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Rosy 11MP, but did 10MP achieve its goals?

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YOURSAY ‘Najib has tied the anchor to the people and sunk the whole country.’


PM unveils 11MP - the salient points

FairMind: The usual big-sounding words to placate the less-knowledgeable citizens but it is short on implementation and supporting infrastructure to make the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) work.


If we look back to 10MP, it was also big on words but did we really progress?


After the 10MP, we still have water rationing, potholes, rubbish strewn around, education fallen in rankings, increase in inflation, inadequate housing, shoddy public transport, selective persecution, racial provocation and divisiveness, increased income gap, poor services in all government institutions and government-linked companies (GLCs), child and women abuses, lack of independence in the mainstream media (MSM), electoral gerrymandering, curb in personal liberty and democracy, rise in religious extremism and endemic corruption, etc. Need I say more?


Vision 2020 is just five years away - can we really achieve all the above in five years?


To recapitulate, the five basic aims in the 10MP were:


1. Increase the value in the country’s economy.


2. Improve knowledge abilities and innovation and inculcate first-world mindedness.


3. Continuously handle socioeconomic inequalities.


4. Improve level and ability of living quality.


5. Strengthen the country’s institutions and implementation.


If we have a report card on the achievements of the 10MP, we would get 0 out of 100 marks or if the reviewer is generous, 10 out of 100 for usage of high sounding words like ‘key performance index’, ‘foreign talents’, ‘employability’, ‘safety nets’, ‘progressive and inclusive society’, ‘vibrant liveable cities’, ‘rakyat-centric’, ‘waste management’, ‘safer streets and communities’, etc.


Negarawan: Anchoring growth on people? The problem is that Najib has tied the anchor to the people and sunk the whole country in heavy debt and liabilities.


Vgeorgemy: All the targets are easily achievable provided we revamp the education system to reach the standards set by the first 20-rated countries.


If we continue to politicise the syllabus to achieve quantity rather than quality, I have the same faith in this five-year plan as the last one - not achieving the targets fixed.

JD Lovrenciear: Indeed, a nice and rosy pink picture. Never mind that a lone woman and mother was killed; never mind if you are on the dole of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M); never mind if we borrowed RM42 billion and are chasing the dragon to pay loans; never mind if Dr Mahathir Mohamad is ranting; never mind if opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is languishing in prison for trumped-up charges; never mind if you are eating dirt to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST); never mind if all the MPs got a whooping pay hike; never mind if those in power and control are having personal investments overseas; never mind if the sons and daughter of the politicians are on the freeway of the road travelled by billionaires the world over; never mind about all and everything that matters.


Just go to bed and dream about the wonders of the 11MP.


Doc: At the rate it's going with Najib's and Umno's mismanagement of the nation's finances, I think the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will dictate the 11th Malaysia plan when Malaysia goes bankrupt and requests its assistance to bail us out.


Hang Tuah: With him as the PM, nothing works. Look at this: "The federal government's total debt to further decline to below 45 percent by 2020."


Can we believe this? Does any sensible Malaysian believe that the national debt will drop to 45 percent? Increase, yes, drop is only a dream.


Najib said the 1MDB money was in Singapore and now he says it's only assets, and when it was in the Cayman Islands he said the same thing, too. How can people believe him?


SemoLina: Did the 10MP achieve its goals? If it did, I would be a bit more optimistic about the success of the 11MP. Same PM, remember.


Basically: We need a proper plan, and all we get from PM is a slogan.



11MP marginalises Pakatan states

FairMind: Penang has many tourists, factories and multi-national companies (MNCs) and is one of the highest contributors of income tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST) to the national coffers.


Is it fair that Penang contributes the huge amount of taxes but received little in return to support the infrastructures that lead to the high contribution of taxes? Malaysia is just shooting itself in the foot.


Jaguh: Indeed, this omission is a blessing in itself. Does the Penang government want the federal government to meddle in your affairs? ‘No’ is the answer.


Firestone: Penangites will thrive on their own steam, we do not need handouts from thieves and scoundrels.


Sabahan: It makes no difference. Whatever money is allocated will be pilfered by the thieves. Maybe there will be crumbs left for the four cities, enough to fill the potholes.


Kilgore: Democracy only works when citizens feel they can vote with their hearts and minds, without fear or favour.


Anonymous voting, and fair and even distribution of federal funds, are two of the most fundamental principles of a democratic system.


You can win elections by conducting good and just governance, or by blackmailing and punishing voters.


Why is it that our politicians always choose the stupidest option? Because they are incapable of conducting good and just governance.

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