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Rakyat’s verdict on Sodomy II - ‘not guilty’

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YOURSAY ‘Like the chief defence counsel said, I too don't believe in flying carpets.’


Sodomy verdict Feb 10, Anwar says 'que sera sera'


Mushiro: The BN government claimed this is not a conspiracy but yet this is only the second sodomy case in a Malaysian court - the first also involved Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.


Government assets and bodies were misused. Even the Attorney-General's Chambers sub-contracted the prosecution to an Umno-friendly private lawyer.


Most of the evidence were extraordinary and include:


1) Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan kept sperm in his anus for three days without defecating, and the samples remained in pristine condition.


2) Before the alleged sodomy incident, Saiful had the luxury to drop by the deputy prime minister’s house, visiting Najib Abdul Razak and wife to discuss a scholarship for himself, a university dropout.


3) Najib denied meeting Saiful only to later agree he did after photos were released.


4) DSP Jude Pereira broke the seals of the samples and kept them at room temperature, which was against regulations.


5) Dr Mohd Osman Abdul Hamid, who first examined Saiful, reported that no penetration took place.


6) Saiful had the luxury to make phone calls to former IGP Musa Hassan and met former Malacca police chief Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof Rodwan - both were Anwar's enemies. 


Indeed, much of the evidence is an insult to the court process.


Ginie: Anwar, not to worry, come what may, Allah and the rakyat are with you, always.


The rakyat are the better judges than those in the Federal Court and they have already given their verdict, i.e. not guilty as charged. May all the gods bless and guide all, Anwar included.


Malaysia Ku: Mahathir is ganging up against Najib. Najib has recently shook hands with Anwar. Not difficult to guess how the sodomy verdict will turn out.


Seniority Matters: Never mind about the Anwar-Najib conspiracy. That is only an illusion. But let us look at the reality. Anwar is a renowned leader respected all over the world.


Who in his right mind, knowing that he has a role in the global stage, would ever want to think of someone's anus. It is sickening and disgusting. Only a mentally deranged character would want to indulge in such stupid acts.

Anwar has a respectable wife and very intelligent children, including Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah.


As defence lawyer Gopal Sri Ram has put in court, there were no flying carpets , and that sums it all - that there has been no act of sodomy.


This whole accusation is a fabricated story from day one, all done with a hidden motive. If you study the testimony of Saiful, it is crystal clear he is no innocent party.


He is trying to smear the good name of a respected person in society. Even the doctor at the hospital who first examined Saiful said there was no sign of any sodomy. Case closed.


Onepen: Nothing will satisfy me other than a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Like the chief defence counsel said, I too don't believe in flying carpets.


Angel: Saiful said he was sodomised on a carpet in Unit 1 of the Desa Damansara condominium. There was no carpet in Unit 1. But there was a carpet in Unit 2 owned by the same owner.


There was no sperm found on that carpet. Only a strand of hair which DNA of it was not established. Saiful identified the carpet.


Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said the carpet was moved. But the owner of the units was not called to confirm it.


Anyhow, no trace of sperm was found on the carpet. I concur with defence lawyer GS Ram. Saiful is not a reliable witness. The sodomy did not take place.


Thana55: Anwar, the rakyat are with you and will be praying for your successful liberation from Umno tyranny and injustice. The evidence is so overwhelming in favour of your freedom, so stay strong as victory will be yours.


Anonymous_1421983529: Come Feb 10th 2015 - Anwar will walk out from the Federal Court as a free man to lead this nation forward.


The prayers by the followers of all the various religious denominations will bear fruit. Justice will prevail for our brother Anwar.


Axolotl: How can so much evil infect so many hypocrites who claim to be devout Muslims but in truth worship the devil we know, the Machiavellian Mamak?


A pox on the bloodlines of all those who had weaponised an antiquated Victorian era law to neutralise Umno's greatest threat.                


CYLee: The significance of Feb 10 - in 1992, Mike Tyson, a former boxing champion, was found guilty of raping Desiree Washington, a Miss Black America contestant. He was given a 10-year prison term with four years suspended.


Pahatian: Anwar has to be acquitted, or else we will not have another sequel - Sodomy III.

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