Hey Jude, don't make it bad

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YOURSAY ‘What made you suddenly concerned about telling the truth?’


Jude Pereira keeps mum, wants people to judge

SRMan: Jude Pereira, you were the investigating officer in charge of keeping the plastic bag containing the semen samples of DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim).


You opened the plastic bag, then sealed it back and stored it in a metal cabinet. And after 96 hours since the semen of DSAI was obtained, it still remained in pristine condition. It can't be, right?


Vijay47: Hey Jude, considering the commitment and devotion that you displayed during the Anwar investigations and your sharp cutting-edge acrobatics in the matter of the trial exhibits, it is completely against the grain and out of character for you to have remained silent until now if indeed overtures had been made to you to sabotage the charges against Anwar. 


Leopards do not change their spots, nor do hyenas. What made you suddenly concerned enough to tell the whole truth and go public about approaches that MyWatch chairperson R Sri Sanjeevan is supposed to have made?


These efforts must be to render assistance and support to your twin, senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, while your intimacy with former police chief Musa Hassan does nobody any favour.


Of course, you are aware how unstinted services to Umno do not go unnoticed or unrewarded. Even without your kind invitation, the people will be your judge. Not only that, they are looking forward to an occasion when they could also be your jury and executioner.


Odin: Jude Blacious Pereira, do forgive my fellow Malaysiakini readers who have maligned, cursed, insulted you, for they are uninformed of several things.


Practically everyone has condemned you for opening the main plastic bag containing the semen samples and for not putting them in a refrigerator. The problem is, they are ignorant of cryogenics and the effects of ultra-low temperatures on matter.


You are, of course, fully conversant with the subject. You know that had you put the samples in any of your refrigerators, all of which had a temperature of 0 (zero) Kelvin, all the DNA contained in the samples would have disintegrated into individual Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine bits and thus rendered the samples useless for analysis by the government chemist, who is not only eminently qualified but also has had an experience so vast as to be immeasurable.


Of course, you also have had to open the main plastic bag and repackage the samples in a new one, as the air inside the original bag was already stale and thus could hasten the deterioration of the sperms in those semen samples.


This is one of those things many do not understand, whereas you, with an above average depth and width of knowledge, do. And being the conscientious police officer that you were, one totally committed to seeing justice being rendered, you did what needed be done.


Many have cast aspersions on you for only now bringing up the subject of Sanjeevan having tried to get you to claim that the prosecution of Anwar was a political conspiracy. They have asked why you have not done so earlier.


Well, you can see how silly those people are. Had you brought up the subject or made a police report then, there would be no drama now, would there?


What are they going to do? After all, hardly any of them would want to watch ‘Drama Minggu Ini’ on RTM. And Shafee's roadshow is getting to be a bit boring.


You were a real McCoy gold nugget of a police officer among the fool's gold that populated the police force. Why, you are eminently qualified to be beatified by the Pope, to be the only living, walking saint. That is how I judge you. I trust you are sufficiently pleased.


J Ng: Hey Jude. The people had already made their judgement. And you have zero vote. Your story and plot do not even qualify for any third-rate movie.


Your new story has reaffirmed and reconfirmed that you are a big liar. Frankly if laws in Malaysia are professionally enforced, you should be charged for hiding evidence with your new revelation.


Aries46: In the course of the trial there was substantial evidence that Jude had tempered with the evidence and was likely part and parcel of the conspiracy to nail Anwar.


I doubt Sanjeevan is stupid enough to expect a person without an ounce of scruple to turn against his masters.


BeeC: This latest revelation by Pereira is a tactic to shake our perception of the Sodomy II case.


If you believe him, then you must also believe that Najib met Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan two days before the alleged sodomy was not to plan a conspiracy but to help Saiful to get scholarship.


Bamboo: The Court of Appeal verdict drew people's disbelief and scorn. The Federal Court verdict drew disbelief and scorn from people. Shafee's post-Federal Court verdict roadshow and interviews also drew disbelief and scorn from people.


Jude Pereira 'revelation' is another poor attempt to convince people that the verdict was correct. But I guess all these will further convince people that the charge and evidence were fabricated.


Sa Tombs: Hey Jude, don’t be so bad. Take a bad case and make it better. (Sung to Beatles’ song ‘Hey Jude’.)

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