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Bring up again in cabinet and then what, MCA?

YOURSAY ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu? The answer is: Ismail Sabri sacked’

MCA vows to bring Ismail issue to cabinet again

Louis : The damage has been done. Any future development in this issue - assuming Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob apologises - is purely cosmetic just to patch up the ugly scars.

But no amount of makeup will ever erase the scars.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai has again showed his weakness. In the beginning, he should have rejected Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's indecision, siding with Ismail Sabri and showing his hypocrite self by pretending to understand Liow's position.

Liow, kindly consider these options: resign or show that you can effectively represent the Chinese community.

Old Timer : Mr Liow, if you are of any substance, you would have done more to stop this rubbish.

But after the cabinet you claimed that the PM understood, yet the opposite was done by the Prime Minister’s Office. This shows that the PM did not understand you.

You are simply not fit to lead the Chinese community. Better leave the BN now.

Vijay47 : Liow, I will not condemn you for your cordial, brotherly photo shoot with Ismail Sabri since I agree that even if you are from Umno or MCA, you cannot act like savage, crude, uneducated beasts - at least not in public.

What I cannot understand is why you want a replay of ‘Cabinet Meeting - The Movie’ since during the first showing, you were more concerned with items on the menu rather than issues on the agenda.

If Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein is to be believed, MCA was struck dumb while the rest in attendance acted their usual dumb roles.

What do you now hope to achieve? Are you going to beat up Ismail, not that many are not tempted with the idea? Perhaps you need a series of cabinet meetings before you are sufficiently warmed and riled up to attempt some measures to regain the Chinese’s dignity?

By the way, I heard that the ketupat served at these weekly get-togethers is pretty tasty.

Anonymous_1418999483 : It is amazing to see how the MCA cabinet ministers can take so much humiliation from their Umno colleagues and Ismail supporters calling and demanding for the reduction of cabinet posts for MCA.

The party is perilously losing the support of Chinese; and on the other hand, Umno displays a grudging condescension to allow them in the cabinet as window-dressing for the coalition, but without much say in many crucial issues.

This is really MCA's dilemma: to be or not to be, that's the question. What's your take, MCA?

RCZ : Bring up again in cabinet and then what, MCA? You already did that and then the PM issued an official statement supporting Ismail Sabri instead. Talk is cheap and easy.

People may forget the details of the ugly incident, but they will not forget their deep resentment of Ismail Sabri and MCA come the next election.

Anonymous #88188 : In the 2008 general election, 70 percent of Chinese rejected BN. During the GE13, 80 percent of Chinese rejected BN. Now, 95 percent of Chinese reject BN.

Pputeh : Go tell your story to the sailors. You and the rest in MCA are just seat-warmers, collecting gaji buta and no beans at all.

Anyone else who is a leader would have been honest to himself and resigned from the cabinet. Is money and position so important that you have to sell your being and soul?

No wonder you are called “Liar Liow”.

Casey919 : "Should know what to do" is such a very, very tame response to a very, very harsh insult to us with the call for Malays to boycott all the Chinese traders.

Mr Liar, when you are pushed severely and intentionally to the ground, do you just get on your feet and gently pull on the sleeve of the racist Ismail and whisper softly to tell him "you know what to do"?

Appum : MCA under this present lot of clowns - the worst ever under Liow Tiong Lai - has no direction, no commitment and no locus standi, except to exist for their own benefit.

I should think former party president Chua Soi Lek could have done a better job, but that creature fell under his own scandal.

Too bad MCA, this small episode has shown to all how ineffective you are in front of Umno and inside the government. It’s better if you give up and join the more effective opposition coalition, or just retire.

Basically : Next time when they ask us ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’, the answer is simple: Ismail Sabri sacked.

Abasir : To Liow and Wee, are the two of you prepared to leave the cabinet should the Umno racist refuse to apologise?

No? I thought so.

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