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Dr M should join the May 1 anti-GST march

YOURSAY  ‘Even my tosai and chappati from the stall has gone up by 20 sen.’


GST should just be abolished, says Dr M

Fairplayer: Before Goods and Services Tax (GST), the serviettes I used to buy cost RM1 per packet.


After GST, it rose to RM1.50! It doesn't look like 6% increase, does it? More like 50% increase, no?


PM Najib Razak should not hold the finance portfolio. Why? ‘Tak layak’ (He’s not qualified) He cannot count.


May Pakatan Rakyat form the next government. I want GST removed and cost of living lowered.


Pputeh: Even my tosai and chappati from the stall has gone up by 20 sen. That’s a 20% increase and the rogues say food items have no GST. Liars.


Dont Just Talk: The price of goods have gone up by more than 6% owing to the implementation of the GST because food hawkers just round up the figure, say from RM6 to RM6.50.


Even if the GST is abolished now, it is too late because the price of goods can never return to its previous level.


Inflation is similar to our aging process - once it goes up, it can never come down. However, the Umno Baru government does not seem to notice it and even if it does, they will say that inflation is just 3%.


Just vote out this ‘Barang Naik’ government come the 14th general election and the Election Commission must ensure that 51% of popular votes mean the majority and not the 47%.


Not Convinced: Unlike GST where everything goes up, when it comes to EC, the 51% will become 40%. Pakatan won 51% of the popular votes, but only got 40% of the parliament seats.


Justine Gow: It is fine even if GST is not abolished. But it should be revised to tax only on luxury goods (lobsters and diamond rings) and "sin" products such as cigarettes and alcohol (to discourage consumption of such products).


Basic necessities such as foods, household items, transportation, medical treatment and medicines should either be exempted or imposed GST of an extremely low percentage like 0.01% (say).


GST is a useful tool for generating revenue for governments to function in countries with low income taxes.


But governments have to use it in a responsible way - not to excessively burden low income citizens who are struggling with daily living expenses and to channel back the revenue collected to providing good services and building infrastructures.


Spirit of Malaya: Enough is enough! When the people's income level is marginal, comprehensive taxes such as GST is a crime. The finance minister must be pressured to resign.


Oh Ya?: Yes, abolish it and instead ask the Umnoputras who have enriched themselves in the name of the New Economic Policy (NEP) to pay "sin" tax, just as other countries are taxing industries that make exceptionally high profit.


Do away with Proton which is being protected by high taxes on other car models. If a Honda Civic is sold just around RM70,000 in Australia, why is it selling RM100,000 plus here?


And young people ended up paying car loans lasting seven to nine years, which is absurd.


Umno Portal: We pity the poor and the middle-class rakyat. They are the ones suffering due to GST.


We must not support GST. The government needs to collect GST to cover the RM42 billion 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) debt.


The government even tried to use money from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) by extending the retirement age.


Anonymous_1397384380: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, please be there for the May 1 anti-GST march.


Boon Hor Loy: It looks like Mahathir is driving the nail even deeper. This way, he shall garner all the support from various parties to topple the government. Is this seditious?


Mamba: Since when Mahathir becomes opposition leader? He sings to the tune do opposition daily. Apparently, he took over Anwar Ibrahim's position ever since Anwar is sent to jail.


Hermit: Indeed, ‘ini kali’ (this time), we really don't need Pakatan Rakyat. Just bring Mahathir back to power - GST will be scrapped, those who instructed the killing and bombing of the Mongolian beauty will be put to death by hanging, those who instructed the erasure of the Immigration Department records pertaining to the beauty's entry into the country would be put behind bars, those who were involved in the smuggling out of C4 from Mindef (Defence Ministry) to bomb the beauty into pieces would be put to death by hanging, and I bet a lot more of misdemeanours will see the light of justice under the watchful eyes of Mahathir.


Truth Prevails: GST (the Malaysian version) is the worst form of monetary crime a government can commit against their innocent citizens.


We support the call for its abolishment with immediate effect. Thank you, Mahathir.

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