Daim a casualty of Najib-Dr M proxy war


Modified 18 Jan 2015, 1:19 am

YOURSAY ‘But whoever controls the media will win the war.’

Daim: I know who's behind attacks on me

Ferdtan: From the statement of the former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, we can deduce the undercurrent of political manoeuvres artfully hidden from public view between the two factions in Umno - one led by PM Najib Razak and the other by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Of course, the mainstream media controlled by Umno such as TV3, New Straits Times (NST) and Utusan Malaysia are supporting the incumbent. The opposing side is using the Internet through their personal blogs to get their messages across.

Why attack Daim, a Mahathir loyalist, when his former boss was the intended target? Daim (on speculations and allegations alone) has skeletons in the closet.

He is obviously one of the richest men in the country. Was his wealth obtained lawfully when he was the former finance minister under Mahathir’ premiership?

Therefore he has become the weakest link in the opposing camp. It is risky to attack head-on Mahathir himself, so might as well target his supporter Daim instead.

Tholu: Three things that I have been made aware from this article:

1. Government (read: Umno) friendly media are not supposed to publish abuse of power and corrupt practices or any other wrongdoings of Umno leaders and members.

2. Whether or not the opposition parties' expose is credible, it should not receive the attention of the mainstream media.

3. If one Umno leader's corrupt practices are exposed by a particular Umno leader, he will in return expose the corrupt practices of that Umno leader.

For example, if Najib were to sack Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for the letter the latter wrote to FBI (assuming the PM believes the letter was for the purpose of personal benefits including monetary gain by Zahid) then, Najib has to fear that Zahid will expose all the corrupt practices of Najib and his abuse of powers and government facilities.

Swipenter: Daim is pretending that he is nonplussed as to why he is being attacked by Umno Baru's mouthpieces. He is well versed in Umno Baru's style of politics and he has admitted he knows who is behind the attacks on him. Surely he also knows why.

Mosquitobrain: Who calls the shots in Umno-BN, which also controlled TV3, NST and Utusan ? Sure, somebody higher up must have given permission for them to do so.

Now wait for the next change. More and more juicy episodes are coming our way. Just exert a little bit more pressure, and the wall will crack. Then all the worms in Umno will start crawling out.

The fittest and the damned, may perhaps not win in this backstabbing games. We call it 'dog bite dog's bones'.

Mushiro: Daim has had it good in the press all these time but when the press start to release news that Daim cannot stomach, he screams that there were people behind these attacks.

The threat issued by Daim's camp they have juicier news about the other bosses is laughable. Both sides are big-time crooks and have siphoned money illegally from the government.

But whoever controls the media will win the media war and Daim should know that the media is not controlled by him or Mahathir anymore.

And yes, Daim "understand the motivation of these PKR politicians as they know not much other than politics and making baseless allegations" - but why are you getting jumpy with these "baseless" allegations ?

Oh Ya?: Indeed, if he doesn't have any skeleton in the closet why should he be worried with who says what?

Why should he be so sensitive with the "disproportionate" airtime accorded to him? Why he doesn't clear his name through the court process?

Scare of swallowing his own medicine - more skeletons will be exposed or the kangaroo courts will follow the ruling elite's order to rule against him?

Trublumalaysian: Almost every word of Daim is so excellently articulated that Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will be wagging around its tail to eternity, as we know it.

This is essentially an epic battle between egoistical ex-ministers cum politicians cum multi-multibillionaires playing roulette with the rakyat's hard-earned money. But fall, they ultimately must and will.

MACC to check if there is basis for 1MDB probe

Sali Tambap: MACC, just because it is a government anti-corruption agency, is only as good as the work they do. So they have to be judged on the basis of a particular case that they are investigating.

If they do a good job of it, then fine, but if not, like when they cannot carry out their duty impartially and without fear due to political pressure from their political bosses, then it is useless as it is only a window dressing.

Similarly for Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) - it is as good as how effectively and sincerely it is done. Some are done with much less to be desired result and so they are useless but merely window dressings to appease those who want the inquiry.

They rakyat are not stupid nowadays and they are very well exposed to knowledge. Just like when they see medical doctors, they would know whether the doctors are giving them the correct treatment or not.

So, it is the nation’s hope that the MACC should leave no stones unturned in probing the alleged wrongdoings in 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and do a good job out of it.

Sabahan: Anyone willing to bet that 1MDB will be hauled up and those in charge jailed? In China, we know what will happen to them.

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