Umno leaders to ask Najib to step down?
Published:  May 11, 2015 3:58 AM
Updated: 5:13 AM

Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin has claimed that Umno supreme council members will "politely" seek Najib Abdul Razak's ouster as prime minister this afternoon.

"I have been informed that the council members have accepted the fact that Najib does not have the support of the people, particularly Umno members.

"They might tell Najib this sincerely, politely and in a civilised manner during the meeting this afternoon," wrote Zainuddin ( photo ) on his blog.

He then cited Umno wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as stating that regardless of what happened, the party should ensure that it remains united.

Najib is meeting all the party division chiefs today as well as chairing a party supreme council meeting in conjunction with the party's 69th anniversary.

Dr M in Mecca

He is also expected to speak during a dinner to commemorate the event this evening.

On another note, Zainuddin urged Muslims in Malaysia to "join" Mahathir in prayer in asking for Najib's ouster.

"All Malays and Muslims in our beloved country, let us all pray together with our former prime minister who is now in Mecca.

"We hope God will give Najib the wisdom to step down at an appropriate time in order to save race, religion and country," wrote Zainuddin.

According to Zainuddin, Mahathir left for Mecca to perform the umrah last night.

Zainuddin is a close associate of Mahathir and has served in his cabinet.

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