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Yes, the police chief has truly gone bonkers

YOURSAY ‘I’m speechless. An error in reporting can constitute a seditious act?’


TMI editors arrested over ‘erroneous’ report

Ferdtan: The police have so much time on their hands to arrest three editors of The Malaysian Insider , opposition leaders such as PAS deputy president Mohamed Sabu, Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah, PKR vice-presidents Rafizi Ramli and Tian Chua and many more, including student activists.


Yet we wonder - do they care for the rise in the crime rate?


Last Sunday, Selangor assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh’s family was robbed in Petaling Jaya. Look at how bold the criminals were - they dared to break into the house when there were six people at home at around 10am?


It was not like in the past when robbers only dared to strike at dawn when most Malaysians are asleep.


Aptly, Yeoh was quoted as saying: “It is crime such as this that remains the greatest concern of Malaysians. We want to see a safer Malaysia, and that requires efficient utilisation of our police resources in combating real crime.”


We wonder whether Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar has set his priorities right. Or does he even care?


Isana: Yes, the Twitter-happy police chief has gone bonkers. PM Najib Abdul Razak, the coward, is using the Sedition Act to hide his weak handling of economy, especially the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) issue.


With the goods and services tax (GST) taking effect tomorrow, more madness will be created to divert attention from the real issues. Watch out Malaysiakini , you could be next.


Blobfishface: Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), we are not at all impressed by your gross misconduct and appalling dereliction of duty.


All we hear about is your relentless harassment of anybody who criticises BN, while the most serious murder and rape cases - for example, the cruel C4 killing of that Mongolian woman in October 2006 and the all but total destruction of the Borneo rainforests - are let completely off the hook.


Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Surely you can't possibly be that stupid as to not know whose vile agenda you are serving?


Not Confused: Do these imbeciles really believe that they are saving the country from some unspecified security threat?


Do they seriously think that they, by harassing and arresting the rakyat, and now journalists who are doing their job, are actually protecting the country or the ruling party? Of course not.


The idiots just don't seem to get it that each time they persecute innocents (well, innocent in any normal, democratic country), they put yet another nail in the coffin of BN.


The sooner the entire bunch of reprobates currently ruling Malaysia is removed from power, the better for the whole country.


Malaysia Truly Asia: Well, you spread lies, you pay for it. This crackdown, in the opinion of many, is not a good thing but then what can the police do? The people are dicing with security issues and spreading lies; it has to be stopped.


MfM: This is basic journalism. Careful what you publish, especially if it concerns the rulers. If the source cannot be corroborated, better to be safe than sorry. The choice of publishing the article was TMI's.


Since TMI was stupid enough to break the unwritten rules of journalism in Malaysia, they will have to suffer the consequences.


My Opinion: I don't see anything seditious about The Malaysian Insider report. Anything that touches on Islam and the Malay rulers is seditious. This is crazy.


The rakyat cannot tolerate such stupidity. In fact, the sultans should warn the police to stop such stupidity, otherwise the rakyat may misinterpret that this is the doing of the royalty.


Helen: I’m speechless. An error in reporting can constitute a seditious act?


Dalvik: How do we define sedition? What is the boundary? To me, Utusan Malaysia headline ‘Apa lagi Cina mau?’ is a clear case of sedition. Yet the Sedition Act was not used against them.


Commentable: Yes, sedition is Najib's top selling model of the year, followed next by GST that is coming to you real soon.


Firestone: United States President Barack Obama must be stupid enough to be conned into believing that Najib is a moderate and a champion on reform.


Anonymous #20513663: Firestone, either Obama is stupid or he is getting 'benefits' (whether personal or for his country). Which do you think it is?


NNFC: I would much prefer our cops spend their valuable time catching real crooks. If these journalists made a mistake, they could simply be asked to issue a retraction. Small thing, really.


Rayte: Today, The Malaysian Insider , tomorrow Malaysiakini , then Free Malaysia Today , The Rakyat Post, etc. By mid-year, online news portals will not exist anymore.


Anonymous #20513663: This is a gambit from the Umno-BN government. They are betting that when the 1,000 or so Malaysian troublemakers who are always in the news are in jail, they can control the rest as they used to.


We, the Malaysian people, shall prove them wrong. Keep on speaking up, everyone!

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