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Muslims oppose churches, Christians oppose mosques

YOURSAY ‘There is freedom of worship, but politicians will divide and rule.’


Residents upset over mosque in Penampang

Proarte: I don’t think they should oppose the building of a mosque as long as there are cast iron guarantees that the call to prayer will not be broadcast via loudspeakers to disturb the peace for almost 90 percent of non-Muslim residents there.


Similarly Muslims should not oppose the building of churches and temples in majority Muslim areas. All that is required is mutual respect.


Who is paying for the mosque? If it is a BN-government allocation then we know it is Umno dirty politics at play here.


Freedom of worship is enshrined in the constitution but sadly politicians play politics with religion to divide and rule.


Alfanso: Everybody loves their religion. So let it be. Isn't it good to be surrounded by divine homes? People must be educated on this so they may not fall prey to ignorance.


Anonymous_1386743292: Indeed, there is no difference between the mentality of Muslims and Christians. Both seem to be upset when one or the other wants to build a place of worship.


Anonymous_4056: But only Muslims can protest, not others. This is their twisted logic.


Louis: I believe there should not be any problem of building a mosque in predominantly Christian areas. After all, Muslims in Penampang need to pray.


Anonymous #81405125: If a mosque is built, taxpayers’ money is used but if it is a temple or church, we must ask our donations.


Tailer: Islamic Development Department (Jakim), never forget. What goes around comes around.



Ku Li urges all MPs to declare assets

Magnus: I can see many conflicts of interest faced by those who are elected as members of the parliament and state legislative assemblies.


For instance, I note that the same individual can be an MP as well as a state assemblyperson contemporaneously.

An individual can also be an MP and still continue to work in their professions or own businesses or as consultants for other business concerns. It seems too that one MP can hold several government ministerial positions all at the same time.


Such serious conflicts of interests deliberately created by the blurring and mixing-up of important roles and systemic boundaries that ought to remain clearly separate is largely the reason why Malaysia is in that creek of excrement it now finds itself in.


This is no thanks to most of its unprincipled and greedy self-serving "right honourables".


NNFC: Declaring assets is a good thing. It is also important that it is made public so that people can assess if the spending of these people are compatible with their wealth.


If the wealth declared is exceptional, it should be questioned immediately to ascertain the source of the money.


Justice Kini: BN’s Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, you think the public do not know of the money-making policies of Umno? You are not the first person to ask for asset declaration but this repeated call has yet to rock the Umno boat.


You are talking of possibly corrupt persons. They will be willing fools to declare the assets.


Even Prime Minister and Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak is not that willing to reveal all about 1MDB to Parliament to the extent that even former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot get to the bottom of all its backdoor dealings.


Anonymous #05023297: Again this prince talks good but alas it is always talk. Nothing will come out of it.


Mushiro: Declaring their assets to Parliament and that too periodically - this is not the culture of Umno. Razaleigh is out of touch with Umno culture.


Even during Mahathir's time, this was not done.


Shibboleth: How come when Razaleigh was finance minister he never asked for declaration of assets?


Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his state executive council members were the first to declare assets. Are you following the DAP leader?


Anonymous_0123456789: Najib and his BN ministers will give a million excuses not to declare. That is not surprising.


But what will be most shocking is when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and other DAP, PKR and PAS MPs, give this reason: “If Najib and his ministers do not declare, we also do not want to declare.”


All these politicians should be shipped out to some God forsaken country with their assets.


Steak Lembu: But Najib, as PM, should rightly declare first.

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