordinary citizens must relentlessly and pro-actively speak out loud and clear against religious bigotry, racial and gender discrimination as well as their corruptive practices.


History had proven that no country can be economically progressive and harmoniously sustainable if the government of the day uses race and religion to govern like Hitler of Germany against the Jews and South Africa’s Apartheid against the blacks.


Good and just government does not discriminate the minorities.


Whatsup: Ku Li, we know, we all know. Now do something about it. Telling us what we know and not doing anything is ridiculous.


Surely you don't need any cheap publicity, so please effect drastic changes according to your conscious even if it means upsetting your party's bosses, otherwise, shut up. We are tired of hearing from you about this and that.


Vijay47: To be blunt, Tengku, I am extremely fed-up of your speeches, noble and wise as they are and in the same mould as those spouted by our Dear Leader.


You are aware of the reality of our many ills but what have you, a personage of influence and perhaps not little impact, done about them?


Did you boldly stand up and condemn your party members at the recent Umno assembly when all they were concerned with was not at all directions to pursue for a better country or even race but to savagely attack and blame the non-Malays?


Fair Play: Ku Li, with due respect, you really have no legitimacy to talk about the present state of affairs of the nation. Why? You were and still are part (Umno member) of the problem, not the solution.


If you want to make any meaningful contribution, just walk out of Umno and join Pakatan Rakyat. Even at your advanced age, you can still contribute towards meaningful change.


Otherwise, you are nothing but just an armchair critic who has long passed his use-by date and a toothless one at that.


Apa Ini?: Ku Li, you've had years - decades really - to lead. It’s not too late.

Make 2015 an exemplary year of at least one good BN leader and then, we might begin to credit you with having learnt from all that bad leadership BN has shown all these years.


Act on all the weaknesses you list above or else you are just as bad as the rest.


Abasir: Ku Li, you are integral to the problem you describe. Please do not imagine for a moment that by periodically pontificating on this manner, you diminish your responsibility for the mess the country is in.


In many ways, you are worse than the leaders in Putrajaya because you clearly relish the idea of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

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