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Looks like Najib’s crew is abandoning ship

YOURSAY 'It appears they are distancing themselves from IMDB and PM.'  


Hisham joins chorus of revolt against 1MDB  

Pemerhati: When Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s cousin Defence Minister Hishammudin Hussein says things which only people like PKR veep Rafizi Ramli, DAP MP Tony Pua and former premier Mahathir Mohamad are likely to say (e.g. "The audit firm should also conduct a forensic audit of all 1MDB transactions since its inception, to help 1MDB answer all issues that are being raised.”), it is a strong indicator that the top Umno rats are beginning to abandon the ship.


Caripasal: Hisham, are you abandoning the sinking ship too?


Vijay47: I suppose it is inevitable. The moment for lofty sentiments like "Let us put up a united front and it will go away" has long gone and the hole in the Bugis boat is getting bigger every second.


First to desert were the lesser rats and this was rapidly followed by many higher in the pecking order. Now the conflict has assumed internecine proportions and it is every man for himself, and god for none of us.


Et tu , Hisham? When self-preservation is the urgency of the day, fratricide is so welcome. My Heart Will Not Go On. If only this latest development had broken out just 10 days earlier. The Umno candidates in both Rompin and Permatang Pauh would have lost their deposits.


Kawak: Umno leaders playing "wayang kulit". I thought they all supported the PM.


Headhunter: Looks like they all can smell blood and are behaving like piranhas going for the kill. So typical of Umno with their herd mentality. First they came out and hoisted Najib on their shoulders, wearing "I love PM" T-shirts and telling the world they would die for him.


Now that they see some starting to leave camp and abandoning their leader, they don't want to miss the boat. Najib is now finished. It’s now a matter of naming his replacement. And Mahathir will have another prime minister’s head on his mantelpiece.


Caripasal: Legal action should be taken against those auditors who signed off 1MDB’s accounts in past years.


For Our Next Generation: A Salute to Hishammuddin for a wise suggestion. Quote: “Furthermore, Hishammuddin also urged 1MDB to appoint another independent international auditor to check, verify and reveal to the public the value of assets and liabilities of the company, as well as the status of its investment portfolio and its cash flow".


Swipenter: The sharks are circling the Bugis sinking ship now.


Imanust Nais Yalam: Hisham should just call for a no-confidence vote instead of yakking about doing this audit and that audit. With Najib around, nothing will come out of any audit.


Get Najib out of the way first and then claw back all the 1MDB money.


Money for money: I thought few weeks back they werel carrying Najib and shouting “I love PM”.


What a big turnaround from KJ and Hishammudin.


Vgeorgemy: Hisham, it is very well known in the corridors of power in Putrajaya that a security apparatus is already in the works to impose all kinds of legal impediments to frustrate any kind of independent forensic investigations.


As Mahathir, said the current mood in the Umno is to confuse the simple-minded rakyat with threats, lies and misinformation.


JBond: Hisham needs to cover himself, otherwise he will sink with his dear cousin and his reckless wife. If he does climb up one step, he would be the only hope to probably plea bargain for his cousin.


Starwars: Looks like only PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is sticking to Najib. Hadi has obviously chosen the wrong horse.


Wandering Star: Hishammuddin, you are beginning to behave like Caesar’s trusted Anthony. Will you be the last to plunge your dagger?


Mukhriz joins dad against 1MDB, Najib's ministry


Shibboleth: Strange. Now the BN chorus is the same as Pakatan. Let us not forget that the first and second notes came from PKR veep Rafizi Ramli and DAP MP Tony Pua.


I WONDER?: Wow, Scandal of the century. 1MDB buys 70 acres at total RM194.1 million = 2.772 million/acre.


1MDB sells 1.56 acres to Tabung Haji at RM188.5 million = 120.8 mil/acre. This is 4,357 percent increase in gross profit = RM118.028 mil/acre in profit.


1MDB has taken Tabung Haji as a sucker. Why can't Tabung Haji buy directly from the government at a much cheaper price? If this is not the scandal of the century, then what is?


Wandering Star: The pack of wild dogs is slowly gathering, eager to tear the wounded Bugis bull to pieces. When the feeding frenzy begins, there will be nothing left in the new dawn - only a meatless carcass.  Bugis pirate, it is time to call it a day.


Factnot fiction: So are you so shocked? That is how parasites live, getting nutrients from the host free or cheap then when the host dies, they find another host. But in this case there is only one host - the Malaysian public. But there are many parasitic bodies.


Caripasal: It is now clear that Najib is going down.


Rick Teo: Mahathir was not the earliest neither was he the fiercest critic of 1MDB. He came on only lately when Najib did not follow his wish to build the crooked bridge. The earliest and fiercest critics were Pua and Rafizi.


Chin2Lun: This is the normal way of doing business in Malaysia, nothing surprising. Except now the village folks are seeing their money disappearing.


Anonymous #03913649: Is there any land on this earth which is sold 43 times more in such a very short time?


Boeyks: Finance Ministry can use the same reply as 1MDB which is: 1MDB will not answer questions from people who are not involved as we have no time. Why? Possibly because both are headed by the same party.


Senior: Something must be amiss when they refuse to be transparent and accountable.


Fair Play: Reality bites. In the event the current premier goes, another one would take his place. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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