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FREE YOURSAY ‘The stakes have risen. Najib no longer remained elegantly silent.’


I helped you, so you help me, Najib tells Dr M

Vijay47: "You help me, I help you" will go down in local history as the phrase most used by Malaysians to indicate their contempt for the man who calls himself prime minister.


The term, originally used to fish for votes, reflects cunning, insincerity, and shady fraternity in the pursuit of undeserved power and riches. Yet here you are, Najib Razak, again shamelessly using that abject turn of words to beg sustenance from a person equally as loathsome.


Any man of honour would have relied on a clean, decent, efficient track record to seek support, not some mythical, desperate plea worthy only of one crook from another.


Your poetic seafaring references may please and impress audiences accustomed to Hindi movies, but in the face of cold dispassionate reality, it reveals a lost soul terrified by the crumbling of his once impregnable castle.


Considering the many challenges confronting you, a bold confident stand may be the one choice available. But the only one comforted and assured would be you.


Ferdtan: Why was the show of organised support for Najib in Tawau of 40,000 supporters necessary when he is only against one ‘lonely’ old man, ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad?


Either Najib is still weak, afraid that he may be toppled if he did not shore up visible support in rallies, or Mahathir is that powerful to take him on single-handedly?


The stake has obviously risen. Najib no longer remained elegantly silent. He now accepted the challenge head-on. He is refuting the criticisms from Mahathir directly. No more would he reply with niceties like before.


It is everybody’s guess when the putsch will come. Will it be after Mahathir, as rumoured, calls convicted killer Sirul Azhar Umar in Australia, getting damaging secret information on Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder that will checkmate his ‘prey’?


Trueglitter: Najib, your desperate insinuation and expectation of returned favour from Dr M to protect you from imminent loss of premiership is clearly akin to last throes of a dying horse which serves no purpose to anyone.


As a proven political chameleon, your long-awaited vocal awakening merely serve as your abhorrent ploy to deflect attention from the more critical hopelessness of your tenure as PM. 


Tholu: This is really getting ludicrously ridiculous. While Najib is being accused of a slew of power abuses and vicious corruption not to mention being also accused of being a complicit in a brutal murder case, he is now demanding that the former PM help him.

The question is help him from what? Mahathir himself has been accused of being highly corrupted and has the unenviable reputation of abusing his powers and subjugating the royalty and all government institutions including the police force and the judiciary.


Is Najib therefore, saying that he helped Mahathir in all these abuse of power and corrupt activities? Or could he be referring in manipulating the Umno election process in 1987 where Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah challenged Mahathir for the Umno president’s post.


Whatever it is, it appears that one unscrupulous politico is hoping a former autocrat save him from his political quandary that threatens his Umno presidency and his premiership. Do the leaders bother and work for the welfare of the rakyat anymore?


Anonymous_4196: "I will only bow to pressure from party members and the rakyat. As long as my party supports me, as long as the people trust me, I will continue this struggle," Najib said.


Najib, you do know that majority of the rakyat didn't vote for BN, therefore, you don't have full support of the rakyat, right? The question now is "does Umno Baru support you?" or are they waiting for your "I scratch your back and you scratch mine" goodies?          


Odysseus: Najib, please see the difference in your help and the help you are expecting from Dr M. You helped him in a political battle within Umno for his own political survival.


Now, Dr M and many others in the country are having a big problem with the way you are running the country.


To continue to support you would mean punishing the future generations living in a bankrupt country. Please do us a favour, just go.


CQ Muar: Stop beating about the bush, Najib. Whatever squabble that transpires between you and Mahathir is not our concern, and the rakyat doesn't trust you too much either.


However defiant you appear to be, all we want is nothing but the truth with regard to 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) RM42 billion, and how do you propose to make good the astronomical debt?


Najib, you are now demanding Mahathir to return favour you've done him in the past way back in 1987. Are you indirectly revealing and implying this was Umno's strategy, manoeuvre and modus operandi by hoodwinking the rakyat and gripping on to power for more than 57 years; helping one another under any circumstances?


Commentable: Najib talking about trust? Does he not know that the rakyat's trust in him is at serious deficit?


Now that he is resorting to the "I helped you, you help me" bargaining chip, he is acknowledging that he is already cornered and has his back against the wall.


But Mr PM, similar to patriotism, don't you see that "I helped you, you help me" is the last refuge of a scoundrel?   

Anonymous #20513663: Najib, please get this into your head. It's not about I help you, you help me.


It's about principles. Rule of law. Good governance. Impartiality (exactly the opposite of what you are saying). Zero corruption. Separation of powers. Free and fair elections. Human rights. Equality of all Malaysians under the law.


Please try not to show to the world that the most uncivilised Malaysians are in power. It may be true, but you don't have to blast it from the rooftops and worse still make it look like all Malaysians are like that crowd you probably paid to be there.


Please, a little self-respect for yourself and some respect for us also. Don't make us look stupid in front of the whole world.  


Oh Ya?: Round two of the boxing match is about to start. Next round Najib would spill Mahathir's beans.                         


Surely he has a lot of skeletons in the closet. Let us get the popcorn, six back, relax and watch. Guaranteed, it’s better than the Dong Zong opera.

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