When prosecutor goes on roadshow, it's a new low


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YOURSAY 'A lawyer going on a roadshow to talk about a case he has 'won'?'

Media told not to report Shafee's Penang talk

Anonymous_1400076912: They say a guilty person will feel uneasy because his guilty conscience won't leave him in peace.

To go around the country trying to explain what should have been a closure in the court of justice (if true justice was served) clearly shows that the guilty conscience is seeking some kind of justification to pacify the storm gathering within.

It is utterly shameful, downright pathetic and mind-blowing, to say the least, that a prosecutor would stoop so low as to go on a ‘roadshow’ to justify whatever he wants to justify.

Has he not done this in the court of justice?

Sinan Belawan: The disgusting roadshow of Umno lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin and the order to media not to report/take photographs strengthen public perception that the office of the public prosecutor and the judiciary are mired in influence-peddling and under control of a political party, Umno.

This is a case of a headline-seeking Umno-appointed public prosecutor in a roadshow armed with details of court hearings in camera.

It’s a major blow to judicial ethics and the damage to the Malaysian judicial system will have far-reaching national consequences.

Goldee: Desperate people do desperate things. If this roadshow is not politically-motivated, I don't know what is.

All this while they bulls**t the voters that it has nothing to do with Umno-BN and if so, why do they need to go to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s constituency for the roadshow?

In ‘Bodohland’, anything goes.

Siang Malam: Remember Khairy said last week Umno Youth will continue with its gun blazing?

So this is also Khairy’s roadshow. He is as much to blame as Shafee.

Msian: Shafee, you are indeed disgusting. How low can you go?

Khairy, for an Oxford graduate, you are a big disappointment. There goes your ambition to be PM.

Louis: By now Shafee must have some sense of shame, unless his skin is thicker than the rhino's. Really, it is marvellous that a lawyer can go around telling such pornographic stuff.

Must he stoop to such a low level to convince others that he truly won the case, fair and square?

AkuBangsaMalaysia: What a joke! Reporters can attend the session, but cannot report on it. It’s just like telling a nasi kandar customer that you are only allowed to see and smell the nasi kandar but you cannot taste or eat it.

Mushiro: Is Umno Youth chickening out on this Shafee roadshow? I thought they wanted maximum publicity. Why threaten the press not to report?

Casey919: Shafee is truly a coward. After being reminded that he has committed contempt , he is now on the roadshow, with no photos and recording allowed, in order to protect him.

My friend recorded his speech with a hidden recorder. Next time, he will video-tape his speech with a spy camera.

Apache: Have we ever seen a public prosecutor going on roadshows to explain a case that was heard in court? And more so, working together with a political party to explain the details of the case?

Perhaps Shafee should consider standing in Permatang Pauh as the Umno candidate.

Lim Chong Leong: Can the attorney-general’s appointee, after having won the case, put on his Umno hat and go on a roadshow to smear Anwar?

If not, is this campaign done by the AG’s Chambers on taxpayers’ account? If so, is this account also classified under the Official Secrets Act?

And why would the AG’s Chambers want to go on a roadshow? What interest has it got to do this?

Magnus: The more the government tries to embarrass and persecute and politically assassinate Anwar, the more it will reflect badly on all those doing it because sodomy is not a crime in the eyes of civilised societies.

So, saying really stupid stuff like ‘Liwat Tetap Liwat’ can only backfire when it is aimed at anyone with a shred of grey matter, human decency and respect for human rights.

So, well done to all you Permatang Pauh protesters, for your peaceful and non-violent democratic protest. Keep it going steadily and God/Allah will bless you all.  

Senior: I have never heard of a lawyer going on a roadshow to talk about a case he has ‘won’.

I would definitely haul him up to the disciplinary board, whether he is an Umno lawyer or otherwise.

Worldly Wise: Anwar should be permitted to accompany Shafee on his roadshows. Indeed, he should be allowed to explain his side of the story.

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