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YOURSAY ‘Najib, explain the public disclosures by Deepak Jaikishan.’


Enough is enough, PM says of Altantuya case

Odin Tajué: PM Najib Abdul Razak, you have shown that your word is as valueless as a puff of wind. The latest example is your explanation of the RM42 billion debt incurred by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), an explanation that simply defies logic, one that is stupendously stupefying, and is the most artless of insults flung at those with brains.


Your claim of your non-involvement in the Altantuya Shaariibuu gruesome, explosive send-off is nothing but a bare denial. A denial coming from someone whose word is absolutely worthless requires no assay - no, not even a fleeting consideration.


The people are aware that 1MDB's accounts is being audited, that the results will be forwarded to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), and that any party found to have committed wrongdoings will be brought to book. But the people have no confidence that any positive action will be taken and the course of true justice pursued.


Year in and year out the auditor-general has been revealing serious abuses of funds and other resources. This has been so because no action has been taken to punish the offenders. If any has been, it involved only the fry filching a few hundred or a few thousand ringgit.


The PAC, on the other hand, is a toothless tiger, while the judiciary is seen to be compliant at times to the wishes of your administration.


Unfortunately, the people's perception of the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) cannot be altered and extinguished by someone like you, as your word has no value.


The burning questions that have still gone unanswered are only two in numbers. And they are simple questions.


1) Who ordered the killing of Altantuya?


2) Where has the massive amount of money seemingly lost by 1MDB gone to?


The answer to the first question can be provided with complete ease if the police investigation has truly been conducted in a proper manner and there is no attempt to exclude information that incriminates someone or some people in the top echelons of the government.


That to the second question does not have to wait for the auditor-general's findings. You know where you have invested the money and can tell which investments have turned sour or profitable.


Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad may be asking the questions only now. But the ordinary people have been asking them for years. Why are you worrying about Mahathir? You should worry about the people, as you yourself have said that you were answerable not to one individual (Mahathir), but to the people at large.


Well, Mr Prime Minister? Are all this simple enough for you to comprehend? Or are you still going to continue to ignore the obvious and live in your airy-fairy land of self-deception?


Abasir: Najib, explain the public disclosures by carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan, senior lawyer Americk Sidhu, the roles played by lawyers Cecil Abraham and his son Sunil, the involvement of your brother (Nizam), the "escape" of convicted murderer Sirul Azhar Umar to Australia and the inspector-general of police’s (IGP) unverified claim that he had sent police officers to interview him there.


Explain also the orchestrated concealment of your former aide de camp Musa Safri, the sudden changes of judges and the defence and prosecution teams, the series of text messages between you and your confidant Abdul Razak Baginda and between you and senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.


And finally as a person not linked to the murder, give us your explanation as to why two members of your team wake up one morning, go the residence of your friend, kidnap a woman unknown to them outside his gate and kill her.       


Aries46: If Najib is not involved why is he so scared to reopen the Altantuya case? It is not just some influential individuals wanting to resurrect the case, the entire country wants to know who gave the order for her to be killed and why.


These rumblings about his involvement are not something recent and have been there ever since the murder that led to the late private investigator Balasubramaniam's and Deepak's expose that implicated Najib and his siblings. The Altantuya trial was seen as an eyewash and travesty of justice, more to protect the real culprits behind the murder.


People were disgusted by the way the defence, prosecution and judge falling over one another to suppress evidence to prevent the issue of motive taking shape.


As regards to 1MDB, again Malaysians as stakeholders wants to know what happened to the billions of ringgit raised using state land taken on the cheap. If 1MDB is so lucrative as Najib says, all he needs to do is to give straight answers.


Account for the 1MDB monies. Why the need to spin, be evasive, for mystery, and hide behind the auditor-general and PAC?


SRMan: Najib, you had asked, "If they believe (the allegations about Najib’s involvement) to be true, why did they not raise it when the issue erupted eight years ago? Why now?"


It's very simple, Mr PM. Eight years ago in 2007, Mahathir wanted the then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi out and you were the PM-in-waiting. Mahathir might have known a thing or two about the Altantuya case, but he then chose to close his eyes.


Now he wanted you out because he is supposedly scared that Umno-BN might lose the next GE. And with a no-nonsense alternative government in power, plenty of skeletons will fall out from the closets of those thieves and plunderers, the "influential individual (with) many resources" included.


Pemerhati: The fact that immigration records of the Mongolian women were erased and there was no investigation to identify the culprits, suggests someone very powerful is involved.


And the fact Najib’s brothers were involved in getting Balasubramaniam (whose affidavit implicated Najib) to leave the country, again strongly suggests that Najib is involved.   


Malaysia Ku: Come out in the open, and answer in Parliament. The self-effacing FAQ (frequently asked questions) and scripted responses are not worth the paper they are printed on.


Be a leader, instead of a shameless coward hiding behind written text.


James TCLow: If all suspected murderers are allow to swear to their respective gods to the effect that they are not guilty of murder as proof their innocence, there will be no murders in this world.


Cantabrigian: Najib, just because you think you have answered the questions does not mean you actually answered them.

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