Rakyat win first round in re-delineation battle


Modified 17 May 2015, 2:10 am

YOURSAY ‘At some point, the BN government needs to bow to justice.’

High Court nullifies EC's Sarawak re-delineation

Kim Quek: Such a judicial intervention to halt Election Commission’s unabashed attempt to maximise Umno-BN’s electoral fortune in violation of the constitution should have taken place ages ago.

If the judiciary had done that, Malaysia’s election would not have degenerated to what it is today - a farcical electoral system that has transformed this country into a pseudo-democracy. 

I hope more political parties, election reform advocates, NGOs and citizens will take cue from this court judgment to promptly challenge the constitutional breaches of EC as and when required and I also hope the courts will continue to courageously uphold the constitution in restoring integrity to our elections.

Malaysia Ku: Hopefully this is not a pyrrhic victory should the EC decide to appeal. The EC has had its way in many previous elections.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, it cannot be business as usual. Proponents of fair and clean elections need to continue to keep a watchful eye on the EC as they may think of ways and means to please their masters.

Ferdtan: We urge the EC not to appeal to the higher courts as the judgment had been made.

EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, we are suffering from higher cost due to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the government’s kitty is empty so don’t you dare waste our money to take the case to higher courts.

The West Malaysian courts should take note of the independence of the Sarawak bench.

Also not forgetting, the thankless tireless efforts from Bersih, Tindak Malaysia and NGO Rise of Sarawak Efforts (Rose).

Special thanks, too, to activist Haris Ibrahim of The People’s Parliament for keeping faith with us, Malaysians, who want changes in the running of the government, unlike his one-time compatriot, Raja Petra Kamarudin, who turned 180 degrees.

If EC still persists to stubbornly side with the ruling government, we are ready for another mammoth Bersih 4.0.

Haveagreatday: Yes, it is indeed a victory not only for the rakyat of Sarawak but for all rakyat. A salute to the brave judge for willing to rule on what's fair and just.

Sadly, the EC will appeal and as we have seen in many a case, at the appeals level the rakyat faces the Umnoputra judicial system.

NewMalaysia: EC is now caught with their pants down for blatant violation of the federal constitution.

The EC chairperson and his team should immediately resign as they no longer fit to hold office anymore. Just like any MP found guilty in court, they will automatically be disqualified.

Malaysia Truly Asia: Finally the opposition has a hold on the BN's courts. Is our judiciary impartial? Now you have the answer, it’s justice Yew Jen Kie.

Will the verdict be reversed? Certainly, as the constitution clearly says that the EC has the right to delineate, and only Parliament can pass laws otherwise.

The judge quotes the third schedule of the constitution, but the rest says that the EC has the right to do so.

Not Convinced: Malaysia Truly Asia, yes, the EC has the right to make changes to the electoral boundaries every eight years to not more than 10 years as provided by the federal constitution.

But it has to do it fairly and transparently.

Fairplayer: Can the rakyat sue EC for its past delineations which clearly showed willful deceit to favour BN?

I salute Justice Yew for her great courage to take this bold step to do what the past judges had never done. May this be a breakthrough to better days for democracy and the voters.

Apa Ini?: The rakyat have won in the first round. All that support to this end has been admirable. And on to the next.

Right is might and every battle won must spur us on to be watchful and wise. At some point, the BN government needs to bow to justice.

Bersih to EC: Don't waste public funds on appeal

SultanMydin: EC should get its priorities right. The more important issue is to clean up the electoral rolls - voters without addresses and polling stations.

The other is the perennial phantom voters issue. These, before the Umno lackeys in EC even think of appealing the High Court decision. It would be a sheer waste of public funds.

Headhunter: Sarawakians have been taking the lead in spearheading good governance lately.

The initiative should rightly come from the federal government, but I guess PM Najib Razak is too engrossed in fighting for his own survival to bother about this.

Sarawakians are in fact sending a message to Putrajaya that it can govern better on its own than under the thumb of Malayans.

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