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UM don caught 11MP authors with pants down?

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YOURSAY ‘What's the point of all these plans when most of the funds are looted?’


11MP goals based on flawed foundations

Kim Quek : To be honest, I have long ceased to pay attention to statistics announced by the government, after discovering, again and again, it has exaggerated figures for political expediency. Hence, I have decided not to waste my time looking into the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), other than giving it a quick glance.


And even with that quick glance, I am more than impressed that it is just another piece of political propaganda - more for purpose of propping up its sagging political support than for seriously rallying the nation to achieve developed country status by 2020.


Now that University Malaya academic Lee Hwok Aun has caught the writers of 11MP in the act of grossly falsifying the foundational data of the whole master plan (with their pants down so to speak), I feel somewhat vindicated in my cynical treatment of government data in general, and this so-called master plan in particular.


Gen2indian : What’s the point of statistically being a ‘high income’ nation when our actual purchasing power sucks? My annual income in 1983 was the equivalent of a brand new Toyota car. Today’s graduates annual income is less than half of a new Myvi, many have study loans and other costs of living make many young people unable to make ends meet.


The government should look at real ways to bring down the cost of living instead of the lofty ideals it pursues.


The Analyse r: Now, that's an article that is really worth reading. Thank you Lee Hwok Aun. The second dimension of the latest five year plan is the generosity and productivity of the non-government sector. Nothing is being talked about that.


As an amateur even I can see that if the plan relies solely on the government's goals then ( as usual) it will fail. The world's economic situation is at best fragile, so it would be a brave economist that would confidently forecast 12 months ahead, let alone 15 years.


Anticonmen : What's the point of having all these Malaysia Plans when most of the funds allocated for the people and the poor are looted?


Bluemountains : How do we achieve high income status when we have substandard leaders who could not differentiate between cash, assets and units supposedly held in a foreign bank in Singapore by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB?)


Anonymous #20099632 : The Umno government’s reputation is bankrupt! Now, it relies on cybertroopers to prop up its damaged image.



Shadow cabinet an idea, but it's not the right time


Well Thats Fantastic : A shadow cabinet would provide the framework to absolutely define each member’s position regardless of party. Of course those that want BN to succeed would be against putting such measures into place. It would also let us know who is actually worthy of that shadow position by their stand on various issues and policies!


Prudent : I don't agree with Terence Netto that forming a shadow cabinet may be Lim Guan Eng's ploy to avoid pressure from within his party to forego a third term as chief minister (CM) although it could somewhat have this effect. Whatever it is, it’s not as important as preventing Umno-BN getting another term by fraud!


We need to keep our eyes on the ball. A proper shadow cabinet can be formed after the results of the PAS party elections are known. However, national issues are now of such urgency that a shadow cabinet cannot be delayed since a snap election can be called anytime.


DAP is obviously flooded deep with talent. PKR, apart from Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (Kak Wan), Rafizi Ramli and Azmin Ali, do not have enough talent to form a credible shadow cabinet. So it behooves DAP to do so now until at least PAS is ready after its elections and if Hadi Awang is toppled as president.


Senior Citize n: To all Pakatan leaders, lend me your ears. A shadow cabinet is indeed right and appropriate. You could have the headquarters at the DAP HQ or any other venue suitable. PAS has become a sore thumb only because of Hadi. This chap is a wasted character and should be shunned. There are others like Mohamad Sabu and Khalid Samad who have enough grey matter.


Each cabinet minister of this shadow cabinet should be given appropriate salaries. I know funding is a problem. May I suggest that you write in to every head of government of every country in the world including the UN, Commonwealth, Asean and European Union (EU). I am sure many will respond.


Penang and Selangor have excellent state governments. The others including Sabah and Sarawak have good potential for cooperation and growth. Please start and go ahead. Don’t be surprised that others from Umno and MCA may also join in. Remember the righteous shall always prevail.


Negarawan : Race-based and religion-based parties like PAS and Umno will only lead the country to ruins in the long run. Lee Kuan Yew had the foresight and wisdom to ensure that communal politics is done away with in Singapore. Race and religion are no more election topics in Singapore. That is unfortunately not the case in Malaysia, as long as parties like PAS and Umno are in power.


The crux of the matter is, Pakatan should purge PAS from its fold and do what is right for a better Malaysia.


Onlooker : I am glad that there are others thinking like I do, that it is important to have a shadow cabinet because it formalises the learning experience for governance.

If Pakatan are to take over Putrajaya, they need to be prepared and if a wide selection of candidates are ready, they can get their feet on the ground running as soon as it happens.


Someone has to start the ball rolling and if PKR can now name names to join the DAP list, perhaps a non-Hadi led PAS will be much more amenable to naming their candidates. If there are more names than spots available, great!

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