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Why stress that 1MDB new boss is Muslim?

YOURSAY ‘What has one's religion and race got to do with one's abilities?’


Deputy minister meets 1MDB's 'Muslim' boss

Sali Tambap: 1MDB new boss Arul Kanda Kandasamy is indeed a Muslim but so what?


Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is also Muslim, while Idris Jala is a non-Muslim who was recruited for a very important task in Malaysia Airlines (MAS) once.


What does one's religion got to do with one's job performance or even credibility? If religion is the criteria for a job well done, then the future ahead is one of gloom.


We have so many Muslims in Umno, and it can hardly be said that their credibility in running the country is more than satisfying.


Please, leave religion out of this. As can be seen, more often that not, people give a good religion a bad name.


Telestai!: What PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli said about Arul is true. I've work with Arul for a period of time as colleagues and I too can vouch for his character.


Not to run him down, I am convinced he either doesn't know what he is getting into or he is not honest about it.


Given the recent second default of a RM2 billion repayment and total borrowing to the tune of RM46 billion (and still climbing with the weakening of the ringgit), it will be a herculean task to say the least.


All these notwithstanding, 1MDB is a de facto sovereign fund. On top of that, Arul also has to contend with the forces within Umno.


Operational and strategic issues of a corporation with a mixed bag of businesses will be tough for him, given his expertise is in transactional Islamic banking.


Arul is a smart lad and I hope he will be able to summon his inner strength and abilities to tackle the difficulties of this job. All the best, Arul.


Anonymous_1391570393: 1MDB is not about religion. It is about professionalism, transparency, accountability, integrity and good governance. These are all missed.


Cantabrigian: The issue is not about whether Arul is Muslim or not. The real issue is why did Ahmad Maslan even mention it in his Twitter?


Ahmad Maslan is not even fit to be an office boy. How he can become the deputy finance minister is just mind-boggling.


Is this best you can find in BN as the caretaker of the rakyat's money? May the Almighty save us all.


Ex-PJ: Maslan's tweet about Arul's religion should be no surprise. Everything seems racial to him.


He was the one who commented about Chinese kids doing business and Malay kids shooting birds. Indeed, he is another clown in Najib's circus.


It seems that there are a disproportionate number of them; the last performance was also by a clown - Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.



Thai paper: Bangkok trip was for golf, shopping

Not Smart: For 500 tonnes of rice, our PM makes a trip to Thailand say thank you to his Thai counterpart, when his rakyat are struggling to recover from the aftermath of the severe floods. Does this make sense?


A video conferencing to say thank you would have been sufficient as his counterpart would have understood the situation.


By the way, has our PM thanked the rakyat for their contributions in cash; kind; and voluntary services during their time of grief?


One lie leads to another and finally there will be no more lies left.


Fairperson: The PM should come out clean and explain where and what he was doing exactly. Truth may hurt once but lies will hurt forever.


Wg321: The Prime Minister’s Office had to use a former newsman, A Kadir Jasin, to be their spokesman to announce that Rosmah Mansor and her family members were not on the plane, 9M-NAA, because they know they are giving false information to the public. In this way, the PM’s Office can avoid criticism from the public.


CiViC: This is what happens when you use a lie to cover another, then another to cover the first one. The strategy may have worked 20 years ago but in this age, technology allows access to information easily, be it good or bad.


There are so many conflicting ‘facts’ disclosed here - that no one was travelling in the official jet, why was it flying around the world with "technical problems", how did Rosmah and family get to where they were if not on the official jet, why was Najib's family with him if it was an official visit to Hawaii to chat and golf with US President Barack Obama, how could someone contract E. coli and yet show no symptoms and recover so fast? And the list goes on.


Poor Malaysians, we are all treated like retards.


Anonymous_1401946719: A typical A319 has a range of about 6,850km. So it has to refuel. That explains why some stops were only for a few hours. Perhaps it's also enough time to load up on the shopping items ordered earlier at each city?

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